How to Get Roaches out of the Refrigerator Motor | 5 Step Guide


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Most cock roaches want to live in the tropical and subtropical areas, as they like warm areas like the motor of the refrigerators. They also like to live in humid and dark areas that contain grime and clutter, and always they also used to infest sanitary areas.  So if you want to remove the roaches from the fridge motor, keep reading the informative article on how to get roaches out of the refrigerator motor.

How to Get Roaches out of the Refrigerator Motor

How to Get Roaches out of the Refrigerator Motor

Step 1:

Check the area and around the fridge to find cock roaches. Observe the properties and identify the type of cockroaches that need to infest your fridge. Proper identification of the type of roaches will help you in treatment and their behavioral patterns to remove them from the motor. Contact the local extension office if you need help determining the type and species.

Step 2:

To prevent the build-up of food particles, clean the areas under and behind the fridge. Please search for the eggs of roaches stuck to the surfaces of the fridge’s motor, then remove them and damage them. Now empty the pan that accumulates the condensed water under the fridge.

To collect the dead roaches, use the garbage bins with tight lids and take them out of the motor as soon as possible. Keep cardboard paper debris away from the fridge as the cockroaches can hide in them.

Step 3:

The cracks that come with the measurement of 1/8 inches or larger in the base and exterior walls of your home, you should seal. In addition, caulk the openings surrounding the electrical outlets in the refrigerator. 

Step 4: 

Now apply the even and light layer of the insecticidal dust around and underneath the fridge areas. Insecticidal is the best solution to get rid of roaches as this chemical can easily reach them and work well for the roaches that hide in the fridge motor and prevent them from entering the crevices. The chemical contains a high quantity of boric acid, which can stick the roaches’ bodies, groom themselves by becoming ingested, and eventually kill them. The time that boric acid takes to kill roaches is seven days or more to prevent the reproduction of roaches in the motor.

Step 5:

Now place the traps for cockroaches on the areas where they lived frequently based on your habits, preferences, and observations. These traps come with a sticky substance and surface to immobilize the roaches. Thus to monitor the progress of the treatment, check these traps daily. There will no longer be a catch in the traps when you observe no more roaches in the motor.


So you may know that cockroaches feed on a wide variety of materials, like leather, book bindings, meat, sweets, and wallpaper paste. They used to contaminate the food even placed inside the refrigerator with the help of their saliva and excrement. They also have a bad odor and are harmful to health. 

Therefore, if you want to remove the roaches from the refrigerator motor, the above steps are the best solution to remove them. 

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