How to Kill Rats in Garage | Most Reliable Techniques (Apply Now)


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Garages are the best places to host rats and attract them. For the survival of rats, dark and filled with many homes is the ideal situation for them. As rats are common pests that can be harmful if often left unseen until too late. So, a quick-fix solution is inevitable if you believe that your garage has rats there. Moreover, if the rat population gets more, they can infiltrate the whole home and add a risk of disease and contamination to water and food. The rats may be highly harmful to your family’s health, especially if you have many furniture and other hideouts indoors. That is why you should get rid of rats in the house fast before an infestation begins and they get into your home. The article, how to kill rats in the garage will cover practical methods to help you kill rats in your homes for food.

How to Kill Rats in Garage

How to Kill Rats in Garage

Knowing if you have rats in your garage:

  • The first and essential step is to locate the rats in your homes where they are living.
  • The majority of rats aren’t often seen in the daytime, but many indications can help locate their presence.


  • Live or dead rats
  • Noises like scratching sounds in the dark
  • Droppings, near the human or pet food, or trash areas around familiar places
  • Pile nesting materials or nests in the hidden areas
  • Signs of structural wood or gnawed wires
  • Burrows near the buildings, under the home, or around the yard
  • Fretted fruits in or around trees
  • Rodent hairs in nests, along paths, or near food
  • Smudge marks on the walls

Attractions for rats in your garage:

Knowing about the attractions for rats in your garage is essential information. To get rid of rats naturally from the garage and prevent them from coming back to your homes, it’s necessary to understand the key factors that create an attraction for them. The following are the main reasons for the rat’s survival in your garage.

Sources of food:

  • Most rats attract anything eatable like bird feeders, as they consume every such thing that provides nourishment.
  • Typically mice can eat 3 grams of food per day( 10 to 15 %) of their body weight or about 8 pounds, as they can live on crumbs even.
  • They mainly like to eat fruits, nuts, and vegetables.
  • Rats and mice eat and contaminate 20 % of the food each year.


  • It would help if you took care of leaky pipes or still water, as rats always search for water sources to keep them hydrated. 

Tiny spaces:

  • Rats like to live in tiny and cluttered spaces because these places provide them warm shelter and allow hiding in them from predators.
  • As a result, garages prove for them the best shelter.

Previous Infestations:

  • The previous infestations are a significant source for rats, as they leave the leftover nesting residue.
  • Therefore the old smell of residue is the best attraction for new rats.

How to Prevent Rats from Coming into the Garage

Avoid storing food and still water:

  • As the rats can smell packaged and unpackaged food, so do not store food in your garage that can attract them.

Keep the garage clean:

  • Ensure that your garage is neat and clean and nil obstructions for small animals to take shelter in them.

Keep an eye on holes:

  • It would help if you kept your eye on the new entryways, like holes in which rats can enter quickly to get shelter.

Check the attic:

  • The main area for infestations of rats is in the attics.
  • The cause of this is due to tree branches that touch your garage or home.
  • To ignore this issue, make sure all the branches are trimmed to not work as a bridge for them.

Look at the damages on the doors of the garage:

  • Check the doors of the garage if it has the rubber seal because rats commonly chew them.
How to Prevent Rats from Coming into the Garage

Killing Rats in the Garage

There are several ways to kill rats in garage deterrent, as they are a cause of spreading many diseases.

Killing rats with Coke

Rat traps:

  • The rat traps are an inexpensive and easy way to kill the rats.
  • The traps are cheap and can be used for a long time if you use them unbaited.
  • They should be regularly checked whether left baited or unbaited.
  • This is necessary to ensure that other insects and pests will not attract the dead rats and baits.
  • Moreover, the traps should be set at the places where you see the signs of rats.
  • These traps should be kept away from the reach of pets and children.

Snap traps:

  • These are the plastic, inexpensive and wooden traps, effective means of killing rats.
  • While using a snap trap, make sure to operate which has the label for rat control only.
  • Because it is necessary to check, as they are not seriously injured rather than they should be killed at once.

Glue Traps:

  • A glue trap is a less effective way to kill rats, as the larger rodents pull themselves loose from the glue.
  • Moreover, other rats can strain the trap away if only caught by the foot.

Use of Rodenticides:

  • Rodenticides are chemicals that contain poison for killing rats and mice.
  • Most pesticides for killing rats are available in home stores and specific bait stations.
  • You should precisely read the instructions given on the labels of pesticides.

Killing rats with salt:

Yes! You can quickly kill rats with salt, as it is not suitable for them.

  • A study shows that the mice fed on a high quantity of salt suggest too much of the seasoning leads to changes in the immune system in rats’ gut, damaging their brains and leading to death.
  • Make a salt solution, any detergent, and mix it in any food that rats love to eat, put in every corner of the room or in any cupboard when rats will eat it will die.

Use vinegar for killing rats:

  • The research has shown that you can use vinegar as a rat repellent and make them die.
  • Vinegar has a very unpleasant smell, and if used in pipes, you can sure keep away rats from your garages. 
  • The smell of vinegar can sting and would be unpleasant for rats.

Precautions for Cleaning Mouse Droppings

It would be best if you took the essential precautions while cleaning the rat droppings to avoid Hantavirus and other diseases.

  • You should wear gloves, especially rubber gloves or work gloves which are easily washable in hot water. Then spray the 3% hydrogen peroxide and white vinegar on the droppings. This will help to kill 99% of the bacteria.
  • Bleach mixed in water is also an effective method to kill rats in your community.
  • Wipe the droppings of rats with a towel and dispose of them in the garbage
  • Now clean the area with hydrogen peroxide solution or vinegar combo.
  • Wash hands with soap and water after you remove the gloves because it is suitable for hygiene.
  • If you are handling large amounts of droppings, you need the help of a professional.
  • You should wear a mask and respirator, too, while killing rats.
  • While treating nesting materials and dead rats, always wash your hands with soap and water when you touch contaminated materials.

How to Kill Rats in Garage: FAQs

What kills rats instantly?

You can kill rats instantly, very quickly. All you need to do is mix 2-2 and half cups of ammonia, 100 -200 ml of water, and 2 to 3 spoons full of detergent in a bowl. Then put it into places where rats are usually seen. The smell of ammonia is very strong that it instantly kills rats.

How do I keep rats out of my garage?

Do not store food or still water in your garage. And make sure that there is nothing attractive for rats in homes.

Keep the garage tidy, makes sure it’s well swept, and there aren’t any obstructions that small animals can use like rats for shelter.

Keen an eye on small holes, check the attic, and look for damages on the garage doors.

How do I get rid of rats in my garage naturally?

It is effortless to get rid of rats naturally if you want. Peppermint oil, castor oil, and citronella oil work best to drive away rats. Use cotton balls soaked in mentioned oils, or just spread a little oil around where the rats are staying, and they will leave for less savory places. Chili flaxes and onions will also do the trick nicely.


To end the topic of how to kill rats in the garage is somewhat a tricky and time-consuming process but a not impossible one, only if you do the task with some patience and little effort. You should remember to wear gloves while handling the bait; this is not just for your safety but also for your treatment’s effectiveness so that rats won’t be able to smell your scent when laying out bait block traps. Furthermore, ensure the cleanliness of your home garages for the best results.

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