How to Install Gutters without Fascia | Things You Didn’t Know

Rain gutters are commonly linked to the fascia. And quite a few people wonder how to install gutters without fascia?

Several owners have encountered this problem when embarking on a sewer project. In most cases, the homes have fascia, which allows for the safe installation of novel gutters under the roofs.

Numerous terms can be used to describe fascia plates. And contrary to the usual opinion, they are not a prerequisite for fixing or creating your gutter at least not with us. We provide you with an extensive guide on creating your channels without the use of Fascia Boards.

What are the Fascia Boards?

According to Swish Building Products, the fascia board is the long, straight board extending over the roof’s entire lower edge.

The fascia board is connected to the roof rafters and supports the lower tiles. When present, it also carries the weight of the gutters.

This means that the fascia is a section of your living space that is quite heavy, so why would it be missing?

How to Install Gutters without Fascia

Why do some Homes Lack Fascia Boards?

Sometimes this happens in an older home or a more rustic-looking home.

Some homes have built-in wood gutters or Crown molding and were made so long ago that the contractors thought these finishing touches would work well for the family later.

Typically, authentic contractors thought the home would not require other gutters. There are probably local building codes that would allow families to be built without imposts.

Unfortunately, the weather can be unpredictable, so if you have a home where the roof stands out about 3-4 feet without a basement, you will need a gutter system. Before we dive any deeper and assume that this guide is for beginners, we should discuss what exactly a fascia board is.

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What is a Fascia Board?

A horizontal board is fixed along the eaves’ rafter ends, cementing the space between each beam.

In most cases, it is composed of 1″ thick wood or ¾, although PVC was the newest wave in the last pair for most programmers and contractors due to its maintenance-free qualities.

In simple terms, the wooden part to which the gutters are attached is known as the fascia board.

Adding gutters and downspouts to your living space can assist in protecting your landscape and foundation.

old house no fascia

How to Install Gutters without Fascia Board?

A house without a roof strap requires gutters connected by roof straps. These straps work as a sling for your channel. They are placed in the gutter hanger and then attached directly to the roof. So, the gutters installation starts here.

Sometimes the roof requires repair in addition to the gutters, but it cannot fill both projects simultaneously.

It is always preferable to install gutters on a metal roof to place the gutter hanger over the tiles rather than run the risk of breaking and leaking.

After all, that’s why you’re doing a job on your gutters in the first place, lessening the inconvenience of water.

Roof straps do not replace all the features provided by the fascia board. Instead, they are a satisfaction for your gutters so that you can add channels to a house without any unpleasantness. So, installing gutters must be awesome, so let’s get to know more!

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How do Roof Straps Work?

Only some of the homes are equipped with flat facade panels that make gutter installation easier.

Most homes are built with Hicks Vents angled fascia boards, while older homes from the 1940s usually have built-in wood gutters or ceiling moldings lined up on the roof’s edges.

The primary purpose is to touch homes like this, as they usually require retrofitting with roof purlins.

Homeowners looking to avoid roofing costs, primarily on projects that require the creation of a roof over the existing wood gutters, now have the luxury of finding satisfaction for the immovable parts of the home, such as a built-in wood gutter.

Roof straps are an effective way to create a gutter without impost boards if done by a professional.

A professional company has the capabilities to ensure that any application involving the roof strap is invisible.

It is also feasible to paint the purlins in color similar to the roofing tile color to fit on surfaces where it is tough to hide the purlins under the tile, rubber roof situations, or purlins are not handled elegantly.

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Why use Roof Straps instead of Imposts?

The imposture should not be replaced with roof straps. On the contrary, they work as a cost-effective gutter system. Roof straps are used extensively instead of broad roof trim on fascia boards if the owner is skeptical about making changes to the original composition or changing the roof trim.

It cannot be possible to waste money, labor, and compromise your home’s beautiful appearance when you have an affordable and effective roof strapping partner.

You can lightly and safely solve your rain control claims with little variation from the composition that exists using roof strap assistance.

This utility’s rigidity makes it robust against strong winds, ice, and seismic forces by safely connecting the hooks to your roof wall.

Several benefits are associated with roof straps instead of the impost board without the owner feeling that they are settling for less.

Choosing the particular type of safety measure for your roof over unusual weather conditions is a choice that should not be made lightly, especially if you have a home that cannot afford to have gutters with façade boards.

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Ten Warnings that it is time to replace the gutter

Home gutter systems are more durable than they appear at first glance.

According to the National Organization of Home Builders, galvanized steel or aluminum gutters usually last about two decades, and copper gutters tend to last for precisely half a century.

But these time cycles have the possibility of not taking into account inconveniences such as falling tree branches or damage to stairs.

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That’s why here are ten warnings you should look for:

A high proportion of cracks, holes, or rust stains

Some of these can be fixed with some sealant and perhaps some flashing. But if you see well over half a dozen parts where this is visible, you may want to choose from all the newer gutters.

Several broken fasteners

These are the metal pieces that hold the gutter to the roof and keep it level. If you can recompose some fasteners, excellent: but if these drawbacks persist, the channels themselves are likely to be the problem.

how to install gutters on rafter tails

Nails or screws in the floor

Sometimes the nails or screws that hold the gutter to the fascia have a chance to come loose. Replacing gutters is not difficult, but repeated occurrences have the potential to signal gutter wear.

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Separate gutters

Gutter systems only work if they are joined into a continuous gutter. If they begin to separate from each other continuously, it may be time to replace the drain.

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Gutters are moving away from the roof.

You can always hammer the fasteners, but if gaps continue to appear between the roofline and the gutters, it is feasible that the fascia boards are rotting. A gutter replacement will solve the inconvenience of the fascia as well as provide you with newer channels.

roof strap gutter hangers

Sunken or poorly sloped gutters

If you don’t follow a correct step during your gutter system, water will accumulate in some parts and probably spill out. Consider replacing your gutters if you can’t fix this problem.

Peeling exterior paint

When gutters move away from your roof, water can seep through the back edge and into your siding or molding.

Peeling paint means that this has been happening for some time, and you may need to replace your gutters.

Dirt gutters or water puddles After a rain event, you may see evidence of water spilling over your gutters. Try to correct the problem, but consider replacing the drain if the water doesn’t go away.

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Eroded landscaping

You work hard to make your landscape look good. If you must repeatedly invest time and money to repair water damage from poorly functioning gutters, bite the bullet and make arrangements to replace them.

Drowned basements

Water that is dumped all the time near the base can seep into basements, where it can cause costly damage. While repairing your basement, you should follow up and replace your gutters as well.

How to Install Gutters without Fascia: FAQ

Do gutters attach to fascia?

Most houses cannot exist in the elements without gutters. Quality gutter installation usually uses fascia gutter supports. These have to be fixed using the fascia in the gutter tails, instead of just the fascia, for a safe and long-lasting installation.

What happens if a house doesn’t have gutters?

If the rain falls from your roof because it has no gutters, the water causes massive erosion, washing away more and more dirt whenever it rains. This causes your carefully sloped landscape to wear out, allowing runoff to move toward your house instead of away from it. Erosion also causes the base to settle.

What can be used instead of gutters?

  • Rain chains.
  • Rain dispersion systems.
  • Drip edge.
  • Earth gutter or French drain.
  • Drip path.
  • Recessed gutters.


The use of gutters is considerable in all the houses. Studying how to install them is of utmost consideration. So we offer you different methods to contribute to all the above.

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