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A kitchen is a central place in your home, and it should be well organized and impressive. You can even make a minimal and useful change in it, so you don’t need to change it entirely for this purpose. So, if you are planning to do so, you come to the right place. I am here to tell you some modifications that you can do in your kitchen, no matter what product you opt for. When your sink is heavyweight, you have to support a farmhouse sink very much and with extra care. So, in this article, you will know how to install a farmhouse sink in existing cabinets in a step by step manner.

Think of an elegant farmhouse sink installed in your cabinets, and you can imagine how gorgeous it will be with this installing farmhouse sink. The best part of using a farmhouse sink is that it not only enhances the outlook of your kitchen, but you will enjoy the full benefits of having farmhouse sinks. 

These products include:

  • The total cost of installing a farmhouse sink depends on the factors. For instance, if you install a stainless-steel farmhouse sink and a farmhouse sink support system, it will ensure its durability. Moreover, the sink weighs depending on the material used in the sinks. Because more changes you have to make in installing process if it has more weight. 
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How to Install a Farmhouse Sink in Existing Cabinets: 5 Simple Steps 


Suppose you are planning to install a farmhouse sink in the existing countertop and existing cabinets. In that case, there are two options, that is:

  • When you are going to construct a new kitchen
  • Secondly, installing a farmhouse sink in existing granite or stone worktops.

The most critical task in installing a farmhouse sink, after choosing it, is its process for installation. For this, you are available with two options:

  • You can easily do it by yourself.
  • Or you can take the help of the experts and professional experts’ help, but it will cost much as you have already spent much money on the farmhouse sink. In this option, you have to pay the service charges to the installers.

If you want to install it yourself, it might seem not very easy, but it will be easy to get the job done if you follow the suggestions. There are some special tips as an answer to how to install a farmhouse sink to the existing cabinets?

But before you plan to do it by yourself, I want to tell you the reason why it is better to do it with your own hands.
  • The main reason is it will not hurt your budget. As discussed earlier, you have to invest money in the sink and as well as to hire professionals. 
  • But if you do it without professionals’ help, you can save a large amount of money and invest in any other option.
  • Thirdly the advantage of installing a sink by yourself is that it gives you self-confidence. You know the man of household chores is often appreciated, for that point of view, installing a farmhouse sink in your kitchen shows the fantastic look and change to the others’ sight.
  • The proper and complete installation process in steps needs a specific sequence for ensuring its durability and long life.

The old sink and the countertop should be replaced:

  • Firstly, installing a new sink, you have to bother about taking out the old sink and countertop. This disconnection process of the old countertop will be complicated as there is a risk of damage. So you should be careful. You can help your family member take it out and hand over the tools required for this job.
  • But if you have the laminated countertop, it can be easily removed and used, and reshaped at any other place in the house or out of the house; when you do not want your kitchen to be the dirty one, you are doing the cutting process. But the fact is that it is difficult to cut it into pieces if it is big. After removing the countertop, you can easily remove it for the reformation of the existing cabinets.
How to Install a Farmhouse Sink in Existing Cabinets

Supporting frames cutting

  • Farmhouse sinks are a bit heavy than standard sinks, so make sure your cabinets should be strong enough to hold them with ease.
  • Check the design of your existing cabinet, and note where to do the modification to fit the new sink. 
  • And if your cabinets are not so strong, arrange the supporting frames for this purpose. 
how to install a farmhouse sink in existing countertop

For this:

  • You should have few wooden bars
  • Cut them according to the measurements, 
  • Mark the marks on them with the pencil,
  • Place the supporting bars on them in the right place by putting them in the holes you made with an oscillating saw.
  • Now attach the wooden supports on the bars so that the bars can hold the weight better.

The size of them should be 2’’X4″, and there should be a cross piece because a little more support can be useful to strengthen the entire structure.

Cut out the cabinet front:

  • To install the full front of the sink and the cabinet, you need some adjustments. 
  • Suppose you have any confusion about the correct size of the front portion that is to be cut and adjusted. 
  • In that case, the supports you are available with the sink will help you understand the measurements very quickly to get the sink fitted with the hand saw.
  • You can also use the jigsaw for this purpose. If you want to get smooth shape without any professional help, the machines can do the same and give you a soft look as the professionals can do in this task. But the uneven surface will stay under the sink that will be the main problem.
  • The proper space you can give below the sink is about 5 to 8 inches from the top counters. Also, the size of 4X 4 can be helpful.
how to install stainless steel farmhouse sink

Test the appropriate fitting:

  • Now check whether the sink is according to the measurements or not. Don’t pick it up entirely while checking and fitting.
  • You might be powerful and robust but, you should be injured while doing this job. You can take someone’s help while picking and fitting it up. 
  • It will be a perfect fit if you have done the cutting and adjusting process correctly according to the size.
installing farmhouse sink in ikea cabinet

Place the countertop back in the position:

  • When you assure that the sink is in a perfect place and fit, installs the countertop back on the position. Moreover, if you want to replace the countertops with different materials, you can also do that. 
  • Several kinds of materials are available in the market, such as Granite, Rock, soapstone, decorative lamination, tile, and wood. But in my opinion, wood should not be used as water can spoil it all the way.
  • So it will be better to use any other material, in which the risk of damage is comparatively less.
  • So this is the complete story about it; you might think it would be easy to hire professionals. But doing it yourself gives you a sense of self-confidence and can save your money too.
  • You can also do the same process if you want to replace the under-mount sink with the farmhouse sink. Only you have to follow the instructions carefully.                         
how to install a kohler farmhouse sink

How to Install a Farmhouse Sink in Existing Cabinets: FAQ Section

Can you put a farmhouse sink in the existing cabinets?

If I compare the typical farmhouse kitchen sink to the retrofit, farmhouse sinks are best to fix in the existing cabinets that are not appropriate for the apron front sinks. They have a shorter apron to fit standard kitchen sink base cabinets. As they provide a large space for working, you can easily wash oversized utensils that are difficult to clean in small areas, ensure diversified usage, as they are offered in multiple bowls. Before you install a farmhouse sink, there are some essential facts and figures that you should consider while buying the sinks.

How do you secure the farmhouse sink?

The farmhouse sinks can be secured with iron frames, screws, and supports silicon sealants so that these products can hold the sinks better.

Do I need a unique cabinet for the farmhouse sink?

One of the significant features of using a sink is that it does not need a unique cabinet like a farmhouse sinks, with the taller aprons fronts.


To conclude this topic, how to install a farmhouse sink in an existing cabinet? It will help if you go for the high-quality sinks and according to the budget. They are useful in functionality because they are wide enough, with no lips bulging out from the corners. You can install faucets and other accessories easily to give your sink modernize and elegant look.

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