How to Make a Fifi out of a Toilet Paper Roll | DIY Guide


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Removing the cardboard cylinder from a fully loaded toilet paper roll is easy. Insert the condom tube into the center of the toilet paper roll. Wrap the toilet paper roll in the condom ring. Apply your preferred lubricant to the pouch formed in the toilet paper roll center. For added security, wrap the toilet paper roll after intercourse. Let’s learn how to make a Fifi out of a toilet paper roll.

How to Make a Fifi out of a Toilet Paper Roll

To make a Fifi in prison using a roll of toilet paper, you need the following items;

how to make a fifi out of a toilet paper roll

A latex glove is used to line the inside of a toilet paper roll for individuals who do not have too much girth (penis circumference) and can still fit inside.

how to make a fifi out of a toilet paper roll

Also, the toilet paper roll should be torn lengthwise and lined with a latex glove.

how to make a fifi out of a toilet paper roll

This way, the roll would open up when relied upon, thus making room to accommodate people with a broader girth.

If you desire more pleasure than a day job can offer but lack the funds to purchase a Fifi or comparable sex toy, learning how to build one temporarily can significantly improve your sex life.

How to Make a “Fifi,” or Folded Towel Masturbator

How to Make a Fifi out of a Toilet Paper Roll


  • A small towel
  • A latex glove
  • Vaseline, petroleum jelly, or creamy baby oil


Place the towel flat on the surface.

Place a latex glove on one end of the towel and fold the towel over the glove, leaving the cuff hanging off one end.

Stretch the cuff end of the glove until it fits snugly over one end of the towel, creating a hollow area between the latex glove and the towel.

Finally, put creamy petroleum jelly.

Also, you can use baby oil on the hollow parts of the latex.

What is a Fifi?

A masturbation device consisted of a lubricated rubber glove wrapped in a towel. Borrow a rubber chef’s glove and lubricate it with shampoo or any other sticky substance designed for men.

You can use towel threads to secure it in your hand or tie it around your penis. Because catching your fingers in multipurpose gloves is painful, they are typically shared by multiple individuals.

What are the uses of Fifi?

Fifi is a device used during male masturbation. With the Fifi, a man can enjoy a sensation of masturbation that more closely resembles vaginal penetration without leaving the comfort of his bed.

Why do you Need a Fifi at home?


Note that you will need lubricant before attempting to make a handmade pussy. Remember that this is not real; therefore, it will not produce fluids.

Latex dental gloves

Most methods of creating a handmade pussy require latex gloves. This is not a terrible thing. However, latex dental gloves are preferable since they are usually too short for full penetration and are prone to tearing and marring.

They are not only softer but also more durable. Alternatively, you can use an XL condom.

Keep an eye on the temperature.

Since you can’t have sex with a cold pussy, you need to make sure that the manufactured pussy is slightly warm, giving it a more genuine feeling. To get started, warm up your lubricant, soak the towels in hot water (before using them), or, if possible, heat the manufactured pussy in the microwave.

Perform the task without using your hands.

Sometimes you don’t want to use your hands; you want to achieve an orgasm without them, which is perfectly fine.

Now you can improvise and make a hands-free contraption by stacking towels or placing your makeshift Fifi on a low shelf. However, be careful not to injure yourself.

Bottom line

Sexual pleasure should be used in moderation and combination with a healthy lifestyle. So, how to remove the cardboard cylinder from a fully loaded toilet paper roll? Insert the condom ring, and apply lubricant to the pouch.

Latex dental gloves are the preferred material for making a “Fifi” as they are softer and more durable than regular condoms or XL condoms. A Fifi ensures that you can afford it regardless of your financial situation, as it is simple to prepare and does not require items out of your reach.

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