How to Install Canless Recessed Lighting | A Step by Step Guide


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If you want to install a new and innovative lighting solution for your home but can’t go for the expensive option, less recessed lighting can be the best system to opt for. Let’s learn how to install canless recessed lighting.

Canless recessed lighting is what it sounds like, as it is a type of lighting system that does not need cans because there are cords and wires in this system. The process of installing the can-less recessed lighting is super easy and fast than other types of lights in the competitive market today. Canless recessed lighting not have canisters or housings to hold the bulbs, as they are thin and use LED light integrated into the system? They are compact in enterprise and can fit into light spaces.  

How to Install Canless Recessed Lighting

How to Install Canless Recessed Lighting

Installation of can recessed lighting is very easy as you don’t have to pull the wires, and you can replace the existing bulbs with the new lighting system. You will need a ladder, screwdriver and smart LED recessed lighting, which are good competitors of Google assistant and Alexa. 

Can a less recessed lighting system be highly safe to use in your home because it cannot be harmful if exposed to hot surfaces that can cause a fire?

These lights act as a cool burning as they do not do anything to ignite if something falls on them. Therefore, these lights are the best options because they can be installed where children play more or more. 

  • Turn off the main power supply from the circuit breaker.
  • Remove the junction plate, and the wire nuts and wires should be removed for essential.
  • The process of installing the can-less recessed lighting involves connecting these LEDs lights to the main junction boxes that use the wire you just removed.
  • Once you fix everything correctly, turn the power supply to the on position to check that the light is correctly lit up. 
  • Now replace the cover plates and the existing junction box with the LED deck or step into the lighting covers to get the completely new and updated design that will add an elegant and instant look and value to your home exterior. 
  • The LED lights come with transparent lens covers. When the power comes back after their installation, there should be a surge in the electric shorts, and bulbs should not spark. 


The can get less recessed lighting system is the best use for homes and offices because they do not require wires and cords for installation. The press of installation is easy and hassle-free and functions in the wet areas very safely, like in the basements of your homes where you may often have water coming issues from the roof or water flooding.

If you choose the fault-rated light covers, glass breaking on overheating can be a small risk. The good thing that adds to the benefits of less recessed lighting is that they do not come with exposed hot surfaces. 

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