How to Hang a Stained Glass Window | A Proper Guidelines By Expert

A stained glass window can add a lot of joy to your home. You can install a stained glass window just like a regular window. That is why we bring to you how to hang a stained glass window. However, this makes it difficult to take it with you if you ever move. Yet, you can hang a stained glass window like a painting.

We know that the larger the window, the heavier it will be. This is due to the glass and leads they are made of.

Hanging a heavy window is possible, but you must take some precautions to ensure that both your home and the window are safe.

Traditional stained glass windows need not be enjoyed only in a church. Some somewhat simpler patterns, such as stars, can be placed in a house window to give it an elegant touch. Glass window art is essential here.

Instead of placing a stained glass window with small crystals that form drawings, there is also the option of placing windows with several symmetrical rectangles of different colors to give a more bohemian touch to the room.

How to Hang a Stained Glass Window?

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Step 1: Select a suitable location for the window

Stained glass windows are installed in front of a glass window to let the light shine through, but you can hang them against a wall or hang them from the ceiling to hang inside a room.

Hanging can be a great help to your home. A suncatcher is ideal for your window.

Step 2: Install hooks in the window frame

  • If your window frame is metal, chances are it already has hanging hooks. If not, you will need to add a wood frame or weld some metal hooks to the edge.
  • For a wood frame, bent hooks and roll hooks are good options; both are enclosed hooks attached to the wood frame with screws.
  • Use at least two stained glass hanging hooks—one at each end of the top of the frame or one on each side. However, it is also possible to use more. Using more will better manage the weight of the frame.
  • Use a ruler to make sure you install the hooks symmetrically so they hang evenly.

Step 3: Place the studs in the area where you would like to install your window.

  • You can use a stud finder, tapping on the ceiling or walls. This way, you will hear a dull thud instead of the hollow sound of drywall.
  • You must install the hooks per window on studs, which will be strong enough to support it. To attach the hooks, you will use them to hang your window. It is necessary to drill holes in the wall.
  • Heavy eye hooks are the right choice. However, you can use bent or rolled hooks or even cup hooks.
  • Use at least one hook with wires for each window hook to distribute the weight among several stiles.
  • The beveled glass window is by far a perfect choice.

Step 4: Install the hooks

The cup hooks and eye hooks are swiveled into place, while the roll and bent hooks are screwed into place.

Step 5: You can use chain pieces to hang the hooks from the window frame on your ceiling or wall.

Display stained glass on the wall is not so easy. However, a chain window can often be opened with pliers and usually does not need to be cut. In some cases, it is essential to remove all the excess window glass.

Benefits of Adding a Stained Glass Window

Some of the benefits of adding a stained glass window to your home are:

  • Adds color or interest to an existing set of windows 
  • Enhances the architecture of your home
  • Introduces touches of color to both the interior and exterior of your home
How to Hang a Stained Glass Window

Drawbacks of Stained Glass

Stained glass windows can add privacy and extravagance to your home decor. However, it doesn’t mean they are the right choice for every room.

There is a fine line between using too many and decorating with them elegantly.

  • These are some of the drawbacks: Avoid choosing dark ones. Not much light passes through them.
  • Can distort outdoor landscape views.
  • You will select pieces that will change your home environment.
  • If you are altering your window’s shape, you will change your home’s design in the long run.
how to hang a stained glass window on a wall

Where to find Stained Glass for your Home

If you hang glass art in a window instead of stained glass panels or use stained glass adhesives, you can find new and antique stained glass in the following places:

  • Antique stores and flea markets: You will usually find various stained glass salvaged from old structures in these places. The history and craftsmanship are sometimes the best part of choosing antiques or salvaged stained glass.
  • Custom Stained Glass: Many artisans around the country specialize in stained glass windows and stained glass tapestries. In this way, you can get a custom-made work of art.
  • Online (Etsy, Wayfair, eBay, etc.): shopping online offers a wealth of opportunities to choose the perfect stained glass window. You can opt for something handmade from online stores like Etsy or select new pieces from places like Overstock and Wayfair. You can even buy antiques from online stores like eBay. The important thing is that the shipping is secure.
  •  Department stores: Places like Home Depot have more than traditional windows. You can also find a variety of stained glass windows, as well as stained glass panels.
how to hang an antique stained glass window

How much do Stained Glass Windows Cost?

Stained glass prices vary depending on where you’re shopping, as well as the age or size. 

It also depends on whether you are buying stained glass panels, stained glass curtains, or stained glass window film.

The value of a professional installation will depend on the type of stained glass you are buying. For example, if you are buying stained glass panels, prices can reach several thousand dollars, depending on the size and detail level.

If you’re looking for an antique stained glass window, those prices can range from $150 to $24,000. If you’re buying a wood-framed stained glass window, expect the cost to range from $400 to $700.

Window hangings yellow are the option that many look for, they are not as expensive, and they are very stylish.

how to hang things on glass windows

Alternatives to Stained Glass

If you like the stained glass windows’ shape, you don’t have to lock yourself into replacing your windows or think about a complicated installation.

Instead, you can opt for stained glass alternatives.

They’re an excellent way to embrace your love of stained glass without having to make a firm commitment.

Here are some other stained glass options to consider:
  • Stained glass window film (stained glass stickers): If you see stained glass stickers and stained glass window film, the manufacturers mean the same thing. Each is faux window treatments that adhere to your existing windows and create a stained glass look.
  •  Stained glass tapestry: Choosing this option means you can hang a stained glass piece in a window. Its alternative would be to place it on the wall as a work of art.
  • Resin alternative: Instead of using glass, you can also find decorative elements that look like stained glass but use resin. The same techniques are applied, and you will find that these pieces look similar to stained glass when you are sorting through the selections.
  •  Mountain sun catcher window: Many people opt for these small pieces of art. The sun catcher window hanging gives a very comfortable feeling of elegance in the home.

Maintaining a Stained Glass Window

Cleaning your stained glass windows requires patience and a gentle touch. You’ll find this is especially true when it comes time to clean an antique stained glass window.

Here are some tips to consider when it’s time to clean your stained glass windows:

  •  Use distilled water and a soft cloth for light cleaning.
  •  If residue appears, use a cleaner that does not contain vinegar or ammonia.
  • Make sure cleaning products are non-abrasive and pH neutral.
how to hang things on glass windows

How to Hang a Stained Glass Window: FAQ

Where do you put a stained glass window on the wall?

Select a suitable location for the window. Often, stained glass windows are installed in front of a regular window to let the light shine through, but you can hang them against a wall or hang them from the ceiling to hang inside a room.

How do you hang a stained glass suncatcher?

You are using a small nail or screw hook securely on your wall over your chosen position/window/corner of the room or even your favorite tree in the garden. Use wire to achieve the ideal height you would like to place at, attracting the best light.

How do you hang glass panels?

The easiest way to hang a stained glass window panel is to attach some hooks to the actual window frame and hang the stained glass with wire or chain. It is the best option for people who want to move and take the stained glass window. The stained glass window can be much smaller than the existing window frame.


There is something special about incorporating the beauty of stained glass into your interior and exterior designs.

Whether you choose a stained glass window with bold colors or clear glass, it’s a beautiful way to add interest and a touch of history to your home.

Because some stained glass is delicate, it’s best to hire a professional installer. If you do not like a stained glass installation, there are many other alternatives.

These include stained glass window ornaments and stained glass window curtains. Depending on the type of stained glass you choose, costs will vary considerably.

Many people opt to hang an antique stained glass window, which brings a lot of style and elegance into your home. Attach stained glass to a window can add that personalized touch to your home.

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