How to Paint a Trey Ceiling | An Exact Method To Paint By Expert


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Today many people wonder how to paint a trey ceiling?

Tray ceilings are a luxury property somewhere in life. If you have one, you may be considering how to approach it. There are numerous things to think about before you do. How you come, your tile is a personal choice.

Before you begin with this, it is substantial to understand what a tile roof is. A ceiling belongs to the essential elements of the 3rd extension of space. High ceilings, false ceilings, level, sloped, whatever. It can round off your area in many different ways.

You can find a variety of types of ceiling for your home. Inverted roofs, more popular as tile ceilings, have the possibility of being made of different materials.

A tile ceiling consists of an inlay, usually square, that sits on top of the roof’s rest. 

When a ceiling is composed of recessed tiles, it is known as a coffered ceiling. Each panel is called a cassette. The coffers can be square, rectangular, or octagonal. Chests are commonly placed on flat roofs and can be found on vaulted or arched ceilings.

Some ideas for tray ceiling can be found on the internet.

Sometimes they are also known as “cross beam” or “box” ceilings.

Beyond the fact that coloring a flat level ceiling may seem possible, it is feasible to be intimidated by the initiative of coloring a tile ceiling. Beyond that, it is somewhat more challenging, and you can accomplish it by using the right utilities and following the right steps.

How to Paint a Trey Ceiling: Materials Needed

  • Drop cloths
  • Extraction fans (optional)
  • Tape of painters
  • Cloth
  • Water
  • Small staircase
  • Empty (optional)
  • Latex Primer
  • Paint trays
  • Roller
  • Naps (NAPS)
  • Angle Brush
  • Latex paint
  • Extension pole

How to Paint a Trey Ceiling

Steps to be followed for an acceptable installation

Step-1: Choosing a style

Follow the usual route by painting everything but the ceiling moldings. If you are painting the ceiling of your first tile, or only like a traditional style, do not paint your ceiling molding. Just as you are, your ceiling molding will likely match the rest of the molding in the room.

How to Paint a Trey Ceiling
Go easy and safe with all the white.

Another less intense alternative is to color everything in the room white, inside the walls, the ceiling, and ceiling moldings. This will prevent the ceiling tile from sticking out too much, but it will also look attractive, clean, and straightforward.

Put similar colors on the side of each other for a modern feel.

If you want a more appealing and contemporary feel but don’t want to be too forward, use two similar paint shades instead of just one.

This can provide a unique facade that still ties everything together in the room. Among other things, paint the tile ceiling insert a few shades darker or lighter than the room’s walls or the rest of the top.

Enhance the subtlety of the architecture by painting everything in one color

If your style is something daring and exclusive, paint everything, inside the walls, the ceiling, and the moldings, in the same color. This emits a vibration of a few shades. To bring everything together, choose a color that blends with several essential furniture and accessories in the room.

Add a dramatic effect by painting the tray insert a bright color.

If you want to go in a bold direction, keep the walls, ceiling, and molding in a neutral color to match and paint the tray insert a beautiful, vibrant color, like fireman’s red.

Then, decorate your room with some elements of the same color, such as cushions in a living room. This is an even more striking style selection if the tray insert has a unique shape.

The tray lighting ceiling is an essential part of this whole process.

Enhance the room by matching the walls of the room with the walls of the tray

The tile walls are the ceiling’s outer edges that do not form the tile insert or the crown molding that surrounds it.

A simple way to make the tile ceiling’s appearance better is to color these tile walls the same color as the room walls and then leave the crown and the title blank.

This can make the tray walls look like an exciting addition to the room walls.

This looks fundamentally interesting on tile ceilings that do not have ceiling moldings.

You can ask for help on double tray ceiling paint ideas, and this can make your work much more comfortable.

Step- 2: Modifying your workspace

Must safeguard the floor and furnishings, and keep at least one window open for air.

It will now be vital for you to remove anything from the room that you can to prevent the paint from harming it. In order to prevent the color from harming the space, you now need to remove all you can from it.

The paint fumes might potentially enter the atmosphere in this manner. Cover your furniture with protective textiles if you don’t want to move it.

If your room lacks windows, like many others, you may arrange for an exhaust fan or an air purifier with a carbon-based element to assist eliminate pollutants and smells.

painting a tray ceiling photos
Cover the edge of the wall with masking tape

You should unroll and press at least one painter’s tape near the room walls’ top edge.

This gets a clear line and prevents the paint from accidentally staining the walls if the ceiling tile has ceiling molding and tape the ceiling molding edges.

Clean the ceiling with a damp cloth

It is necessary to moisten a clean cloth with water subtly. Then, climb a small ladder to reach the ceiling comfortably.

Clean the entire ceiling area to remove dust or dirt so that the paint rolls up nicely.

Step- 3: Priming and painting the ceiling

Apply a coat of primer to the roof and let it dry. Before coloring, pour some latex primer into a paint tray. Roll your roller in the primer and then cover the largest part of the ceiling you can get in small pieces of straight lines.

Then, use an angle brush to prime all the edges you could not achieve with a roller. The primer needs to dry completely for at least 3 hours. In this sense, roll the roller in the paint tray and fix it to an extension pole.

Once the primer is completely dry, pour some latex paint of the standard color on a clean paint tray’s serious side.

Put a unique cover on your roller and roll reduced paint proportions into the tray’s shallow radical until the body is covered.

Then, put an extension pole on the roller to make the paint development easier.

tray ceiling paint color ideas
Roll the paint onto the ceiling in straight, overlapping rows

Start coloring at one of the ceiling corners and run through the ceiling as much as you can.

Roll slowly to avoid splashing paint

Use an angled brush under challenging cracks. After you’ve done everything you can with the roller, go back with a clean angle brush, and fill in all the edges and gaps that the roller couldn’t reach.

Expect this to take longer than if you were painting a flat roof.

Wait 4 hours before using the room again. Allow the ceiling to dry completely at least 4 hours after you have finished coloring. Next, check to see if you missed any stains or if you need to use a second cover. If required, fill in the missing spots and place another lid.

After another 4 hours, you can store the protective fabrics and return the furniture to the room. If no stitches are visible or a second cover is required, continue and return the room to its previous condition.

How to Paint a Trey Ceiling: FAQ

Should I paint the tray ceiling the same color as the walls?

By coloring the tray ceiling the same color as the walls of your room, the space will naturally feel more intimate and cohesive.

A darker color than the ceiling wall will have a similar effect but will make the space feel even more pleasant.

The inseparable depth alteration to a tile ceiling is commonly required to make the expected exciting appeal.

Concerning the style of interior interface you choose, less can be more. Coloring the tile ceiling the same color as your walls can provide a cohesive and minimalist look.

Does a tray ceiling add value?

Upgrade flat ceilings to high tile ceilings and allow for numerous lighting configurations. Recessed lighting with dimmers and wall lights helps make an area with a superior value in an exciting and worthwhile living space.

Should the tray ceiling be lighter or darker than the walls?

Paint the tray ceiling with a more in-depth edition of your wall color. When examining this alternative, consider the height of your walls and the incoming natural light; darker roofs have the potential to draw your attention down and dim the light space.

Deeper color in the tile works well in several rooms. The deep tray ceiling color works well in this multimedia room because there is not much light. The color darkens the space, which is perfect for watching movies.


This is too simple a task, and it usually does not require being an expert to do this; however, it would be best to seek advice from an expert. Remember that you must take some precautions, such as using glasses, gloves, and clothing that you will not use afterward. You can find several examples of tray ceilings on the internet, but you must know how to choose the right one. Hope you have learned how to paint a trey ceiling.

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