How to Move the Refrigerator Out of a Tight Place | 4 Steps to Follow


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Moving the refrigerator from a tight place is sometimes a very difficult task as if you want to move it and you don’t have enough room to move it to the wall. The fridge should not be near the wall because there should be two to three inches of gap between the refrigerator and wall to accommodate the ventilation and airflow for cooling systems.

This article will guide you with some valuable tips about how you can move the refrigerator out of a tight place.

How to Move the Refrigerator Out of a Tight Place

How to Move the Refrigerator Out of a Tight Place

If you have little room between your fridge and the nearest obstacle, the refrigerator should move out from the right place without damaging the contents inside.

Step 1

Before moving the fridge from its original place:

  • Make sure it is off. If there is no good place for people moving appliances, begin with pulling everything off behind the panel.
  • Remove all the food items to ensure that these will get squished while doing this process, which can damage you and the expensive device like an ice maker.
  • So unplug the fridge before moving it forward.

Step 2

Now stand the refrigerator on its legs and slightly move it rise on the front legs off the ground and carefully move it backward at the top. Push the one corner of the fridge and pull the other one. Repeat this process by using different corners to get pressure and then release.

The fridge will go back in the opposite direction from when you will pull it a few inches from the wallboard. When you remove a bit of wallboard, the action of the refrigerator will reverse. This price is wandering the appliance, but this is not the most effective method to move the fridge across. 

Step 3

When you pull the refrigerator from the wall a few inches away, place the dolly beneath the backside of the appliance and then pull it. Moose dollies are the best options for such appliances because these come with wide bases that offer extra stability during transportation. You should make sure to lock them by pushing the one handle at once to get this appliance stable with this tool under it.

Step 4

While applying the pressure towards the front end of the fridge without lifting it too high, go ahead and tend to move in the forward direction, as it is the most stable base point until your appliance move more easily, more than an inch in any direction.

In this way, you can move a fridge from a tight place and place it where you want to have it. 


So to wrap up, there are mainly two ways to move the fridge and get out of tight place without damaging the walls. One way is to move it from side to sidewall until you get the clear space and then move it on the open spot on your floor.

Another way is to move the fridge straight outside or shift in the other room to have more space without moving around corners. The best option is to use the dolly to offer easy navigation from the tighter spaces.

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