How to Make a Portable Air Conditioner Work Better | 6 Ways to Apply


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Summer is a great time to make adventurous trips to different places so many people ask how to make a portable air conditioner work better. These trips will include lots of activities and happenings. All this will be tough due to the intense Sunlight. The sweating and high temperature will decrease your potential for doing some more enjoyment.

However, a portable AC is a good idea to lower the intensity of the summer, even in outdoor places. These portable ACs are specially built to run at low temperatures and are easy to install and use. You can use them for your trips, moving offices, or even camps. 

This short guide will help you build such ab AC and enhance its capability to work. Let’s go through this beneficial guide!

How to Make a Portable Air Conditioner Work Better?

How to Make a Portable Air Conditioner Work Better

Here is an easy and simple method to build a portable AC for your adventurous activities or any other purpose. 

Select an Adequate Unit 

AC unit is the major thing in an air conditioner. These units are available in different sizes. One can choose the exact size as per requirement. So, choose an effective size of the AC unit to build a traveling or movable AC. 

Perfect Installation Location

Another factor that affects the functionality of the portable AC is its installation location. If you install your portable AC near the heating elements, it will not show the expected results.

Outlets like television, computer, stereo, etc., give off a handsome heat. This will not let your AC work properly. So, put it away from such devices to make it work effectively. 

Avoid Sunlight

As you intend to make your place cool and pleasant with the help of a portable AC, you should know that Sunlight is not its friend in any situation. So, make sure that your AC is not exposed directly to the sun. 

Install in Ventilation Area

That area that features proper ventilation will let the AC unit cool instantly. So, choose such a place that features proper ventilation. 

Keep the Filters Clean and Changing

The air coming out of the AC passes through the filters. These filters need to be cleaned at least once before summer. The same should be done with portable ACs. If the filter needs to be changed, go for it. 

Proper Packing for Next Season

Once your AC has been a good companion throughout the summer, it can be the same next season. So, store it properly so that you may reuse it. Drain all the water from the ducts, clean the air filter, and wrap your portable AC if you want to reuse it the next summer. 


A Portable air conditioner is a great idea for using it at those places where you stay for a short while in summer. However, summers are hard without such an outlet. So, you can make a good portable AC for you in a few easy steps. You can make the AC work better for enhanced cooling with the tips mentioned above. 

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