How to Manually Close Garage Door | A Step By Step Guide


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Currently, most garage doors have a mechanism for closing and opening the garage door, remote and automatic, providing convenience and security. In this way, they save us time and money, providing adjustments to our convenience, such as adjusting the height quickly without any effort. However, they can present failures that ruin our day. The common one does not open or close; for some mechanical malfunction or there is no electric current, which generates an uneasiness and loss of time because it prevents us from entering or leaving our home. We will provide the relevant information to decipher the enigma; how to manually close garage door.

How to Manually Close Garage Door: Steps

Close Garage Door

Our control does not work. There is no electricity or mechanical malfunction; it prevents the closing of our garage door, a repairable evil. In this way; we will show the steps to follow to solve this inconvenience manually:

  • The main thing; you must be located inside the garage. In front of the door, locate the opener rail, where you will find a red rope with a handle of the same color. This is the emergency release cable. As your door is open, it must support it by the springs, and you must place something to support it or, with the help of other people, hold it. In this way, we will avoid emergencies, such as a free fall that could break it and cause damage.
  • Next, once the door is secured, pull the cable with force to release the spring mechanism and lever. It would be best if you pulled downwards; with enough force until you feel the release of the mechanism.
  • At this point, we have the door free manually. You must lower it carefully with the help of one or two people. Depending on the door’s weight, you can use a locking bar. Let it drop gently and allow it to close. We proceed to lock bar it using the manual lock.
  • Solve the problem that caused the failure to close or open the door; power failure, power overload, problems with the handle, sensor, or mechanical malfunction. In this way, connect the automatic garage door opener. It is disconnected at the moment of pulling the red emergency release cord.

How to Open the Garage Door when there is no Power

Open the Garage Door when there is no Power

To open the garage door without electricity, you must pull the emergency release cord, which will allow it to open manually. Pulling on this cord disconnects the automatic release and allows manual use of the door. It is advisable to lift it between two or more people. They are usually heavy and somewhat uncomfortable in the manual opening.

How to Disengage a Garage Door from a Chain or Belt Opening System

Disengage a Garage Door from a Chain or Belt Opening System

The chain or belt-based opening system is common in residential garages for economy and strength. Chain-based systems are somewhat noisy, provide vibration during operation, require preventive maintenance and lubrication of the friction elements and garage door track. The belt systems have less load capacity but are silent, with a high price in comparison. Because both systems are similar, it is easy to decouple to convert from chain to belt or vice versa. You can use most parts of the system, even reusing existing brackets. Must match; motor power to door weight, although they come with a specified manual.

How to Disconnect the Garage Door Opener from the Garage Door

  • Make sure the garage door is closed.
  • Pull down on the red cable; to release the garage door opener.
  • Pull the cable; into your garage or to your body.
  • Lift the door manually. If you need to remove your car.
  • Close the garage door; use the manual lock.

How to Reconnect Garage Door to Garage Door Opener 

  • With the door in the closed position, make sure it is in this position; verify that it is past the manual lock.
  • Push the red safety lanyard towards the door and away from the motor, indicating that the spring is in position.
  • Now that the opener is connected test the garage door opening and closing with opener control.

Reconnect the Garage Door Opener to the Garage Door.

When we have any inconvenience that does not allow the automatic use of the professional garage door, such as power failure, mechanical failure, or malfunction of the remote control, the emergency release strap, usually a red cord, is used; at that moment, the garage door opener is disconnected. To connect it after solving the problem, you must place it in the connection position, pushing it towards the door in the direction of the motor. It will make a clicking noise indicating the correct position, then test with the remote control the opening and closing. If not, repeat the process. Remember that this process is done with the door closed.

Resetting the garage door opener

Resetting your garage door opener; is a simple task and can be done in 3 easy steps, which we will name below:

  • Check the battery; the unit fails or does not work. A good idea; is to replace the battery before attempting to reprogram the unit. This way, you will save the problem later if the battery dies unexpectedly.
  • Program button. On the garage door openers back, a small red or black button called the program button in the center. Press this button and then quickly go to the keypad. You usually have about 30 seconds to enter the new code into your opener. When the LED light flashes rapidly or holds steady after flashing rapidly, you are ready to program with your keyless opener.
  • New code; quickly enter the new code to use, press the up/down button. The light on the garage door opener may flash, and the LED light on the keyless garage door opener may also flash. Test it to make sure it works. If not, repeat the above process and try one more time.

How to Manually open and Close your Electric Garage Door   

Most electronic garage doors come with a bypass switch, which allows you to override the system and raise it manually; when necessary. It is a red cord; hanging from the mechanisms of your garage. This emergency release cable wires to the center trolley of the garage door. When you pull the cable, the automatic opener trolley opens and closes the door. So, it releases from the trolley. In this way, the door slides freely on the trolley without the help of the electric mechanism.

Before pulling the emergency release cord, make sure the garage door is completely closed. If your garage door is partially open and you have broken springs inside the door, they will fall out when the cord is released. This could cause damage to the door and anything that may be underneath it. With the situation under control, you can now open and close your garage door in manual mode.

How to manually open a Garage Door from the Outside

Not having access to the garage from the outside, you must install an emergency release key on your garage door as a method. In this way; apply the following sequence to open the garage door from the outside:

  • Position the emergency release key on the outside of the garage door and insert it into the lock.
  • Turn the key and handle; remove the tumbler from the lock.
  • Once removed, you should see a cable in the hole in the locking drum. Pull that cable to disconnect the motor.
  • Lift the garage door upward until it is fully open. It would be best if you held it to prevent it from falling. Two or more people are recommended to do this for safety.

How to avoid having to open the Garage Door Manually

The option of manually opening the garage door is from the manufacturer to the user in case of malfunction; for any reason. The only way to avoid opening a garage door manually is prevention. We will name different tips that will help you in this process:

  • Preventive maintenance; periodically lubricate and check the mechanisms that make up the opening and closing system of the garage door.
  • Place battery or electrical backup system, this will allow the flow of energy; if we find ourselves with a power outage or failure.
  • Periodic replacement of remote control batteries.
  • Have spare garage door remotes configured?

How to Manually Close Garage Door: FAQs

What happens when you pull the red string on a garage door?

The red rope that hangs from the door trolley that travels on the door along the rail is the emergency release cord. The trolley is on the carriage that opens the door. This causes the door to open. When you pull the release rope, the trolley has its distance from the carriage, allowing you to move the door manually.

Can you override a garage door opener?

An automatic trolley is standard on most garage door openers. If your garage door has one, connecting it to the opener is a straightforward procedure. After the power surge goes, all you have to do is reset your garage door.

Why does my garage door opener open but not close?

A blocked passage between the sensors, filthy safety eyes, loose wires at the sensors or the motorhead, faulty sensors, or a motor control board working wrong is the most common cause of the problem. Also, try disconnecting and replugging the garage door opener back into the outlet.

What causes a garage door not to close all the way?

One of three typical explanations for a garage door that opens properly but does not close entirely is: It’s possible that the close-limit switch needs adjustments. Set-limit switches on your garage door tell the motor when to cease working, both when it opens and closes.

Why does my garage door keep getting stuck?

The track on your garage door and the chain on the opener both require maintenance to function properly. If one or both of them aren’t properly lubricated, the door may become stuck when opening or shutting. You’ll need to add extra lubricant to both components to remedy these issues.

Can you close the garage door without power?

Ensure the door is closed: After a power loss, you must close the door before resetting the garage door. If it’s open, you run the danger of the garage door collapsing, injuring yourself and others.

Can Google open my garage door?

Your myQ garage door opener can hear you just as long as your Google Assistant on devices like Google Home can.

How can I open my garage door manually?

  • Locate the exterior of your garage door’s emergency key release and enter the key into the lock.
  • Pull the lock tumbler out by turning the key.
  • When you remove the lock, you should see a cable in the lock tumbler hole once.
  • Lift the garage door straight up until it is completely open and does not try to close.

What does it mean when the garage door won’t close?

If you can’t close the door in emergencies, open it at all, the first thing to search for is clutter or objects that block the sensor. Check the sensor lights first. When the beam stops, one sensor light may flicker, fade, or go out altogether depending on the type of garage door you have.

Why is my garage door so heavy to lift?

No other element of the garage opening system is powerful enough to raise the hefty door. Thus garage torsion springs are essential. When a torsion spring fails or breaks, your garage door may seem considerably heavier to rise, or it may just refuse to open at all.

Bottom Line

We possess all the information necessary to decipher the riddle; how to close the garage door manually. The correct use of this material will allow us to solve the problem without major risks, ensuring a successful process. For this reason, following the processes mentioned earlier in the letter is the way to success in your automatic garage.

We recommend having access from the outside or house to your garage to solve without inconveniences since the simple thing is to do this inside the garage.

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