How to Hang Two Curtain Rods on One Window | A Step by Step Guide


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In every person’s home, there should be a place for rest and harmony. It is that place that, after a day’s works, you long to have to rest and replenish your energy to continue. The place you should identify with your style, generating that relaxation that you enjoy. In this guide, I will guide you on how to hang two curtain rods on one window.

Finding it tidy and clean is the first step to enjoy all this, accompanied by the decoration. In harmony with all its spaces, all this makes you want not to want to leave again. Learn cleaning Hunter Douglas blinds.

The houses are structured with windows. One without them is not home. They are the structure’s identity, the lady of the gentleman who inspires to fight against any adversary.

Like any beautiful lady, she must be dressed appropriately to highlight her beauty and be admired. The dresses of the windows are the curtains, and they must have the harmony and elegance to be worthy.

Likewise, the combinations are essential to enrich the beauty present. Therefore, in the following paragraphs, we will show you how to hang two curtain rods on a window to find the best combinations and create the most beautiful dresses for your lady.

To figure out how to hang two curtain rods in a window, we must know what materials and tools are needed. Below we will show you what they are.

How to Hang Two Curtain Rods on One Window: Materials and tools

  • Meter or tape measure, with which we will find the exact measurement of the window’s width. In this way, we will know the distance that the bars have to have.
  • Two curtain rods with the described measures.
  • Support or panels for curtain rods. There are several types. The double one is a little longer than the normal one because it has space for two rods. The one with extensions, you can attach or remove the extensions to add or subtract rods. They both do the job. The choice is yours.
  • Drill with a widia drill bit of the necessary diameter and another tip for screwing.
  • Lag screws with a spline.
  • Spline screwdriver.
  • Wall level.
  • Curtains

With these materials and tools, we will be able to hang two rods. Therefore here are the sequences to be applied:

How to Hang Two Curtain Rods on One Window

  • Start measuring the window’s width, place the rod and mark the points where the brackets will be placed.
  • With the bracket in your hand, place it on the wall and simulate how you will install it. Mark the holes to know where we are going to drill.
  • With the drill in hand, facing the wall, placing the drill bit in the support’s marked points, we proceed to make the fixing holes.
  • With the help of a hammer, we introduce the plastic or nylon plugs into the holes. So, place the support of our preference, and we adjust with lag screws using the drill or a slotted screwdriver.
  • At this point, the curtain is placed inside the rod in the first space of the support.
  • Place a level on the rod to verify that the position is correct. Repeat this step with the second rod.
How to Hang Two Curtain Rods on One Window

Types of Curtain

In the world of decorations and clothing, we find a great variety of curtains. These are found with different designs, fabrics, and colors. This time we will share the options that are currently being used:

  • Quantum roller curtains have suitable mechanisms to open and close, with various fabric colors and sizes.
  • Twin line curtains or transparent curtains are made up of double fabrics with nice designs to graduate the light and are very used in dark spaces. They are combined with transparent panels in perfect harmony.
  • Hang sheer curtains in different ways in dark rooms the most worn. The so-called energy curtains are layered fabrics type panels that give their cells thermal insulation and sound absorption.
  • Sheer curtain panels are used for large windows up to 5 meters wide. They are usually opaque curtains used but have a variety of designs and themes. They use curtain rods with an elastic cord, a good complement.
  • Silhouette, are curtains-type blinds widely used today.
  • Pirouette curtains are horizontal fabrics that form the crease in a great way. Usually, a curtain rod conversion kit is used to form them. You can use two different curtains on one rod with this type.
  • Luminette curtains, with soft uniform curves and avant-garde designs, ideal for placing two different colored curtains on one window and achieve the desired combination

Types of Panels

Panels are curtains specially designed to combine and decorate any space in the home. It is a very elegant and colorful Asian idea. Here we will name the ones currently used:

  • Traditional textile panels, one of the frequently used for their diversity of very exclusive combinations.
  • Technical textile panels screen, ideal for winding systems and mountable in vertical curtains
  • Transparent or sheer panels widely used, ideal for places with low light, in bedrooms and living rooms, ideal for harmonizing and spending quiet time.
  • Resin technical textile panels are resin vinyl with or without drawings of long-lasting material.
  • Opaque or blackout curtains use two Layered Curtains, one very decorative on the front and the other a little opaque on the back, giving an original combination.
  • Due to their versatility and the good price they are very used nowadays.
  • Separator panels are used to separate spaces and not to show at first sight unwanted places.
  • Covering panels, they fulfill a similar function as the separators.

How to Hang Two Curtain Rods?

The windows of a house, building, or office must show the essence required to generate a pleasant and comfortable space.

In this way, the activities we perform in them are effective and serene.

The traditional way to decorate the windows is to place curtains according to the structure. Nowadays, it is necessary to use more than one to combine colors and designs.

The steps to follow to place these are summarized in taking measurements; locate the place where you will place it, marking it with a marker.

Then proceed to make the holes and screw them.

These are simple steps for which you need the necessary materials and tools. Learn how to hang blinds on the vinyl windows.

You will need screws, a hammer, a drill with a drill bit and bit, a tape measure, a level, drapes rods, and plugs. The magic is in choosing the support required to perform this feat. You can even use a bungee cord curtain rod to do this.

There are several types, the most commonly used being Kwik-Hang curtain rod brackets, double curtain rod brackets, and plastic extension brackets. The right choice will give the satisfaction sought by hanging two curtain rods in one window.

How to Hang Curtains on Two Corner Windows?

The windows of any building are the space of relaxation that relaxes the human sight. Thus, they should always be well decorated and pleasant.

However, their location in certain structures is a nuisance because of their discomfort, making it hard work to decorate them with curtains.

This is the case with corner windows. They are usually located in bedrooms and living rooms. They generate a wide view, widely used in today’s structures.

However, we will give you a series of tips to decorate with your style and creativity this type of window.

To choose the type of curtains or blinds, you have to consider the distance between the wall and the corner.

If there is not much space between them, it is advisable to use two curtains with four brackets, where two brackets must be attached to join the two rods and create uniformity with the curtains. You can use curtains that you can roll up or blinds.

When there is a normal distance, and the windows are large, it should use a light curved bracket. This joins the curtain rods, and they are covered by the curtains giving the desired harmony.

What is the Rule for Hanging Curtain Rods?

  • Any place in the house or office should have good lighting, and curtains are the indispensable decorative element. They are the light and beauty of a home. Thus, they are necessary. They must have suitable rods and brackets that provide security and elegance.
  • Know exactly the measurements of the window. It will give you exactly the size of the bars to use for hanging. If there is a rule, this is the main one.
  • Use appropriate panels.
  • Combine the curtains with the color of the room to generate the desired harmony.
  • Please take into account the curtains’ height. The ideal is that they do not reach the floor; to maintain the order of the place.
  • Define the style you will use rustic, soft, or delicate, to have an idea of the combination between panels, rods, and curtains.
How to make a single curtain rod into a double

Start hanging your curtain rods now!

After you have provided the necessary information to cover the topic, you should be qualified to decipher how to hang two rods on a window with their combinations and locations.

In this way, you have to consider the width of the window as a rule of thumb.

From this, acquire the materials such as rods, panels, fabric, curtain hooks, drapery hooks, etc. The tools to be used include drills, hammers, tape, and levels to give the right window treatments.

In this way, you can give room to your imagination and style of your preference to make the desired combinations and define the type of fabric or curtains to use, depending on each place’s space and light.

Therefore, your windows’ decoration and dressing only depend on each individual’s desire and imagination. We have just provided you with how to enhance and give life to the window molding, window trim, and interior.

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