How to Install Pocket Door Lock | 10 Helpful Steps To Install Quickly


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For the decoration of your home, the choice of doors and windows matters as they guarantee your comfort while bringing your authentic interior style. Today, you have a wide range of doors that can bring you modernity and everyday practicality. The trendiest are pocket doors. Furthermore, it is not common that the pocket door locks begin to fail. Therefore, when they do, you need to give them a top priority. After all, we are talking about the safety of your family and your home. Even if it is hard to believe it, the pocket door lock can be repaired if done diligently. Thus, below is a highlight of the procedures on how to install a pocket door lock.

How is it Possible to End up Damaging a Pocket Door Lock?

Unlike many other things in our home that we use daily, the mechanism of a pocket door lock is designed to last a lifetime. Still, the possibility that they will start to fail is there; many times, we cannot do anything to avoid it.

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From the lack of graphite; to the displacement of hooks in the frame and wear of parts, all of this is possible. The important thing is to know how to determine the cause of the failure and, once identified, repair it if possible.

Next, you have to review the possible causes of a pocket door lock’s malfunction to avoid being exposed to insecurity.

How to Install Pocket Door Lock
It’s Stuck

It may be the most common of all problems, but above all, it evolves gradually and not very unnoticed. The jamming of the pocket door lock is usually more and more noticeable with time, either to open or close with the key, so a jammed lock is more of our responsibility than the manufacturers.

The main reason for this jamming is a lack of graphite or a displacement of some platelet, which is not usually typical.

Does not Lock

This may be the problem that causes the most concern when that piece gives us so much security stops locking. The causes can be two, one easy to solve, and the other relatively expensive, because the best way to solve it is by changing the pocket door lock.

The first option may be due to a displacement of the piece that goes in the frame of the wall. If so, using an Allen key to tighten the part will be more than sufficient. The second case is when the lock mechanism reaches a breaking point, literally.

At the bottom of every pocket door lock, there is a kind of hook; unfortunately, over time, this hook often breaks. One solution is to take the spring with tweezers and stretch it until it hooks it back into the corresponding hole. If you can’t fix it that way because the hook is completely broken, you will have to change the entire pocket door lock.

Removing the Pocket Door Lock

Disassembling the locks for pocket doorsis a straightforward process to perform at home, but you must be very careful at two specific times.

The first is, only remove the pocket door lock when you have made sure that it is the mechanism that has the fault and not the part in the frame.

The second point would be that once you have removed the screws, do not force the mechanism to remove it from the door. This space is custom-made so that the lock fits snugly; if it doesn’t stay that way, it can cause future problems.

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Although the pocket door lock will always be secured in position with the screws; It is necessary to avoid irregular movement, so space, where it is placed must be adjusted. Also, it is vital that, if you are working on installing a pocket door lock; Keep in mind that not all models are the same.

How to Install a Pocket Door Lock: The Tools Needed

When working on How to install a pocket door lock, some tools would be required. This includes:


This would be necessary to drive the screws into the frame, and a great product in this regard is the HORUSDY 100-Piece Magnetic Screwdriver Set. This product entails standard and precision screwdrivers to handle tasks of various sizes. It has a two-color injection handle for maximum torque; the magnetized tip improves screw operation and manipulation, and a durable plastic shelf, which helps for correct organization.

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This would be needed to make holes in the frame, and a great product in this regard is the BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Drill. This product is ideal for drilling into wood, metal, and plastic. The soft grip also provides extra comfort during use.

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This would be needed to cut through the frame, and a great product in this regard is the Toolman Electric Jig Saw. The high-performance 6.5 amp motor of this product can effectively shorten the most rigid materials. It can also accept T-shaped and U-shaped blades, creating straight, curved, and circular cuts accurately.

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Wood Screws

This would be needed to hold the lock to the frame, and a great product in this regard is the WoodPro Fasteners AP9X212. These screws start fast and can easily slide into the wood without falling off.

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How to Install a Pocket Door Lock: Identifying its Parts

Without being locksmiths, we will install a pocket door lock, so we must familiarize ourselves with the parts. Although parts may vary slightly from model to model, the system is the same, so that this information will be beneficial for all.

The Plates

These are the parts that are moved by the key or the lock cylinder when turning. The way they are positioned inside the pocket door lock is quite intuitive once you look at the frame’s notches.

The nut

This piece is used so that there is no obstacle in the operation of the lock. Once we have turned the bolt, it should return to its position automatically. This function is achieved thanks to the nut and the set of springs.

The linkage lever

Uniting both systems, that of plates and bolts with that of the latch, is vital for the pocket door lock to work appropriately and automatically.

The bolt

This must be placed between plates two and three when installing the pocket door lock. Often, failures occur in the closing of our pocket door due to the bolt moving slightly from its position. If you have problems with your key, it may be due to this part.

Handle latch

This part may not apply to your pocket door lock type. In any case, it is the one that is directly linked to the handle of our door and through which we move the entire mechanism joined by the two springs, the nut, and the linking lever.

How to Install a Pocket Door Lock: The Steps 

Having known about the different parts of a pocket door lock, below are the steps needed to install it correctly:


Mark the desired lock position on the edge of the door with chalk.

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Place the lock template in the marked position and mark the size (if the template is included) to cut a gap in the pocket door. 

pocket door lock with key


Use a jigsaw to cut a gap on the marked line on the pocket door. Slide the lock into the notch and place the lock on the outside of the door.

kwikset pocket door lock installation


Use a screwdriver to turn the machine screw or locked the screw clockwise until it locks in the notch.

how to install pocket door finger pull


Pass the wood screw through the hole in the front of the lock, and then tighten it with a screwdriver. 


Slide the door to close it and mark the top and bottom of the lock outside the door frame. 


Open the door and install the baffle between the top and bottom marks on the door frame.

kwikset pocket door lock installation


Mortise the selected section on the door frame with a chisel and hammer to flush the knocking plate with the door frame. 


Use a drill and 15/16 inch drill bit to drill a hole approximately 1/2 inch deep on the center mark. 

installing a pocket door lockset


Put the lock plate on the door frame, then pass the attached screws through the holes of the lock plate. Finally, use a screwdriver to screw it on the door frame to complete the installation.

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How to Install Pocket Door Lock: FAQs

Can you put a lock on a pocket door?

 As highlighted above, locks can be installed on a pocket door.

Can I install a pocket door in an existing wall?

You can install a pocket door in an existing wall, and if you do it right and use the proper kit, it would work correctly.

How are pocket doors installed?

To install pocket doors, do make use of the following steps:

  • Remove the existing door (if applicable) 
  • Remove the drywall on one side
  • Frame the rough opening  
  • Install the slider rail
  • Install the split jambs
  • Now, install the pocket door into the slider rail 
  • Replace the drywall that was removed at the beginning of the project with new drywall

What is the best pocket door lock?

The best pocket door lock is the Baldwin Estate Pocket Door Narrow Edge Pull.

Is a pocket door more expensive than a regular door?

Yes. A pocket door is usually more expensive than a regular door, both in terms of the purchase cost and installation.

Final Words

In conclusion, more and more homes are being fitted with pocket doors today. Very fashionable, they are a space-saving solution that is easy to implement and are available in abundance. Furthermore, if you desire help on installing a pocket door lock, the steps above would be indispensable.

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