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Most parents wonder how to organize a kid’s room with too many toys. In case you didn’t know, young people can stack things like no one else.

From youth food toys, grandparents’ gifts, birthdays, to Christmas toys, the list goes on. Likewise, they can water these “things” from one housing radical to the other faster than one can blink. As scary as it may be, it is a requirement that you deal with the chaos.

Somehow, although we do not realize it, we allow our children to have the initiative that “more” is preferable.

“More toys” = more distraction, more happiness, more excitement, more to witness. This is simply a huge lie. “More” is not always so good. Sometimes more can be worse.

So, it is also ideal to indicate that our children are not spoiled brats. Of course, they have their moments, like some little ones, but on the other hand, they are generally good and well-educated youngsters. And they also realized that it was enough.


The moment to end the chaos and “declassify” came. A study today by some universities has found that quite a few toys can lead to less appreciated playtime.

According to them: “A considerable amount of toys shows a reduced quality of the young boys’ game.” In short, the more toys a child is shown, the less creative and independent their playtime will be.

So if it were paramount to see the youngsters’ rooms today, you would often find them quite messy. And sometimes it gets to the point where it’s hard to see.

Suddenly it feels like every little space in the room is filled with some toy.

It’s a situation that reducing young people’s toys is not just a matter of decoration. It has real benefits for your child’s advancement.

How can I Accurately Arrange my Child’s Toys and Room?

First of all, there is a sequence of steps that you must follow if you want to arrange your child’s playroom ideally.

How to Organize a Kid’s Room With too many Toys

Determine how many toys your children need

Undoubtedly you find yourself trying to figure out how many toys your children should have; here are a few guidelines.

Are there any broken toys?

Those toys are a hindrance; it is a requirement that you discard them. Get rid of that doll without arms or the family games that are missing half of their pieces. Besides those sticky hands that collect all the dust they come in contact with.

After that, it will be essential to look for all those toys that you don’t play with for the moment.

These have the possibility of being toys for newborn children that your little one doesn’t want to have anything to do with. Otherwise, they could be birthday gifts that were quickly discarded.

Finally, what you should look for are the toys that your child loves. And put them also.

In our house, that would be the container full of transports that our children love to drive on the floor, on the wall, and somewhere that they get in their way. They love those transports.

But in all honesty, do they need a huge amount of them?

No, a small handful would probably be more than enough.

too many toys syndrome

Sharing is the most

This belongs to the procedures that must be carried out more complicated to teach at the beginning. But in the end, it can become an acceptable investment of time, making the heart happy for some mother.

If for some reason, a toy is not receiving the love it once had but is still in excellent condition, we have the possibility of add to the stack of actions. When we have finished checking everything, we load these things into the car and instantly donate them.

Several young people like to understand that they are giving to other young people who may not have toys and that these new young people will give a whole life to their “old toys.” Amazingly, this can become an accepted custom for the children in the home.

As the years go by and if we continue with this custom and the young people can familiarize themselves with it, they will commonly start to name for themselves that they want to communicate a special toy that they have been reduced to.

It ends up being amazing to see their compassion grow with this easy habit born to keep their room clean.

How Many toys do a Small-Medium Owe?

Today, in North America alone, possibly far more than they require young people make toys out of something.

I am a huge supporter of the initiative that it is okay for young people to be bored some of the time. Since we don’t always rush to heal our children’s boredom, it makes it a little simpler for us when we take long family road trips and develop better intellectual skills.

It’s not bad for them or threatening to their well-being; in fact, it’s just the opposite. Unstructured play encourages their imagination and creativity and helps develop resilience.

how to get rid of too many toys

Develop an easy toy organization system

When we say “develop a simple game room organization system,” we mean something “simple.”

If making a playroom with an intricate theme is your thing, then you can certainly embellish.

On the other hand, several of us find ourselves struggling to keep our heads above water, and intricate systems that need a set of interfaces and a ready-made key is not what we require right now.

too many toys research

There are two simple ways to order children’s toys:

Use a large container, either a toy box or a large basket—otherwise, small enclosures or particular cubes.

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I talk about using small enclosures because it is a simple way to hold the pieces together. We have a cubicle for DUPLOS, one for wooden blocks and another one for the huge amount of toy transports that live in our house.

This system is subjectively simple to hold.

You should choose a system that works best for you and your family, to choose something simple to hold (preferably for your children).

How many are enough toys?

This is a very individual question, and only you can answer it.

If you feel you are choking on the toys that are enough toys. If you stumble over the toys all the time, it may be in your best interest to sort the toys, but there may also be plenty of toys.

Often people with smaller homes cannot fit many toys comfortably. As among other things, a house three times more important than our size.

After a holiday that involves receiving gifts like birthdays, Christmas, among others), it can feel messy if we don’t do something managing the toys.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it bad for a child to have too many toys?

There is nothing wrong with providing toys for young people anyway. Some help them to encourage their creativity and to study novelties.

The real problem appears when we do not measure ourselves or set a limit to acquire the little one’s toy.

The little one usually receives gifts and toys without any effort and without appreciating all of them. Having enough gifts also puts parameters to their creativity and accustoms them to the only way to play or entertain themselves is with their toys.

How many toys should a child have?

Toys belong to healthy development, as long as they are used correctly and according to the child’s age, and it is the correct amount. However, if there are enough toys, this prevents youngsters from developing curiosity, thus avoiding the full potential they have in themselves.

How are the toys of young people declassified?

Declassification will depend on how the toys are organized in your home. This can take some time, especially in the early days of the calendar.

If all the toys are placed in a toy box or in containers beyond that in our containers, you can combine all the toys. It may take some time to review them to locate all the toys of a certain type. The good thing about this is that after you have done the first few days of organizing, it will get simpler and simpler because there will be fewer toys mixed. And little by little, you will be declassifying those that are not necessary or serviceable.

When do you have to get rid of the toys?

Understandably, your child’s playroom is beginning to look more like a toy store than a space where he can grow and perform.

On the other hand, quality can become a background to quantity at some point along the way.

This being the situation, it is time to activate and reduce the supply of toys. When you order, the result is a more relaxed play space that won’t overwhelm or over stimulate your little one.

Although it may seem like a transcendent task, choosing which toys to remove is simpler if you keep in mind some key components. You will find all these components in the article read above.

How do I unclassified young people’s toys?

All those toys that are not used or that you started to use, and as time goes by, you stop using them, or they are broken, they have to go.


Small living spaces are very special to promote family togetherness and keep cleaning and care tasks minimum.

What they are not so good for is accommodation. Several of us have fun keeping my children’s toys in family spaces so they can interact with others and play where I can keep an eye on them. On the other hand, without a family room or playroom added, it may seem like the kids’ toys are taking over the house.

Commonly, toys for a newborn child tend to be a little annoying when there are plenty of them. That’s why we need an organizing toy, like baskets and such.

In short, there are times when parents want to have a newborn child as a toy, to avoid all this development, but he does deserve it.

The best thing is always to keep order and recycle or discard everything our child does not occupy.

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