How to Make Bedroom Darker for Better Night Sleep | 11 Breathtaking Tips


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Nature has built an inborn sleep and wake clock or cycle in humans specified to control our sleeping and waking. It is called the Circadian Rhythm in scientific language and makes us feel sleepy during the night and awake during the day. Certain external factors affect this cycle and create problems in sleeping and waking. One of such factors is the light or brightness that affects the readiness to sleep. To avoid this problem, it is necessary to understand “how to make bedroom darker for better night sleep.”

The darkness produces a hormone called “melatonin,” which promotes sleepiness. Exposure to light disturbs the creation of this hormone and disturbs sleep. With the advent of electronic devices, the sleep-wake cycle has disturbed a lot. This disturbance, in turn, results in many health issues such as anxiety, depression, and obesity and may also lead to insomnia. All these factors strengthen the fact that a darker room is crucial for a peaceful sleep. This guide has certain tips that help to make your bedroom darker. 

Why is the Dark Bedroom Crucial?

According to the American Sleep Association, insomnia is the most common specific sleep disorder, with 30% of adults reporting short-term insomnia and 10% reporting chronic insomnia. So, a perfect environment is necessary for peaceful sleep. 

Certain other facts recommend a dark room for sleep; some of the benefits are discussed here. 

  • A dark room helps to relax and unwind properly. 
  • The least amount of light in our bedroom is the best way to make your sleep peaceful and smooth. 
  • Darkness is a crucial element that has great biological importance too. 
  • Light affects the circadian rhythm, so dim light or darkness is necessary to smooth this cycle. 
  • The darkness helps to relieve anxiety, depression, and obesity. 

How to Make Bedroom Darker for Better Night sleep

How to Make Bedroom Darker for Better Night sleep

Limit the Use of Electronic Devices

The National Sleep Foundation review found that 95% of people use some sort of light-emitting device immediately before bed, and 56% of connected device users are overwhelmed. 

So, limit the Blue Light of Electronic Devices from your bedroom. The rays emitted by these devices may indulge your brain into thinking that affects the circadian cycle. 

To avoid this, put your cell phones on flight mode and use filters on your PC or laptop to block the red light. Mostly, people use an e-reader after their bedtime. But be certain that this application features the red filter that helps to reduce the blue light effects. 

Cover the Windows 

Windows let the air, as well as light, enter the room easily. So, before you go to bed, cover the windows to block the light entrance. If your curtains fail to accomplish this job, consider investing in the block-out curtains. 

Moreover, you can perform the same job with aluminum foils, proving a cost-effective alternative to the block-out curtains. 

Dim the Home Lights

As you know, light affects the circadian rhythm, so dim all the ambient lighting in your home when you decide to sleep. This will help in perfect darkness for a peaceful sleep. 

Consider Your Night-time Needs

When you go to sleep, make sure that you have all the essential things you need at night. This may include water and medicine or other needs that may vary from person to person. Having this, you will not need to go out whenever you need them.

Moreover, consider the installation of the night sensors to make your access easy to the bathroom. Instantly after getting up, you may fail to find your path to the bathroom. So, consider sensor installation or turn on the sideway light for path revelation. 

Use Blackout Shades

According to the National Sleep Foundation, bedroom temperature should be between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal sleep.

If you are a daytime sleeper, consider using blackout shades that effectively block the daylight and lower the room temperature. These blackouts are very thick and heavy curtains that fit well to your bright room. 

Consider Using Dimmers

Dimmers would be a great investment. Whenever you tend to sleep, dim the room lights at least one hour before sleeping. This activity will trigger the melatonin creation that, in turn, will trigger the circadian cycle. In this way, when you shut off the lights, you have a smooth sleep. 

Avoid the LED Alarm

There are certain models of Alarm by some brands that feature a small LED in them. This mini LED keeps lighting all the time that may affect sleep. Avoid using such alarms to sleep peacefully. Moreover, digital LED alarms are also a cause of disturbance in the sleep cycle. So, make a perfect purchase of an alarm clock. 

Consider Proper Gap

Proper sleep is necessary for a healthy body. If you sleep for less time, it may disturb your health. When you start disturbing your sleep and wake cycle, your body will start reacting to it. So, try to manage a proper time for sleeping so that you may have a fresh mind all the time. 

Use Eye Mask

If blocking the bedroom light is impossible, consider investing in an eye mask. Use them to cover your eyes to avoid light exposure. Keep wearing this mask throughout the night as if you take it off, the light exposure may disturb your sleep. 

Paint a Special Bedroom for You

The idea of a special bedroom with dark paint is getting popular day by day. Suppose you have enough space and budget to afford a separate bedroom with dark-coloured paint. Keep in mind that the dark paint colour is not ideal for reading, working, or performing any daytime tasks. So, this room will be specialized to sleep. Invest in such a room and shut off the lights when you tend to sleep. This idea is above all if you have enough space to manage such a bedroom. 

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Paper Covers

There are plenty of ways to cover the compulsory window glasses to block the external light from the bedroom. One of such methods is the use of paper that is an economical way of blocking the light. Your garbage bags or rough papers would do this job effectively. 

How to Make Bedroom Darker for Better Night sleep: FAQs

How can I make my bedroom darker to sleep in?

You can make your bedroom darker for peaceful sleep by following these tips. 

  • Limit the use of blue light-emitting electronic devices such as cell phones, laptops, PC, etc.
  • Cover the windows. 
  • Use blackout shades.
  • Invest in dimmers. 
  • Dim the house
  • Prepare a separate bedroom with dark-colored paint. 

Is sleeping in a dark room better for you?

Yes, sleeping in the dark bedroom is a healthy activity due to specific reasons. Nature has built an inborn sleep, and wake cycle in humans called circadian rhythm or cycle in biological language. According to this cycle, humans feel sleepy in the dark while awake in the light. 

Moreover, the darkness triggers the melatonin hormone that triggers sleep. But light affects the creation of this hormone that, in turn, affects sleeping activity. 

All these facts support the idea that a darker bedroom is effective for a peaceful and smooth sleep. So, a dark bedroom is better for you to relax perfectly. 

How should I set my bedroom to sleep?

You should set your bedroom so that it allows the minimum light exposure at night as darkness is a necessary factor for a peaceful sleep. Try to design your bedroom as darker as possible. The brightness causes less production of melatonin that causes fatigue, depression, and even insomnia. That’s why keep in mind this fact for a peaceful sleep. 

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How can I make my room darker without curtains? Or how do I Blackout a room without curtains?

You can make your bedroom darker without curtains by dimming or shutting off all the lights, using dark-colored paint, limiting the blue light-emitting electronic devices, and blocking the use of an alarm clock without a mini LED light. 

Can bedrooms have no windows?

If your bedroom has no window, you cannot consider it a bedroom. A bedroom should have at least two means for fresh air and light. So, in addition to the door, it must have at least one window too. 


Biological researches have proved that a darker bedroom offers far better sleep than a brighter one. Also, the bright room disturbs the melatonin production that may lead to sleeping diseases, even insomnia. Moreover, sleep means to relax and unwind the burden of the whole day, and if this is disturbed, it may lead to certain problems such as anxiety, depression, etc. So, try to keep your bedroom darker at night. This guide contains all the possible ways to make a darker bedroom for effective sleep. Follow these instructions for a peaceful night. Hope you have learned how to make bedroom darker for better night sleep.

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