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Do you always struggle to make your bedroom door as secure as possible? You’re right. Indeed, before you get carried away by which color to paint the walls and which curtains to adapt for your bedroom, it is essential to think about the vital accessories you want in the room first and the safety of your doors. These include small features, such as doorknobs and locks. In this post, we cover everything you need to know about how to open bedroom door lock.

Safety is the most important thing for most homeowners, so you need to make sure your bedroom is as secure as possible so that you won’t end up in danger. Home security systems make your home over 70% less likely to be robbed or invaded. On the other hand, bedroom doors are often the most problematic.

Staying out of the bedroom is much more common than you think. It happens a lot in those homes where there are children: they engage the lock, close the door, and nobody find the key. In such a situation, parents usually call the locksmith or enter through a window, which is a viable alternative. But here, we show you several tips that will help you deal with the locked bedroom door on your own.

How to Open Bedroom Door Lock

Before applying diverse techniques on Opening a bedroom door lock, it’s best to be informed that the door may not be locked and something else is keeping it closed. This may be because the door is jammed due to lack of oil or has some object hindering it and keeps it closed. So before looking for the tools, first make sure that your door is not stuck for reasons other than secured.

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Furthermore, it’s also good to know that bedroom doors usually have simple locks. Thus, these should not pose any problem since they are locks that only forcing them with some object will effortlessly open them. With this awareness, you can proceed with the various ways on How to open bedroom door lock as highlighted below.

Using the classic precision pick

  • So the first thing you can do when working on How to open a bedroom door lock is to try a classic precision pick. If you don’t have a pick at home, don’t worry because you can make an effortless pick with just a few clips.
  • To make a pick and a rake to open your bedroom doors, you will first look for a clip. Next, open it thoroughly, and then at the tip, you will give it a hook shape.
  • Next, find another clip and open it while inclining it a little. 
  • Insert the two clips and press down while you turn the pick to open the door.

Using a bumping key

You can use a bumping key to open your bedroom door lock. With this key, you can also open almost any lock. The only locks that you cannot open with this tool are the locks with an anti-bumping security system, which modern locks have.

But as earlier highlighted, interior door locks such as those found in bedrooms do not require such dedicated security. Thus, it will not be a problem to open the doors of the bedrooms with the bumping method.

Of course, the major disadvantage of this method is that it can damage the cheaper and simpler locks that are usually fixed on the bedroom doors.

Another problem with the bumping method is getting a Bumping key is usually not very easy, as it is a delicate instrument. However, there are places to buy this type of key. It can also be a problem in the wrong hands. Thus, they are only made available to lawful property owners and professional locksmiths.

Using pliers and nail file

Sometimes, it turns out that the key is broken in opening the door and part of it remains inside the lock. There are two ways to help yourself in this situation. If part of the key protrudes from the keyhole, you can turn it and remove it with the help of pliers. If the lock remains a small part of the key to tighten and open, you can use a nail file. It needs to be inserted into the lock with the teeth facing up and turned like a key.

Usually, such problems arise with poor quality accessories or poor maintenance. So do not skimp on such things and repair and lubricate the interior door in time to avoid difficult situations, especially if there are children in the house. In addition, for rooms where doors need to be locked, for example, in a closet or bedroom, you can use a time-tested lock instead of modern locks.

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Using spokes

It often happens that a door in the bedroom is only opened with a key. In situations where it is knocked, and the key is left in the lock, a thin spoke or any very thin object and newspaper can help. This rescue option can be confirmed if there is a space between the door leaf and the floor.

To get the key in the first place, you need to push the newspaper or anything that can be moved under the bottom so that the fallen key can be on it. The next step will be to use the spokes to push the key out of the keyhole. When it falls into the undercoat newspaper, gently pull it to yourself – and the key is in your hands.

Using other objects

Due to the type of locks in the bedrooms, you can pick the lock using other objects, although it is very likely that these would end up damaging your lock.

  • First, you can look for a pair of scissors, a screwdriver, or a butter knife. Next, insert it where the door key should go and then begin to force the object to rotate.
  • With this method, you may open the door in a few attempts, only that you can end up damaging the lock. (Although this does not have to be the case always). 


If you cannot open the interior door lock without a key, you will choose this method. The nuance is that it is not always possible to implement it. Cups differ in their design and installation specificity, and if they are installed in a hidden way, this is not an option.

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  • To fix the valves of the internal models, the card-type loops are used in several versions (assembled, “butterflies,” and several others). They have in common that the fixation to the frame and the joint is made with self-tapping screws. It is sufficient to unscrew the fasteners on one side of each hinge, move the screen slightly (so that the locking plate protrudes from the bar), and you can easily remove the door from the opening.
  • Another way is to dismantle the canopy partially. The design of some samples allows you to do this. And if there is time and the door’s usefulness is preserved, the task is greatly simplified where there is the necessary information.
  • The disassembly method allows you to unlock the bedroom door without damaging the box and the locking mechanism.

Using a drill

The drill can allow you to open your door. However, you will have to find a neighbours who will lend you his. This solution only works on pin locks, which are still the most common. You have to choose a special metal drill that will also resist much pressure. Indeed, it is necessary to drill a hole in the lock’s cylinder and destroy the pins. Once you are done, insert a screwdriver and turn it in the same direction as the key.

This technique should only be used after trying all the others. It destroys the barrel even if the rest of the mechanism remains in good condition.

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How to Open Bedroom Door Lock: FAQs

How do you unlock a bedroom door without a key?

To unlock a bedroom door without a key, push a suitable tool such as a screwdriver into the keyhole. Next, turn the screwdriver until the lock opens.

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How do you get into a locked bedroom door?

To get into a locked bedroom door, you can make use of the following steps:

  • Insert a credit card into the gap between the door and the door frame.
  • Gently move the credit card down in the direction of the door lock.
  • Once the credit card reaches the lock, tilt it toward the door handle and attempt to open the door.

How do you open a locked interior door?

To open a locked interior door, you can make use of the following steps:

  • Fix a tension wrench into the bottom of the keyhole and apply slight pressure.
  • Insert a bobby pin into the lock
  • While applying a slight torque to the wrench, move the bobby pin back and forth in the keyhole. Repeat until the lock opens.


In conclusion, bedroom doors come with various merits. On the other hand, opening a bedroom door can be much easier than opening the front door of, for example, an apartment. The simplicity shown by these locks makes it an effortless job; keep in mind that it is very likely that the lock and the door are damaged because, just as it is easy to open them, it is also easy to damage them.

Furthermore, you will have to decide on the method to use, such as those highlighted above. The only recommendation is to start with “soft” techniques, moving gradually to more complex ones. This ensures that defects in the door, if they appear, will be minimal.

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