How to Hang Window Boxes without Drilling | 3 Methods Explained


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Window boxes provide color to outdoor settings without taking up as much room or requiring as much digging as a typical garden. Most containers get screwed to buildings and railings, so you’ll have to drill through the structure to attach them. Let’s learn how to hang window boxes without drilling.

There are various solutions on how to hang window boxes without drilling if you sublet your home, possess vinyl siding, or don’t want to create a lasting hole. Using inventive containers and mountings, you may still have planter boxes, dangling baskets, or a culinary herb side garden.

Window boxes are also a lovely way to bring color and flair to the outside of your house. They’re pretty adaptable since you can choose whatever color and plant you want. They may be a helpful adjunct to a kitchen if you utilize them to grow herbs or veggies.

Attachment brackets or vinyl siding hooks may attach to a window box on your house. Your window boxes will remain safe in your home all year if you understand how to install them. Follow us as we go through this in detail below.

How to Hang Window Boxes without Drilling

How to Hang Window Boxes without Drilling

Screws are the most popular technique for fastening window boxes to the home’s exterior. If you don’t like this strategy, you may try the following alternatives:

Method 1: Mounting a Window Box on Vinyl Siding

How to Hang Window Boxes without Drilling

The following methods may get used to attaching a Window Box on Vinyl Siding:

Step 1: Measure the aspect ratio of your openings.

Ensure your window box is the right size for your window. Gauge your windows with a meter or tape measure before you begin. Select a window box that extends the entire length of your window.

A window box that is far too narrow will seem unbalanced, while a window box that is too lengthy will appear cluttered.

Evaluate the elevation of your window box as well. The height should be around 20-25 percent of the window’s peak from which it gets hung.

Step 2: Select a window box with a depth and length of at least 8 inches (20 cm).

Your window box should be big enough to hold the plants you’ll place in it. Flowers and other vegetation need sufficient space to thrive.

If you wish to fill the window box with many plants, larger window boxes with a depth and breadth of 1 foot (0.30 m) are excellent.

Step 3: Locate a window box that has tiny holes.

Plants in containers need tiny holes to avoid sitting in moist soil. If the window boxes you buy don’t come with holes, you’ll have to drill them before installing them.

Step 4: Go out and get some vinyl siding hooks.

Drilling holes or nailing vinyl siding is never a good idea. If your home exterior is composed of vinyl siding, the best choice for installing window boxes is to purchase hooks explicitly developed for vinyl siding. This will protect your home from any harm. These hooks are available at any home repair or gardening shop.

Remember that each vinyl siding hook can handle up to 10 pounds (5.4 kg) of weight when buying and filling your planter boxes.

Step 5: Connect additional vinyl siding hooks under the window.

Vinyl siding hooks are fantastic since they don’t need any installed equipment. The clip is inserted between the siding panels to work. Take the curved end of the clip and place it between the sidings immediately beneath the window to accomplish this. Wiggle it gently until it clicks into place.

Please remember that these hooks would only work if you have vinyl siding on your home. It won’t work on a house with brick or granite siding.

To keep your window box stable on the side of your home, use at least two hooks per box.

You’ll be able to quickly shift your hooks around after they get installed to accommodate the span of the window boxes. Just keep an eye out for scratches on the siding’s exterior.

Step 6: Use the vinyl siding hooks to hang a metal window box.

Since metal window boxes often have holes that fit straight onto the hooks, they work well with vinyl siding hooks. Ensure the hooks get evenly spaced on both sides of the box. This will guarantee that the weight is spread equally throughout the box and level.

If you’re using a wooden window box, cut two cutouts in the side of the cabinet to accommodate your hooks.

Method 2: Mounting a Window Box using Deck Rail Planters

How to Hang Window Boxes without Drilling

Deck Rail Planters can be used to install a window box in the following ways:

Step 1:

Get a railing planter to finish off the look of your home’s exterior. Perhaps you have some lovely railings next to your house or a deck that you’d like to plant. A railing planter box is always an option. They arrive with hooks connected to the chest, making it simple to hang them over a railing without any equipment.

Look for planters that have a rubber or plastic finish. Metal brackets will scratch and ruin your railing.

Step 2:

Use the included hardware, place fasteners on the rear of the container to suit the size of your deck or porch railings. Based on the scale of the planter box, two mounting brackets are typically required. Insert the bolt through the openings in the bracket and the planters, then secure a nut over the bolt using a wrench.

Step 3:

Adjust the installation brackets’ width to match the rail’s width. Release the bolt on the head of the frame, and then move the rack into place. Lock the bolt to secure the position.

Step 4:

Place the mounting brackets’ hooks over the terrace rail and carefully deploy the planter to verify the clips do not snag the rail’s edge. The hangers-on specific frames have a different bend on the tip that fits under the rail’s edge. Other hooks fit perfectly over the fence and are held in place by the load of the planter.

Method 3: Mounting a Window Box using D-rings

Method 3: Mounting a Window Box using D-rings

You can use D-rings to mount a Window Box in the following ways:

Step 1:

Using the nuts or bolts that came with the hangers, install two D-rings equally spaced on the rear of the planter. If the container already has drill bits, use these to thread the nuts or bolts through instead of drilling holes in the box.

These D-rings allow you to install the planter on the vinyl siding fasteners. Swinging hooks or tiny gaps that can fit over slender pins may already be present on the rear of the planter box, depending on the model.

Step 2:

Calculate the length between each D-ring and slot on the planter to determine how far apart the vinyl siding hooks should get spaced. Every vinyl siding hanger’s little hook end should get pushed up in two vinyl siding panels separated at this distance. To create a place for the hangers, just split the two panels with your hand.

Step 3:

Bring the hangers towards you, then try pulling down until you hear a little snap, indicating that the hook is securely in place. This minimal movement guarantees the hook’s end snags the vinyl siding panel.

Some connectors may self-lock into position, eliminating the need for this procedure. To ensure that the pins are securely fastened, pull on them to imitate the weight of a planter.

Step 4:

If required, modify the distance of the vinyl siding hooks so that they are the same bit further away as the planter’s D-rings. The connectors glide back and forth smoothly.

Step 5:

D-rings should be slipped over the big hook ends. To guarantee a good grip, gently remove the hanger. Line up the container with the pegs and drop each pin through the slots if the container has grooves on the rear.

Step 6:

A hanging basket planter’s loop or loop end should slide over the vinyl siding hook. Unlike window box planter boxes, Swinging basket planters need one vinyl siding clip per container.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hang window boxes without drilling?

Yes. The above tips on how to hang window boxes without drilling will aid you immensely in this.

What tools do I need when hanging window boxes without drilling?

The following tools are required when attempting to attach window boxes without drilling:

  • Hangers for vinyl siding
  • Hooks with a D-ring
  • Screwdriver
  • Tape measure
  • Planter for the deck rail
  • Brackets for mounting
  • Hardware for mounting
  • A wrench that can get adjusted

Before you begin, make sure you have hooks that can bear the load of the window box when it’s complete with moist soil. Because wet soil is much heavier than dry soil, the anchors must be able to support the weight in both situations.

Any window box may be adapted for over-the-rail sticking if the brackets are done separately and screwed to the rear of the planter.

Saddle-style containers are straightforward and don’t need any drilling or fasteners. The pots have massive protrusions in the middle, so they sit like a stirrup on the rail.

What exactly is the function of a window box?

Without accessibility to yards or other plan table spaces, higher-level residents often utilize window boxes, ordinarily accessible from inside. They allow plants to get viewed from both inside and outdoors.

Is it challenging to keep window boxes in good shape?

Though window boxes are simple to care for, you should take specific steps to ensure that they last as long as possible and that the plants stay fit. Once you begin planting, planning to utilize your window box can help keep issues minimal.


In conclusion, window boxes provide various merits. At this point, learning how to hang window boxes without drilling will also aid you immensely.

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