How to Make Top down Bottom up Roman Shades | Easy Guide To Follow


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It is common for many people today to wonder how to make top down bottom up roman shades?

A modification of the usual roman shades, the top-down/bottom-up Roman shades mix the two worlds’ highlights to provide the most incredible peace of mind.

These curtains allow you to change the height of both the top and bottom of the curtain to let in more natural light while maintaining a certain level of intimacy. If you are enthusiastic about doing these shades yourself, the development is subjectively easy. All it takes is to make a few edits to the standard Roman shades to operate them in both directions without any problems.

Another method is making roman shades for your home or office.


Agree to deny unsightly elements at the bottom of the window (such as the neighbor’s house or garden, etc.) while still seeing the sky or tall trees. They offer an extensive and accurate privacy display. And the curtains can be adjusted throughout the day concerning the morning or afternoon sun.

The top-down/bottom-up elevator control system (also called double folding) is perfect for rooms where privacy is a must and where natural light and intimacy are desired.

Window blinds with this alternative have cords on each side; one cable makes it easy to raise the blind from the bottom up, and the other thread makes it easy to lower the blind from the top. These curtains are also accessible in a cordless alternative, which is substantial when curtains and youth safety curtains are needed.

This common lifting alternative facilitates that versatility when changing window blinds to monitor privacy and lighting scenarios.

Rarely do top-down/bottom-up elevation control systems stand out from the two worlds when it comes to simultaneous light and privacy control.

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How to Make Top down Bottom up Roman Shades: Materials Required

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How to Make Top down Bottom up Roman Shades: Steps

Here are the steps to follow;

  • Remove the mounting hardware from the top
  • Cut and prepare the reinforcement board for the top of the shade
  • Add the Velcro hook parts and hardware
  • Close the top of the curtain from the top down
  • Make a weight bar for the bottom of the shadow
  • Place the lifting rings on the blind
  • Hang the screen from top to bottom and from bottom to top

Step-1: Remove the mounting hardware from the top.

Remove the top-mounted accessories from your Roman curtain. You can have a brand-new new top reinforcement and a set of lifting cables and lifting rings, which accept downward movement, and the bottom still moves upward.

How to Make Top down Bottom up Roman Shades

Step-2: Cut and prepare the reinforcement board for the top of the shade

Cut the reinforcement board to the final width of the screen plus 1 inch. It will rise at the top valance without touching. Upholster the reinforcing board with plain white cotton or remaining screen fabric, stapling it close to the board as a gift wrap. Make sure all raw edges are down and cover the board entirely.

One of the most useful things is the DIY roman shades.

alternative to top down bottom up blinds

Step-3: Add the Velcro hook parts and hardware

Staple the Velcro hook pieces together with the hook side out. So, it would be best if you glued the pieces in front and on both sides of the backboard. Then, attach the small screw grommets to each side of the reinforcement board.

Attach the two sets of pulleys to the backing board. The top-down pulleys will run from one side of the board and the bottom-up pulleys from the opposite side.

Finally, attach two angled iron brackets to the board, between the outer sets of pulleys. These will connect the reinforcing panel to the interior window frame.

The roman blind string diagram can be handy at this point.

how to string a top down bottom up roman shade

Step-4: Close the top of the curtain from the top down

Fold the excess fabric left over when you removed the top mounting hardware and make a pocket for the backboard. You will make a 1/2 inch hem at the top, sew the fabric, and insert the reinforcement.

how do top down bottom up roman shades work

Step-5: Make a weight bar for the bottom of the shadow.

Reinforce the bottom of the blind to support the top when open.

Make a pocket at the bottom. Then, insert a 1-inch rod that is 1/2 inch shorter than the screen’s width. Sew the bottom corners of the screen to enclose the rod.

The top-down/bottom-up shades can make an excellent set with your window.

how do top down bottom up roman shades work

Step-6: Place the lifting rings on the blind

Hand sews the lifting rings in the shade online with the back pulley set, using thread that matches the front fabric.

Step-7: Hang the screen from top to bottom and from bottom to top

Place the blind on a chair while attaching the lifting ropes to the blind. Screw the reinforcing board into the window frame. You must use long wood screws. Remember that the front of the board aligns just behind the front edge of the window frame. Feed the lifting ropes through the correct pulleys and roll up the rope clamps.

Top-down, bottom-up roman blinds are beneficial, especially in offices.

top down bottom up shades

How to Make Top down Bottom up Roman Shades: FAQ

Can Roman shades be top down bottom up?

Yes. The top-down, bottom-up alternative is used for cell phone shades, pleated shades, and roman window shades.

Top-down, bottom-up shades are incredibly functional. They address the need for privacy. They also provide light control at different times of the day. So, that’s a great advantage you get.

How do you string a top-down Roman shade?

Measure the cable after you have sewn the lifting rings.

For the bottom-up cable: run the line from the smallest lifting ring to the top of the shade, then through the top to the upper right corner of the shade, lengthen the cable as long as you want it to hang when the blind is fully lowered. Repeat this step with any added cord that. The thread will be shorter the closer the row of lift rings is to the left edge of the blind because it is not required to run along the top of the blind.

To measure the cable that lowers the top up and down:

  • Run the line from the top lifting rings that will only attach to the top-down cables.
  • Run the cable through the top of the blind to the upper left corner.
  • Lengthen the cord to the bottom of the blind, then by the added length you want it to hang when the top of the blind is fully lowered.
  • Repeat this step with any added cord you require (the broader the screen, the more rows of thread you will need). The cable will be shorter the closer the row of lift rings is to the left edge of the blind because it is not required to run along the top of the blind.

For bottom-up cords:

Tie the cord radical to the smaller lifting ring. Pass the thread up through the lifting rings directly above the lower lifting ring. Please do not pass it through the upper elevation ring (the green ones in the diagram). You will then feed the cable through the pulleys that were drilled into the mounting plate. One row will be for the bottom, top wires, and the other row for the top to bottom cables. Continue running the line through the pulleys on the mounting plate and then through the cable lock (if you are using one). Passing a rope through a coil requires some custom.

Continue threading the other rows in the same manner. All the cables have to go through the same pulleys and cable lock. When you have passed all the wires, you can locate a cable handle and knot the wires so that the grip stays in place.

For top-down cords:

  • Tie the line radical to those lifting rings at the top of the screen (marked in green in the diagram). The lifting rings must be securely sewn just below the top seam of the backboard.
  • Pass them through the other set of pulleys and close the cable the same way you did with the bottom-up wires.
  • Attach the line handle the same way you did with the different set of cables.

How do you install cordless top down bottom up shades?

Using the installation stand as a template, measure three from the shutter radical and mark the hole locations with a drilling pencil. When mounting brackets, make sure they are tight and level. The header rail must be level for the blind to run correctly. You will have bottom rail magnets to hold the fence firmly against the sill. All wireless TDBU blinds will have half-track magnets.

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The Roman shadows have the possibility of being an incredible element for your windows. They can be simple to handle; to achieve their purpose, you will only have to follow these tips that we leave you. On the other hand, you must consider some dangers, no matter how minimal, that we must run. You can find several alternatives to top down bottom up blinds on the internet if you do not want to use this method. The top-up bottom down shades can be handy in your room.

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