How to Get Wax off Counter | 3 Methods Explained with Easy Steps


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Candles are often used in many households for ambient lighting or backup illumination during power outages. However, unlike beeswax, paraffin wax produced in most contemporary candles may drop or be blown onto many home surfaces. Many homeowners have struggled to remove solidified cold wax from a countertop. Thus, we have made this post on how to get wax off the counter to aid you.

You left your beloved candle blazing, resulting in wax all over. Your living room gets completely wrecked. While it may seem that eliminating candle wax is difficult, a few options are available. This is dependent on the kind of cleaning you’re doing and the instruments you’d want to utilize. Choose the correct one for you to remove wax quickly while also protecting your inside. Come along!

How to Get Wax off Counter

How to Get Wax off Counter

Even during vacations, the brightness of lit candles creates a cheerful mood. The drips and puddles of wax they may leave after, on the other hand, are hardly anything to rejoice about.

So, without harming your furnishings or ruining your surfaces, here’s how to clean candle wax off your countertop for good.

Method 1: Wax Removal through Freezing

How to Get Wax off Counter

Step 1: Scrounge off as much wax as possible.

If your item has a lot of wax on it, use a kitchen knife to scrape it off as much as feasible. In case, the wax gets on your fabric or clothes, avoid rubbing it into the fibers to prevent a messy cleaning later.

If you’re attempting to clean bamboo furnishings, soft cane furnishings, soft wicker furnishings, plastics, steel, plastic, cast iron, or stone, freezing and removing the wax is fantastic.

Step 2: Place the frozen item in a freezer bag.

Place small things in the freezer to solidify the wax, such as a table runner. You may be able to freeze heavy items, including candles, to help eliminate the wax if you’ve got a chest or deeper freezer.

If the wax is too big to put in the freezers, wrap it in an absorbency cloth and add ice cubes or a cold pack to chill it.

Step 3: Permit the wax to cool fully.

It usually requires 30 minutes to an hour to do this task. This will simplify things to get rid of the wax and prevent it from spreading.

You can tell whether the wax has set by glancing at the color. It has most likely cooled if it has become darker and more opaque.

Step 4: Using a butter knife, chip away at the wax.

Grasp a butter knife perpendicular to the wax-covered object and scrape it off carefully. As you continue, the wax must flake and keep chipping away. Utilize a plastic credit or debit card rather than metal if you wouldn’t want to use metals on your item. When removing candle wax from a glass jar, use a kitchen knife to carefully pry the wax from the container.

Step 5: Wash the object to remove the remaining wax.

Apply a tiny quantity of all-purpose cleaner to home furnishings and scrub the surface with a bristle. Treat the stain with a spot lifter before putting the clothes or fabric in the washer.

The oily residue left behind from the wax will get removed this way. To remove wax from furnishings, clean it down with a soft rag.

Method 2: Using Heat to Remove Wax

How to Get Wax off Counter

You may utilize heat if you’re trying to figure out how to remove wax off a counter. It’s not always possible to put something in the freezer or chill it down sufficiently to scrape the wax off. If this is the case, heat may get used instead.

Heat should never get used on glass (which may shatter) or synthetic textiles (which can melt). Heat should not get used on cloth since it might melt the wax and extend the stain.

Overall, heat may get used in the following ways:

Step 1: Using a dryer, heat the wax until it dissolves.

Turn your blow dryer to “hot” and point it straight at the stain. To prevent burning the material, maintain the blow dryer a few cm long from it. Make an effort not to scatter the wax about. It’s simpler to clean up if everything is in one puddle rather than scattered.

It could be beneficial to enlist the assistance of another individual in this situation. Someone else may be nearby with a towel to wipe away the wax as it melts.

Step 2: Using a paper towel, remove the wax.

Wax may be difficult to remove from a cloth or napkin to clean up a spill. As a result, avoid using your good towels. An old cloth or a single-use paper towel will suffice. Soak up the molten wax with care, attempting to obtain it all at once.

You may also remove the heated wax using a plastic-edged card.

Step 3: Using an all-purpose cleaner, eliminate the residue.

Remove any remaining wax coating with a sponge and a little spray cleaner, using a moist towel or sponge, squirt or spritz an all-purpose cleaning solution over the area. If you’re cleaning a delicate surface (such as a beautiful hardwood tabletop), be careful not to scratch it with an abrasive cleanser or cloth.

If there is any remaining wax on the top, you may use the hair dryer to remove it.

Method 3: Removing wax from counters containing Fabrics

Wax may get removed from fabric-covered countertops in the following ways:

Step 1: Iron the cloth after covering the wax with napkins.

Put your iron to moderate heat and cover the wax with a couple of paper towels. To dissolve the waxy region, gently move the heat back and forth over it. Rotate the towels as they absorb the wax until all of the wax has gotten absorbed.

If you don’t have any paper towels, you may use brown paper bags alternatively. To prevent transmitting color to your fabric, use white hand towels with no patterns. This procedure may also get used to clean garments, linens, napkins, and tablecloths.

Step 2: Apply ice to the affected region before washing your item.

Rub an ice cube on the wax until it becomes solid. Then scrape off the hard wax with a butter knife and discard it. When much of the wax gets removed, wash the cloth to remove any remaining residue.

To thoroughly remove the waxy deposit, you might have to use bleach.

Step 3: Use an industrial cleaner to sponge the cloth.

Allow drying after spraying the waxy area with a cleanser. Blot the cleanser and the wax with a sponge or a paper towel, and then spray additional cleaner. You may continue this until the wax is completely gone.

If the cloth is washable, put it through a cycle to eliminate any remnants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get wax off the counter?

Yes. The above tips on how to get wax off the counter will aid you in this.

What is the best way to get rid of dried wax?

If the wax is still melting, use paper towels to absorb as much as possible. Freeze the object for approximately a half-hour, brush off the solidified wax and employ the tried-and-true iron-and-brown-bag method. If a persistent spot remains, consider using a stain-remover or a drop of washing powder before washing.

What is the best way to remove wax from granite countertops?

For a moment or two, put an ice cube on top of the solidified wax. Discard the ice and chip the frozen, crumbly wax off the granite using a plastic scraper.

If the surface is vast, you may need to use more ice cubes to scrape the wax away off the rock. Repeat this procedure till all the wax has gotten extracted.

 Can vinegar dissolve candle wax?

Yes. With the use of vinegar, you can easily clean splashed candle wax. Reheat the wax with a blow dryer before wiping it away with a clean towel. Eliminate wax with a clean towel moistened in a half-water, half-vinegar mixture.

How can I get wax off of my floors and walls?

The following methods may get used to eliminating wax from floors and walls:

Step 1: Clean the carpet with ice and a cleaning solution.

Tie a plastic bag over an ice cube and press it on slippery ice until it hardens. Scrap the wax from the floor with a steak knife. After that, use a cleaning services spray to clean the area. To eliminate any leftovers, wipe the area with a paper towel.

For a thorough clean, wash your carpeting and vacuum it when it has dried.

Step 2: Use elemental spirits to remove waxy buildup

If you spilled wax on your flooring materials, massage it with an ice cube plastic-wrapped until it freezes. Scrape the wax away using a plastic credit card. After that, soak a cotton swab in natural solvents and wipe out the remains.

Chemical and thermal solvents may both distort and darken vinyl flooring. For vinyl flooring, it’s best to adhere to essential, non-abrasive treatments.


In conclusion, candles provide various merits. On the other hand, they produce wax which can be challenging to remove. At this point, the above tips on how to get wax off the counter will aid you immensely.

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