How to Make a Daybed Cover | Step By Step DIY Guide


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A house should always be kept shiny, clean, nice, decorated, and comfortable for those who live in it. But it happens that of all its areas, the living room is very important because of the times we use it daily. That is why we need to give it special care and keep it tidy. You can also check out daybed cover sets if you look economy. In this guide, I will discuss how to make a daybed cover.

Sometimes we encounter the situation that what is damaged most quickly is the sofa. For these reasons, in this article, we will tell you how to make a sofa bed cover. This being a type of furniture of common use given the utility it has. Follow the instructions below and discover the perfect daybed style.

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How to Make a Sofa Bed Cover

  • Measure the total width and length of the sofa bed.
  • Open the sofa bed and place the fabric on top, which should preferably be cotton lycra.
  • Mark with pins the part of the fabric that is leftover in the corners. Then with a pencil on the front and back, mark again to remember where you will cut. Learn removing pencil marks from fabric.
  • Observe and verify that there is no excess in length. Here you will only leave about ten centimeters left over. Then mark to trim.
  • Trim the excess length.
  • Trim the excess from the corners by previously folding the remaining fabric in four parts. This way, the four corners will all overlap. Try to make sure that the corners are the same. Then make the cut that will look like a square.
  • Sew the corners together and make a zigzag to avoid fraying.
  • Cut four pieces of elastic about 30 centimeters long and sew in each corner all around the edge. In this step, you will sew the elastic by placing it from the center of the corners. So that half of the elastic is left on each side of that same corner.
  • Fold over where you sewed the elastic and sew an edge all around the lining. And now you have the lining.
  • Try the lining on the sofa. You will see that with the centimeters we added, when we dress the sofa, we adjust it to where we sit, and it is perfect. When you assemble the bed, you won’t miss any fabric. That’s it.


  • We also give you some tips on what popular daybed styles should look like:
  • That it should have its legs strong like metal.
  • Have cushions with respective change covers.
  • Easy to wash texture
  • Select or design variety in daybed bedding.
  • It should have a good density mattress, that is, with a 22 kg/m3 of polyurethane.
  • The daybed comforter should be about 350 grams.
  • Buy or make a floor daybed cover as well as the daybed frame.

Sun loungers

However, other furniture types have a room or room that may need covers, for example, sun loungers. To make a set of lounger covers, you stretch the fabric over the lounger. Then, fold to cover the other side and trim off the excess. Leave about two inches extra and sew a zipper to that length.

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With this strategy, you can start making covers for different types of loungers or comforter covers. Only the sizes will vary, but the process is the same.

But if you have a regular sofa, here is a step-by-step guide for you to make the cover.

Sofa bed cover

Have the common daybed materials at hand: Lycra fabric, elastic tape, thread, sewing machine or needle, scissors.

Take the measurements: width and add five centimeters. On the back of the sofa, measure the entire length plus five centimeters.

Then the height of the sides: The length of the side that is taken completely goes where the arms are placed. This area is not straight that because there is a bulge that prevents it. From the end of that bulge, measure the height to the end, reaching the floor. Add the five centimeters.

Draw on paper the cover’s mold, making a rectangle with the sofa’s total length and width.

Next, draw with the measurements of the sides of the sofa. Draw a line where you are going to indicate half the total size of the sofa. For example, if the total height is 2.40 meters, the line will be 1.20 meters. Divide that line by the center and indicate on that dividing line the total height of the sides.

Close the drawing with other lines on both sides, and with the top line, it will form another square figure. Draw a curved line as an arc from both sides of the formed square cross in the square’s upper-division center. Write the braces’ height from the end of the curve downwards, at the square’s end.

Proceed to make two sides with the second mold on the fabric in its actual size. Now with the first mold, you will cut the body of the sofa.

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How to Make a Daybed Cover


Assemble the three pieces of fabric by first marking the middle of each piece. Then place the fabric mold of the body in the center. On the sides, place the molds of the sides. That is one on the left and one on the right.

It is remembering that you are going to join the sides from the curved part.

Sew half of the sides to half of the body. This is on each side. To facilitate the practice of this procedure, we recommend doing it first on fabric and making it in a smaller size, as if you were going to a toy sofa lining.

Make the edge of the twin quilt daybed by placing the elastic band on the inside. Sew one seam allowance (about two centimeters) inward, leaving the seams open where the seams are.

Place the elastic on the inside using one of those black hairpins. Hook the rubber band and thread it through one of those holes and pass it from one side to another. In the end, you will have two ends of the garter which you will join with another seam, and it will also close the holes.

Try the cover on your sofa, and you will see the difference. This works on twin-size daybeds as well.

If the piece of furniture you have is a double quilt sofa

You can first make the cover for the extra quilt. Then take the measurements of the rest of the couch.

You will take the size part by part to cut each one out of the fabric and then sew it together. It will do the same if you have a double sofa bed or make an Ikea daybed cover.

However, there are aspects that you should consider if you want to keep your usual sofa and look like newly purchased. These aspects are:

Give it grooming: this grooming will depend on the type of material from which the furniture is upholstered. If it is made of leather, it should be cleaned using a soft cloth dampened with neutral soap (no chemicals) and rinse.

Dry with a cloth. If it is cloth, take a cup with water and soap, and, with a brush, wash. Rinse and use a dryer. But if the furniture has a washable cover, wash by hand or in a washing machine.

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Give new body to the cushions: this is because, over time, these cushions wear out and lose their shape. We give that shape back to them if we stuff them, either with household items such as feathers.

Check and remove stains: check the sofa to see if it has stains and what kind. According to the type of stains that the sofa has, you are going to remove them.

In case it has coffee stains:
  • Prepare a 10 percent solution of ammonia with water. Scrub the fabric with a soft bristle brush and rinse immediately with another brush dampened in hot water. Dry instantly.
  • If it is white fabric and the stain is old, clean with hydrogen peroxide carefully. Rinse and dry.
  • If the stain is fresh, put salt on it. When the stain sucks, leave it for about 5 minutes and wash with water. Then dry.
  • If the fabric is colored, you can soften the stain by using a little glycerin. Then wash and dry.
In case the stain is wine:

Dampen a cloth with white wine, carefully rub the stain. This should be with small touches. Then wash with water and neutral soap.

If the sofa is leather and the stain is wine or coffee:

Wipe the stain from the outside. Do it with a cloth dampened with water. Dry. This procedure is simple but careful since you should not wet the leather too much.

In case the stain is grease:

  • Use neutral soap with water dampening a cloth, and then drying with another neat cloth.
  • Tailor-made quilt

To make a custom-made quilt:

  • Place the fabric on the mattress and cover the four corners by folding downwards. Learn how to cut memory foam mattress topper.
  • Pin the shape of each corner to cut off the excess and sew.
  • Sew elastic at each corner and make a fitted bed cover. If your furniture is a divan, you can make a daybed couch cover with this procedure.

How to Make a Daybed Cover: FAQs

Is there special bedding for the divans?

Of course, there is. But with the strategies in this article, you can design as much as your couch needs.

What size comforter fits on a sofa bed?

Generally, a sofa bed comforter measures 180 to 220 centimeters wide by 260 centimeters high. This is if it is a large double sofa bed. But if it is a single sofa bed, the comforter should measure approximately 100 centimeters wide by 190 centimeters high.

Sometimes when we are going to buy a quilt daybed cover is difficult to find one to measure. For this reason, it is recommended to make your own, as explained above.

How can you make a couch look like a sofa?

Essentially by making cushions of the same material, color, and making certain arrangements. To transform it, you can make a divan quilt. You proceed as you would with the design of a primary daybed mattress.

But you measure the structure to grab a daybed pattern. In this case, you take the measurements of the daybed mattress cover. To complement, you make a quilt and thus have a divan with the daybed with a coverlet.

Final Words

If you follow these tips, you can achieve your goal. Besides, there are lots of types of daybed that you can fix. Well, now do not think about it anymore. Follow all the recommendations we give you here and transform your furniture, giving joy to your spaces. However, take some advice about the daybed and start making yours.

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