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This article’s primary objective is to educate us on getting rid of rats in our crawl space. Rats are a problem around the world that nobody wants to have in their home, but they are more frequent than you might imagine. They are equivalent to 43% of all mammals, almost half the population! That is why sometimes it seems impossible to fight them, and more than one wonders how to exterminate rats at home without finding an effective solution.

How to Get Rid of Rats in a Crawl Space

It’s critical not to use pest control inside or outside the home because the chance of defilement is excessively high. Youngsters and pets can undoubtedly stumble over the toxic substance and be genuinely hurt. 

  • Since you do not murder the rats, use a live snare. Try not to make a tacky snare since it will hurt the creature. Snare all you need with a tablespoon of nutty spread; rats and mice are keen on groundnut oil, food, and crumps. Although mice can live on crumbs, typically, they eat 3 grams of food per day (10-15% of their body weight) or about 8 pounds per year. 
  • Rats will follow the dividers, so it’s a legit thought to situate the snares along with the dividers of the crawl space. Be liberal with the snares. However, could you not cover the total floor with them? Permit the snares to rest for certain days before checking them and supplant the trap. 
  • When the rodents are trapped in snares, you’ll have the option to exterminate them in a surpassing trash container and discard them. While you choose to use live snares, drive the charge a decent separation from your property before delivering it to prevent it from returning. 

Despite your earnest attempts, rats can discover a return. To help keep them from doing such, you should eliminate all rubbish and trash from inside and outside your home. Likewise, eliminate your droppings and completely clean your home. Apply financially accessible rodent repellants.

How to Get Rid of Rats in a Crawl Space

How do you Keep Mice off the Ceiling?

Do you often hear small footsteps or noises on your ceiling? It is possible that a mouse, or a family of rodents, has settled there. If you are interested in knowing how to eliminate the mice that live on the roof, there are friendly and straightforward methods to achieve it:

how to get rid of rats in walls and ceiling

Ultrasound devices

Ultrasound machines are an effective, fast, and painless way to scare these animals away. These devices emit a very low-frequency sound that is annoying to mice and some insects, so it will discourage them from settling on your ceiling.

Seal the cracks

Mice generally do not live outside the roof, but on the ceiling, so you need to seal the openings. First, allow the mice to leave the house with the natural remedies, and then it is time to seal the cracks.

Locate fissures, cracks, and crevices and seal on the inside (inside the house) with building caulk, plaster, or cement. On the outside (in case the crack faces the roof), seal with steel wool. In the cases that are required, hire a professional to fix the cracks after scaring the mice.

How to drive away Mice with Home Remedies?

Driving away mice from home may seem like a daunting effort, but what is required is to apply the precise methods, be constant for several days, and take extreme hygiene measures.

If you want to know how to eliminate mice with home remedies and without the need to injure or kill them, then pay attention to the following methods:

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Do you want to know how to scare away mice with mint? This is a trendy home remedy, as the strong, fresh smell of peppermint is unpleasant for mice. There are several ways to use it:

Indoors: soak several cotton balls with peppermint oil and place them in the house’s spaces where you have seen mice, especially in the cracks or crevices of the home where they usually access. You can also grind fresh mint leaves and spread them or place them in muslin sacks to place them in these spaces that we explain.

Outdoors: if you have observed mice’s presence in your garden, it is best to plant several mint plants. That way, you will keep the mice away.

One option that you can use both indoors and outdoors is to make a mint infusion. Put a cup (250 grams) of fresh mint leaves in water for an hour. Then drain the leaves and keep only the scented liquid. Fill a container with a spray bottle and use it to clean and spray all the spaces in your house and even the garden’s surroundings.

Use of Cinnamon

This method to eliminate mice is straightforward. You have to buy several natural cinnamon branches, place them in a muslin bag, and place them in the places where the mice enter. Remember that these methods lose the odor’s power after 3 or 4 days of use, so you will have to replace the branches with new ones from time to time.

Use of Cayenne pepper

It is the perfect option if you wonder how to kill mice using natural remedies. Due to its strong and somewhat spicy aroma, this spice easily scares them away if it is correctly located. The method is the same as with Cinnamon fill muslin sacks with ground cayenne pepper and place them in the problem spots.

Aromatic plants

This method will help you keep mice out of your garden, preventing them from entering your home through the openings. Some plants have strong odors that are annoying for mice, so we are talking about an easy and ecological home remedy, which will also help you enrich your garden with vegetation. Plant basil, wormwood, rosemary, or camphor plants in your garden. Besides being very useful, they will offer you a pleasing odor, and you can even use them in your culinary recipes.


Garlic can be used as a method to kill mice naturally. It can be applied in two ways: first, peel and cut several teeth and place them in the places that frequent the moments and at the entrances to your home. The second is somewhat more detailed. It comprises macerating a few garlic cloves in water or peppermint oil for a few hours, impregnating and cleans all the surfaces of the home.


Onion is an option, as it is an ingredient that is always present in the kitchen. You have to cut several onions and place the slices at the entry sites of the mice. The acrid smell will deter them when they try to access the home.

How to Prevent Mouse from Your Home

Now you know how to drive away mice from the house naturally, effectively, and without harming them. However, after scaring away the mice, you will need to take extreme measures to clean your home to prevent them from being attracted to access again. You must do a good cleaning of the home.


  • Dispose of boxes, empty containers, products, old clothes that you do not use, and anything stored in spaces without being used. The clutter contributes to creating warm hiding places for the mice. If you need to store things (like next season’s clothes or Christmas decorations), use plastic containers before using cardboard boxes.
  • Store all food being used in hermetically sealed holders.
  • Having a cat at home is another way to prevent the mouse from the openings of your home. As a child and as an adult, wherever I’ve lived, I’ve found that you don’t have mice/rats/snakes about 99% of the time when you have cats. They are one of the most effective ways to scare rats and mice away from our homes. Various industries have estimated that house mouse control accounts for 68 percent of all rodent’s work performed.
  • Thoroughly clean the entire house, paying particular attention to removing dirt from behind furniture and appliances, especially in the cabinets, as food crumbs litter those spaces that can be attractive to mice.
  • • Never leave any food, not even vegetables, outdoors. Rats and mice consume or taint at least 20% of the food produced worldwide annually.
  • Clean kitchen surfaces when you stop using them.
  • Mix two parts of water with one part of bleach or chlorine, sprinkle the mixture on the mouse feces, and then mop it up and clean the floor’s debris. Never sweep up the stool, as it releases substances that cause diseases. When removing the stool, spray again with the bleach mixture to disinfect.
  • Do several cleanings and even consider the possibility of hiring a professional team to finish with all the dirt. And achieve once and for all to drive away from the mice from your home.
how to get rid of mice in crawl space under house

How to Get Rid of Rats in a Crawl Space: FAQ

What smell will keep rats away?

The use of Naphthalene is a solid, white substance with a very strong odor. When it is inhaled or ingested, it may cause that the cells lose the ability to transport oxygen. This is the main reason why they are considered a powerful method to scare off rats.

How would I get rid of or dispose of the rats in my home quickly?

While rats are quite easy to breed, driving them away is not really simple, particularly if we are unfamiliar with the breed’ habits. When they are trapped in a snap trap, throw it away.

How to scare away rats in the house?

  • Deep cleaning
  • Mint
  • Pepper and cloves
  • Hot sauce and detergent
  • Ammonia
  • Onion
  • Ultrasound devices

How would you get rodent pee smell out of a crawl space?

Tidy up all dead pee, dung, homes, mice, or rodents utilizing disinfectant or fade arrangement and water. Mop or shower dirty floors with a disinfectant or fade arrangement and water. Clean horizontal surfaces such as countertops, cabinets, and drawers with disinfectant or bleach solution and water.

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