How to Install Heat Lamp in Bathroom | Step By Step Guide For Installation


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Do you want to know how to install heat lamp in bathroom? Well, you are in the right place. Bathrooms tend to be tiled, and those tiles have the potential to be cold on winter mornings. If not, you can use a heater for the bathroom.

Getting out of a hot shower or bath and into a cold room and onto cold tiles can remove some of the tranquility gained from hot water. Having a heat lamp can increase the level of tranquility in your bathroom, making it a warm welcome to your day and a relaxing refuge at night.

How to Install Heat Lamp in Bathroom: Tools Required


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How to Install Heat Lamp in Bathroom

Ensuring your heat lamp is installed correctly is critical if you want it to run smoothly and be safe to use.

Working with electricity always presents a danger, but it can be especially risky if you use it in the bathroom because there may be many water and moisture around.

It is feasible to arrange a heat lamp yourself. Still, it is usually preferable to leave the work to a qualified and experienced professional who knows how to arrange a lamp safely and correctly.

Heat lamps are usually installed in the ceiling in a similar way to normal lighting fixtures.

These heat lamps need to be installed precisely in the device. You cannot simply place a heat lamp bulb in a regular lamp because it will not produce the proportion of heat it requires.

You must carefully choose the position where your heat lamp will be installed.

The lamp should not be placed too close to any objects, such as towel racks or shower rails, because they could overheat.

It is very necessary to place a heat lamp. The important thing is that it is where it gives you the greatest benefit.

The heater lamp bathroom is important to take into account in this process.

It would help if you went to the place where you will be standing when you need the heat after escaping from the bath or shower.

How to Install Heat Lamp in Bathroom

How to Install

  • Turn off the circuit breaker before starting.
  • Bathroom heat lamps consume a lot of electricity. Make sure the dedicated circuit in the living room is correct for the unit being installed.
  • If the circuit nutrition is in the breaker’s location, it must have two wires running from the wall to the unit, one three-wire wire and one two-wire wire.
  • The neutral wire is shared with the three elements of the unit and the ground wire.
  • Run the two-wire cable from the switch box to the switch box on the wall and strip the ends precisely 1.5 inches to show the bare wire.
  • Attach them to the switch box. Attach the black wire through the single hole in the side of the heater.
  • The red wire from the three-wire cable is connected to the other side. The threesome holes are located on the back of the switch. It is direct in front of where you connected the black wire.
  • The black three-wire cable must be installed under the red cable. Connect the black wire of the three-wire cable to the third remaining hole.
  • Twist the white wires on all the wires and put a wire connection near them.
  • Then wrap it up with insulating tape.
  • Do this with all wires exposed. Attach the red wire from the gadget to its twin and attach all the matching colors’ ends.

Infrared heat lamps

  • The infrared heat lamp is a kind of lamp that uses an incandescent bulb to produce heat rather than create light.
  • These lamps generate some light, but most of the energy they consume is used to heat the room.
  • The incandescent lamp bulb generates heat by creating infrared light. General light bulbs are made to produce light, and the heat they develop is considered a waste.
  • Conversely, the heat lamps’ bulbs are primarily intended to produce heat, with the light being primarily a waste product.
  • The important thing is to have a good bulb for the heat lamp.
bathroom heat lamp without fan

Ceiling mounted bath heat lamp.

Infrared heat lamps are subjectively energy efficient, so they do not consume much energy. However, they were created to provide some added heat in your bathroom when essential, rather than leaving them on over a long time.

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It is preferable to avoid using these lamps as the sole source of heat in your bathroom or rely on them as a source of light and heat.

It is best to have an infrared bath heat lamp with a switch that can be used to control it separately from the room’s lighting to be used separately, with a heat lamp that lights only when it is essential.

bathroom heat lamp installation cost

Heating your bathroom

Having enough heat in the bathroom can make using the shower or bath much more convenient.

  • Tile floors that are recurring in bathrooms have the potential to be very cold, especially throughout the winter, and getting out of a hot shower or bath into the cold air can be spectacularly annoying.
  • Holding the bath well warmed up can also help prevent moisture issues.
  • A heat lamp works best when used to provide some added heat whenever it is essential. During the cold season, the place where heat is stored is usually the room.
  • If you leave a strong heat lamp on long enough, it will undoubtedly warm your bath well, but there are much more effective heaters that you can use as a primary source of heat in a more energy-efficient way.
  • A heat lamp can provide a momentary burst of heat that is ideal in a particularly cold climate.
  • Most of the heat will be directed to an area near the heat lamp, so it is necessary to locate the heat lamp with caution.
  • In most cases, a heat lamp will be placed on the ceiling.
  • So it should be placed where it points to where you will stand while it dries or where you will come out of your bath or shower.
  • The heater light is usually very intense.
  • A heat lamp will be more efficient if you have a smaller bathroom and a smaller ceiling.

Types of Bulbs

Many current heat lamps are usually much more interesting and compact than the unsightly large-bulb heat lamps of the past, much older than the current models.

This is because it became feasible for developers to create bulbs that are similar to regular light bulbs.

But also can produce infrared radiation to heat the room.

These newer heating bulbs offer instant heat as fast as they are turned on and are special for use in the bathroom environment because they can cope with moisture and splashing. Heat lamp bulb in regular socket can be a bit risky

Besides, they can stay a long time, although they can be more expensive.

Heat and light

Almost all heat lamps are designed to provide both heat and light from the same device, which is great because they have different types of bulbs inside for different purposes.

These heat lamps and combination lights have the possibility of being a more organized and favorable alternative, mainly if you have a very small bathroom.

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However, it is sensible to make sure that the lamp offers the alternative of turning each ingredient on and off separately so that you do not have to turn on the heater to illuminate your bathroom.


Having proper ventilation in your bathroom is critical, especially when you use a heater in the room. Ventilation can help prevent the buildup of steam or vapors and help prevent any bathroom moisture issues.

They have a fan that comes inside the lamp.

Matching a fan to the heat lamp can go a long way in spreading the heat throughout the room. This can accept that the lamp burns the entire room instead of making a single point of burning.

Complementary features

Most heat lamps bring a selection of complementary properties, such as a diversity of different controls.

One useful added property you may want to look for when choosing your heat lamp is automatic thermal cut-off.

This is great, as you can turn off the heat lamp if it gets too hot, to avoid overheating and the potential inconvenience it could do.


In theory, a heat lamp’s capacity is one of the most important considerations when choosing the right lamp for our bathroom. A stronger heat lamp will be able to produce more heat and carry it out more quickly.

However, the most important heat lamps will often be more powerful than the smaller ones, especially if numerous bulbs are used.

Most heat lamps have one, two, or four bulbs. A single-bulb lamp may be adequate for a small bathroom. However, a 4-bulb lamp may be elementary in a larger room or require more or more efficient heating.


Heat lamps have the potential to be much louder than others. You deserve to consider how loud a heat lamp is before choosing which one you want to buy. Relaxing in your bath could be a lot more complicated when a noisy lamp disturbs your part. So if you enjoy hot and extended baths, it may be an acceptable initiative to choose a more discreet lamp even if you have to make more payments.

Aesthetic considerations

You will most likely want to choose a heat lamp that looks good in your bathroom. There is currently an extensive selection of different styles and sizes of heat lamps to choose from, so find the lamp that best blends with the rest of your bathroom decor.


What matters most is that they are installed correctly and safely because combining water and electricity can be risky.

The bath heat lamps were designed to work in a humid environment.


Bathroom heat lamps are designed to perform in opposition to the humid environment of the bathroom.

Ideally, you should expect these lamps to last at least five years, although higher-quality heat lamps will last longer than lower quality ones.

A bathroom heat lamp without a fan is necessary for a bathroom, mainly in the cold season.

How to Install Heat Lamp in Bathroom: FAQ

Are heat lamps in bathrooms safe?

Heat lamps are commonly used in bathrooms, so the first safety condition is shockproof. Heat lamp products are made of anti-rust alloy material, absolute safety insulation.

Can you put a regular bulb in a bathroom heat lamp?

Heat lamps have to be installed in the precise type of fitting. You can’t simply stick a heat lamp bulb in a regular matching light because it won’t produce the proportion of heat required.

Can a heat lamp be placed where the shower goes?

Bathroom heat lamps have the possibility of suggesting a capacity of up to 250 watts, which means that the floor and the air in the bathroom have the possibility of remaining hot when the lamp is on.


Heat lamps are a very modern accessory for your bathroom. A clean installation needs to have the necessary materials at hand and know the procedure by heart. If you are not sure what you will do, you can call an expert in the matter. Another option to consider is buying a portable heat lamp for the bathroom. Hope you have learned how to install heat lamp in bathroom.

So, start your bathroom fixing right now!

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