How to Move the Refrigerator to Clean Behind | 10 Steps to Follow


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Cleaning the refrigerator is an overwhelming task, but it is essential to prolong its life and prevent and remove the dust buildup collecting the dust on the condenser and coils at least once a year. As humidity dampens, the dust builds up, sticks up to coils, and reduces efficiency. This article will teach you how to move the refrigerator to clean behind.

How to Move the Refrigerator to Clean Behind

How to Move the Refrigerator to Clean Behind

In addition to the dust buildup on the compressor and coils, it accumulates on the floor, thus causing an adhesive material and residue that causes discoloration on the floor coverings. Moving the refrigerator thus allows you to clean places that are hard to reach and remove the dust, preventing you from paying the costs of repair and replacements.

Step 1

Remove the frozen food from the fridge, but ensure that the items cannot get warm to the cooler and are stored in ice packing.

Step 2

Turn off the refrigerator and freezer with the use of regulators inside. Unplug it from the behind wall if you reach the wires and shut off the water supply to the ice maker portion.

Step 3

Tape a piece of cardboard on the floor in front of the refrigerator, as this will prevent the discoloration of the floor due to dirty water. 

Step 4

From each side of the bottom edge, grab the base grill six inches from the behind wall and pull it towards you. Place the base frill in the sink under the water, and leave it for soaking while working.

Step 5

From the underneath of the fridge, pull up the drip pan and put it in the warm soapy water when you will end cleaning. 

Step 6

Raise the leveling legs of the stand to the highest position, and slide the fridge from the wall in a straight position and on the cardboard. Pull the whole body slowly and check the power cord periodically and ice maker supply line to not catch them under the fridge.

Step 7

With the aid of a vacuum cleaner, clean the condenser under the fridge and coils on its back. With the mild soapy water, clean the sides and front of the fridge and remove the dust buildup. Clean the walls and side cabinets of the fridge in the same way.

Step 8

Scrub the base grill and drip pan as needed to eliminate any dust to stuck—dry both accessories with the clean towel. 

Step 9

Slide the fridge straight back in the original position and check for the ice maker and cord line supply.

Step 10

Install the drip pan and base grill back by placing the clips on the holes in the backside at the base. Adjust the leveling legs to the real position, turn on the fridge into the wall, and listen to the sound of the compressor.


Cleaning the fridge needs attention and precautions as well. Do not use powdered cleaner and scouring pads or other abrasives to clean it. Apply the wax and polish finishes on the stainless steel surfaces to retain their finish and appearance. 

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