How to Open Garage door with Smartphone | An Advanced Guide with Full Detail

Many drivers and car owners keep their cars in the garage to protect them from weather or possible damage. But many of them are opened manually, which is inconvenient, or by using a remote control whose battery often runs out. With the blessing of technology today, we have such devices that will help to open garage doors with a smartphone. In this guide, I will be discussing how to open a garage door with a smartphone.

Smartphones are with us all the time and their batteries rarely run out. That’s why it’s easiest to use it to open your garage door because it’s as easy as pressing a button or swiping a smartphone. Here’s what you need to know about using your mobile device to open your garage door.

According to the FBI, 33% of burglaries are committed through open or unlocked doors and windows, including unlocked garages. Happily, you do not have to fret about losing track of closing the garage door. With a bright garage door, not only will you know if the door is open or closed, you’ll be able to operate it from anywhere.

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Benefits of a Bright Garage Door

Benefits of a Bright Garage Door

If you don’t already have a bright garage door, it’s worth investing in one. Bright garage doors bring many benefits to the home.

Improves garage door security 

The garage door is the most prominent entrance to the house and provides access to the entire house. It is also the place where valuables such as cars and tools are stored. Breaking into a garage is surprisingly easy – with a coat hanger and a little pressure, a burglar can smash open a garage door in as little as six seconds. This makes the garage an attractive option for those looking to break into your home.

Remote control

Do you leave the garage door open or closed? With a bright garage door, you can get rid of this annoying annoyance. If the garage door is open, you’ll receive an alert via remote control on your smartphone app. And, no, you don’t have to go home to close it. You can control it no matter where you are. With the smartphone app, you can close (or open) your garage door wherever you are.

Bright Garage Doors and Security

Bright Garage Doors and Security

A garage is probably the most susceptible room in the house. Many people don’t close the garage door leading into the house to quickly get in and out, making it easier for burglars. The garage is also used to store valuable items such as cars, tools, and expensive gardening equipment.

Thieves are also aware of this, which makes your garage even more attractive. With a bright garage door, you’ll always know if your garage is open or closed, and you can lock it wherever you are. These make it difficult for crooks to break in and remove the items they want.

How to Connect Multiple Devices with Smart Garage Door Openers

How to Connect Multiple Devices with Smart Garage Door Openers

Connect to an Apple iOS mobile device

  • Log in to my app.
  • For my Garage and Smart Garage Hub, tap Smart Garage Hub.
  • For Smart Garage Opener, tap Smart Garage Opener. 
  • On what you need the screen, tick the box and tap Next.
  • Activate the hub and tap next. 
  • When the corner is connected, the hub LED will flash blue. If the LED does not flash blue, disconnect the intersection from the mains and reconnect it.
  • The LED flashes blue; press yes. Suppose you have a smart garage door opener.
  • If the blue light does not flash, press and hold the Change button until the blue light flashes, then release it. 
  • Press and hold the Change button a second time until the device beeps. 
  • Disconnect the hub from the mains and reconnect it.
  • Scan the 10-digit serial number on the back of the node. 
  • If the serial number is not scanned, press the option at the bottom of the screen to enter the serial number manually.
  • Enter the serial number and press done. 

Connect to Chamberlain

  • In the Chamberlain task, tap Join to connect to the MyQ-NNN WiFi network.
  • Click on your local WiFi wireless network from the list.
  • Enter your network password and press next. 
  • On the Add to WiFi network screen, tap next. Tap.
  • Disconnect the sensor from the port and press next.
  • Test the door sensor by pressing the button shown in the application and tap Next.
  • Follow the instructions to connect the door sensor to the node and press next. Press Next.
  • Press and release the door sensor button.
  • The node beeps and flashes. If not, test the door sensor according to these instructions. 17.
  • Press the ‘Next button on the ‘Door Sensor Paired’ screen. Press the “Door Sensor Paired” button.
  • Just follow the installation guide in the program to install the door sensor.
  • You can skip these steps in the app by pressing Skip installation help at the bottom of the screen.

Connecting to your Android mobile device

The process for connecting to an Android smartphone is the same.

  • Log in to the myQ app.
  • To confirm the product, refer to the image at the above FAQ to ensure the outcome.
  • For myQ Garage and Smart Garage Hub, tap on Smart Garage Hub.
  • For Smart Garage Control, tap Smart Garage Control.
  • The rest of the process is the same as for iPhone.

Best Smart Garage Controllers with WiFi and Bluetooth Connectivity

When you have an older and automatic parking garage door, one of the best intelligent automatic garage door openers can affordably control your door through your smartphone and keep you informed when it opens and closes.

Looking for a smart garage door remote that works for Alexa, we suggest the Tailwind iQ3 door opener. Although more complicated to set up than the Chamberlain, the Tailwind works with Amazon’s virtual attendant, Google’s assistant, and SmartThings. It is multi-user compatible.

Best models on the market include

Chamberlain MyQ-G0401

The updated Chamberlain myQ-G0401 intelligent garage door opener is an improved version of its predecessor, with a white cover instead of black and multiple buttons for manual garage door control.

As before, setting up was very easy, and its mobile app (for Android and iOS) was just as intuitive.

myQ Chamberlain Smart Garage Control - Wireless...
  • “Did I shut the garage” No more worrying.
  • Open or close your garage from anywhere. Simply download the free myQ app for iPhone or Android and get connected with your very own Smart Garage
  • Give access to family or friends while on the go

iQ3 Tailwind garage door opener

The smart iQ3 Tailwind garage door opener has a unique feature.

If, of course, you have just an Android phone, using your car’s Bluetooth interface, you can make the garage door open and close automatically when you arrive or leave the house.

Tailwind iQ3 Premium Featured Smart WiFi Garage...
  • Never leave your garage door open again. Patent pending technology senses which car you're driving and closes the door automatically when you leave (if you forget to do it yourself) - may require optional vehicle sensor. Please read the description details.
  • Superior peace of mind. Unique security "Night Mode" makes sure your garage door is closed all night long. Grant guest users restricted or full-time access based on date and time.
  • Open, close, check the door status, and receive alerts anywhere in the world using your smart device and the Tailwind iOS or Android app. Works with Google Home, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Siri Shortcuts, and IFTTT.

Chamberlain MyQ-G0301

The Chamberlain MyQ G0301 is the company’s oldest intelligent garage door opener, but it’s still just as effective as the newest model. It includes a garage door sensor and a hub that connects to a WiFi network.

A command you send from your smartphone is transferred to the hub and then sends it to the sensor, activating the garage door. Using the MyQ app, which is available for Android and iOS devices, you can check if the door is open and close or open it remotely.

Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Hub - Wi-Fi enabled...
73,597 Reviews
Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Hub - Wi-Fi enabled...
  • Smart garage control open and close your garage door from anywhere with your smartphone through the myQ App
  • Universal – Easy-to-add functionality to upgrade your existing garage door opener. Works with all major brands of garage door openers made after 1993 that have standard safety sensors
  • The requirements needed to start - a router with 2.4 gigahertz Wi-Fi frequency, router with 802.11 B/G/N, a router within 50 feet of the myQ Smart Garage Hub (more details in PDF user manual)

Security concerns for intelligent garage door openers

One of the excellent aspects of living at home can be enjoying the convenience of driveway control. It allows you to get in and out of the garage.

Can garage door openers be hacked?

Yes, garage door openers can be hacked. Older garage door openers use a “hard code” that makes them very easy to operate. With more complex devices that use scroll codes, hacking is more difficult but still possible.

Smart garage door openers can also be hacked via WiFi networks if they have weak security features. If someone is intelligent and persistent enough, anything can be hacked. But there are ways to make at least it harder for potential hackers.

Best Smart Door Opener Remotes

Chances are it’s a pleasing surprise to anyone that it’s more than a few assets and some easy ways to turn your current garage door opener into a smartly controlled garage door opener.

MyQ Chamberlain garage door opener

The MyQ Smart Garage Hub from the Chamberlain Company is a comprehensive system that adds intelligence to multiple garage door openers. Once installed, you can check the status of the garage door and open or close it at a distance using either the MyQ app of your iOS or Android smartphone.

Chamberlain’s MyQ system is easy to install and requires no connection to your existing door opener. The bracket must be screwed into the ceiling, not glued in as is shared with other manufacturers.

myQ Chamberlain Smart Garage Control - Wireless...
  • “Did I shut the garage” No more worrying.
  • Open or close your garage from anywhere. Simply download the free myQ app for iPhone or Android and get connected with your very own Smart Garage
  • Give access to family or friends while on the go

Tailwind iQ3

The Tailwind iQ3 is reliable due to the cable configuration, and the automatic opening and closing worked well during our tests. In addition, the iQ3 can control up to three distinct third garage doors and work alongside Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.  It costs $80 and currently sells for $10. You don’t get HomeKit compatibility, and wiring installation can be a bit tricky.


With an $89 Garadget wireless garage door entry system, the gadget adds voice control and remote access to the existing garage door.

This Garadget sensor setup consists of a retro-reflective label positioned on the top of the garage door panel and a laser integrated into the Garadget itself. Once the laser hits upon the reflective sticker, Garadget understands that the garage door is closed.

Best Garage Door Openers for Smartphones

The best smart garage door openers allow you to open your garage using your smartphone, innovative home technology, or even voice control on newer vehicles.

With built-in extras like cameras and security features, there are many reasons to get one of these best garage door openers.

Chamberlain B550

This smart garage door opener uses Chamberlain’s 2.4GHz WiFi systems and the myQ app to remotely control and open your garage door. It works with Google Assistant, IFTTT, Wink, and Amazon Key.

The system includes an opener, a keyless access platform, and two remotes with a range of 1,500 meters. The control platform and security sensors ensure the gate doesn’t close on children or pets.

What accessories do I need to open and close my garage door with my smartphone?

Not all garage door openers can be operated with a smartphone. It would help if you first learned that not nearly all makers of garage openers have this option. Let’s start by looking at the most popular openers from LiftMaster, Chamberlain, and Craftsman.

Let’s take the year 1998 as an example. Why? That was the year Chamberlain and its LiftMaster and Craftsman brands began offering the Security+ system.

How do you know when a garage door opener was manufactured? It’s easy to find out. If it was manufactured after 2012, you could find the Security+, Security+ 2.0, and MyQ logos on the metal cover. You can also check this by looking for the “Learn” button.

There should be a yellow square, a purple square, or a yellow circle. Also, there should be a sticker in the engine with the motor with the model no. and the date of manufacture of the opener. Fortunately, the MyQ app is designed to be compatible with various brands of garage door openers that use rolling code technology, as long as your opener isn’t one of the three brands listed above. However, MyQ technology cannot be used with garage door openers whose remote control uses DIP switches (in the +, 0, and – positions).

What else do I need?

  • Depending on the model, you can connect your garage door opener with the MyQ™ app. Open the door with the “Safety+” indicator.
  • 889LM wall-mounted control panel. Note that this feature is standard on the 8500C and Internet Gateway (828LM) units.
  • Open the door with Security+ 2.0 and MyQ.
  • You only need the Internet Gateway (828LM).
  • So you don’t have to ask any more questions, and thanks to MyQ, you know if your garage door is open.
  • FYI: As of August 2017, both Chamberlain and LiftMaster garage door openers are equipped with MyQ technology and an integrated WiFi interface.
  • WiFi allows you to add peripheral devices like lighting and works with integrated home technology from major brands like Apple HomeKit and Google Home.

How does the garage door opener for smartphones work?

YouTube video

Each intelligent device has its technology, but typically, the garage door remote and smartphone communicate via the home router and WiFi configuration.

  • When you control your garage door with your phone, your phone sends a signal to the garage door opener via the router.
  • Similarly, it sends a signal to the router, which sends an alert to your phone when you open the door.
  • Utilize your existing smartphone as a garage door opener.
  • To use your smartphone as a garage door opener, you first need to connect it to your local network, and there are two ways to do this.
  • One is to connect via a network cable, and the other is to connect via WiFi.
  • We connect the garage door opener to our device and then create the login details (username and password).
  • We then add the intelligent device to the local network using one of the two access methods above. And all this without using a computer.

How to Open Garage door with Smartphone: FAQs

How do I choose the best smart device for my garage door opener?

Choosing the best garage door opener for your garage is not easy, as many models are on the market today.

However, it is essential to research the market and see what options are available that suit your budget and needs.

What is the installation process?

Programming a garage door opener with your smartphone may be easier than you think, although many say it’s very complicated. Just purchase the kit. Then download the app, depending on which set you bought, and once you’ve installed it correctly, you can use the device.

Could I use a mobile phone for the garage door opener?

Several models are on this market that is relatively cheap as compared to a standard garage door opener.

If you want to use your existing smartphone to control your existing garage door opener, it’s perfectly possible. The key is to buy a kit to control the garage door opener with a smartphone.

Can I program my iPhone to open my garage door?

And if you have an iPhone, you can say farewell to carrying and use a traditional garage door opener. If you already have a connection, you can connect a small Bluetooth device to your garage door control panel and sync its frequency with your iPhone.

Can I use Alexa to open my garage door?

Many garage doors can be controlled via mobile apps or the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant apps. You need to set a PIN to open or close the door with a voice command in the Alexa app. Alexa recognizes the device as a security feature. It takes care of opening and closing the door immediately.

Can I open my Chamberlain garage door with my phone?

Close and open a garage door wherever you are using your smartphone. Chamberlain MyQ Garage, your smartphone, WiFi, and any compatible garage door opener device you have connected and controlled. The Chamberlain MyQ Smartphone app is free, and you pay no monthly fees.

Can Siri open my garage door?

You’ll need an iPhone or iPad to connect your smart home device to Apple HomeKit and then to Siri. Both devices must have the Apple Home app installed. Integration with Siri is now seamless, and you can control, monitor, and manage access to your garage door.

Is there an app I can use to open my garage door?

With the myQ Smart Access app, you can easily open, close, or check the status of your garage door, business door, gate, or myQ home lighting from anywhere using your mobile device. The myQ app is compatible with Chamberlain LiftMaster products that support myQ.

Can I change my garage door opener to WIFI?

If your garage door opener doesn’t already have WiFi and myQ functionality, you can easily upgrade your garage door opener with a WiFi remote control. To properly use myQ via your mobile phone, your garage door opener must have access to an internet connection.

Without a radio remote control, what is the best way to wire my garage door opener to my vehicle?

It is not possible to program the garage door opener without a remote control. However, you can use a handheld transmitter to reset the garage door opener button on your vehicle. You can also operate the door using the electronic keypad without using the remote control. On the keypad, press the arrow buttons and the programming button at the same time.

How do I open the garage door using mine?

With MyQ from LiftMaster and Chamberlain, you can open and close your garage door from anywhere. Enjoy the convenience of control from anywhere and the security of real-time alerts.

Never worry about your garage door opening again.

Can you hack your garage door opener?

Yes, garage door openers can be hacked. Older garage door openers use “hard coding” to make the job easier. More sophisticated devices that use scroll codes are harder to hack but still possible.

Smart garage door openers can also be hacked over WiFi networks if they have weak security features.

Can I open my garage door with my smartphone?

Since you can control your garage door from almost anywhere, opening your garage door with your smartphone allows you to open your garage door at work when you’re waiting for practical and valuable delivery.

How can I control my garage door from my phone?

Mount the controller on the ceiling above one of the openers and plug it into the mains. Follow the commands in the app to connect the controller to the sensors and each garage door. Once successfully paired, the MyQ garage door opener wirelessly opens and closes the garage door via the app.

Can I use the app to open my garage door?

Of course, you can. In today’s technological age, everything is possible.

How can I open my garage door remotely?

All you need is the app and the device on the garage door. The rest is easy.

Can I open the garage door with my iPhone?

Using the Open Sesame garage door opener app for iPhone, you can connect a small Bluetooth device to the garage door control panel and sync its frequency with your iPhone via the Open Sesame app.

Is there a monthly fee for the MyQ service?

Chamberlain MyQ offers a subscription service that connects your device to innovative home services such as IFTTT and Google Assistant. The subscription allows you to automate various functions using your smart device. The cost of this subscription is $1 per month or $10 per year.

Can I use my phone to open the front door?

Yes, this is possible if you have an Android or iOs device.

Can Google unlock my garage door?

While Google Assistant can hear you on devices like Google Home, myQ can listen to your garage door opener.

Is there a garage door opener app for Android?

There are some models on the market that are relatively inexpensive compared to conventional garage door openers.

If you want to control your garage door opener with your smartphone, it is perfectly possible. The key is to buy a garage door opener control kit that uses your smartphone.

How to open a garage door with the myQ app?

  • Connect the myQ internet gate.
  • Create a myQ account and download the app.
  • Connect your myQ garage door opener to your myQ account.

Last Words

Today’s technology has evolved beyond compare. Nowadays, we wouldn’t say we have a smart home without an intelligent garage, where notifications may or may not come to your smartphone. This is why today this article brings you this article in which you will discover the perfect garage door opener app for your life.

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