How to Paint Kids Room | Children’s Bedroom Paint Tips & Tricks


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The human environment affects his behavior, mood, living style, and even imagination. In contrast to the elders, children are more sensitive beings who get influenced by anything immediately. This thing directs the child’s creativity and thinking style. According to the research made by the University of California, children are more sensitive and impressionable to their environment. Even their room color, lighting, decoration, and all other belongings play a great role in building their psychology. In this guide, I will discuss how to paint kids room.

Researches have shown that the color and setting of the child’s room impact all activities, even relaxation, and sleep. So, it is a matter of excellent care to choose the suitable theme, color, decoration, and setting for your child’s room. Provide him/her such an environment that does not let him/her bored and confused. This short guide is mainly based on the tips for an effective setting and painting for your child’s room. Go through this guide before you decide to set up such a room. 

Strategies for Child’s Room Painting

how to paint kids room

Select a Perfect Theme

The foremost thing that is crucial for a child’s satisfaction is selecting a perfect theme that matches his/her personality. You can get an idea for a good theme-by-minute observation of your kid’s interests. Some children have a great interest in movies and electronic games, while others have the same passion for physical games like soccer, hockey, cricket, etc. 

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Spend some time observing your kid’s activities to decide a theme. Create a handmade project for your child’s room decoration and draw all the features to be inserted. Moreover, get a decoration idea from the toys of your child. All these things will make you able to decide the theme perfectly. 

Select Child-Friendly Paint Color

After selecting the theme, the next step is to choose the perfect color for painting the room. Keep in mind that a child’s psychology matches with light colors, while the dark colors may lead him/her to be boring. Keep this point in mind when choosing a color for his/her room. Moreover, your theme also suggests certain color combinations. Follow the theme setting to select the perfect color scheme. 

Another thing that affects the color selection is the room furniture. Such color will suit perfectly that has an affiliation with the color of the room’s furniture. Moreover, a detailed color selection guide is given at the end; go through that guide for perfect color selection. 

Prepare Room for Painting

Painting needs certain preparation, and never start painting the room before you prepare it for this task. Here are some tips for the preparation of a room for painting.

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  • The paint splashes may damage your furniture. Remove it or move it to the center and cover it with polythene or drop cloths. 
  • The floor of the room needs specific protection for the effective accomplishment of this task. Also, cover it with drop cloths or tarps.
  • Protect the windows, baseboards, door hinges, window and door glasses, and ceiling perimeter. 
  • Repair the walls if it has any damage. Use spackling compound for this purpose. 
  • Clean the walls with a damp sponge, cloth, or any other aid. If it is outdated, wash it with warm water and let it dry. 
  • If the walls are severely damaged, spend the whole day repairing them and decide on another for painting. 

How to Paint Kids Room

how to paint kids room

After you have prepared the room for painting properly, the next step is to paint it. Use the best quality paint for your kid’s room. Apply a coat and let it dry. Go for another coat if needed. Prepare enough paint that can be used in a timely; otherwise, it may dry. Use a brush to paint those places where the roller is hard to reach. 

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Always start painting from the top and move downwards. Never try to do this in a reverse manner as it will not be so effective. 

Clean the Room Thoroughly

After you are satisfied with the paint:

  • Move on to clean the room.
  • Remove all the drop cloths and paint cans from the room.
  • Clean the paintbrushes with warm soapy water. This will make them available for future use.
  • Remove the paint splashes, if any, from the floor as it is hard to clean after drying. 

Let the paint dry effectively, which may take one or two days, depending on the weather condition? Then wash the floor with warm water and let it dry too. 

Arrange the Furniture

After you have finished the painting and cleaning of the room, arrange all the furniture properly. Set the whole items of the room according to your plan. Finally, you have prepared the room for your child. 

Color Selection for Kids Room

According to deep research, children have a great affiliation with lighter colors as compared to dark colors. Mostly, kid’s negative thoughts are associated with dark colors. Here are some of the top-ranking paint colors for the child’s room; select any of them. 


Compared to the dark shades, the off-whites will add warmth upon opening the room as it brightens the eyes, and the room looks brighter with such a light color. Moreover, it is the best choice for a perfect contrast with the dark color of the ceiling or furniture. 

Soft Blue

As mentioned above, light colors are the best choices for children’s rooms. Another attractive light color that matches the color of the sky is soft/light blue. Such a color creates a meditative effect on the mind of the child. 

Light Green

This is one of the smoothest colors for a kid’s room. Green colors have a deep affiliation with nature, and these are considered healthy. If your child has an affiliation with natural or green objects like grass, moss, etc., this is the best color choice for his/her room.

Faded Lavenders

The classic pale pink or softer purple color is one of the best options for your child’s room painting. The faded lavender or light purple color has powdery tones and can create a serene environment for the child. Unlike intense pink or purple, this color adds to your child’s enthusiasm. 

Warm Beiges

The beige color has a great association with the earth, and it adds calmness to the room. Its warm properties make your child peaceful and relaxed. According to the Little Crown Interiors, the beiges and soft gray colors promote peacefulness and rest to the human nerves. 

Soft Grays

As mentioned above, the soft gray color promotes peacefulness and rest to the human nerves. So, this color helps to keep your child always fresh and calm. Moreover, this light color adds to the beauty of the interior as it makes the room bright. 

How to Paint Kids Room: FAQs 

What is the best color to paint a child’s room?

Here are some of the best colors to paint a child’s room:Off-Whites

  • Soft blues
  • Light green
  • Faded lavenders
  • Warm beiges
  • Soft grays

What type of colors should be used in a kid’s bedroom?

The Best Paint Colors for a kid’s bedroom are mentioned here:

  • Soft Blue
  • Sea Blue
  • Yellow
  • Chalkboard
  • Eggshell
  • Aqua
  • Warm Beige
  • Pale Green

How do you color a room for kids?

According to research, colors have a deep affiliation with human psychology. Usually, deep or dark colors have negative associations as compared to light. So, select a lighter color to paint your room for a peaceful sleep. 

What is the most gender-neutral color?

Yellow, white, brown, green, and orange are gender-neutral colors and are great choices for boys and girls equally.  

What is the most calming paint color?

Here are some of the most calming or peaceful paint colors:

  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Violet
  • Green
  • Tan
  • Gray
  • White
  • Yellow

What color theme is most popular with children?

The most popular color themes of kids are pink, red, and blue. Another universal color, especially among girls, is purple. The child can perceive color at the age of 3 to 5 years, pointing towards his/her developmental stage.

What color should a teenage girl paint her room?

Purple, orange, bright blue, and navy blue are the most popular among teenage girls. However, the black color can also create a sophisticated look and appeal to teenagers without looking dreary or dismal.

What color should a boy paint his room?

Neutral colors like soft blue, beige, and grey are the most appealing bedroom paint colors for boys. However, bright shades of red and orange can also be used. 


Painting of the child’s room is a matter of great care that must be dealt with seriously. Choose the right theme, perfect color, and an exact color pairing scheme for your kid’s room. All these things affect the psychology of the child. Hopefully, this guide would have solved all your queries related to the painting of the child’s room. 

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