How to Pull Out Samsung Refrigerator | 3 Steps You Must Follow


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When it comes to cleaning refrigerators or changing the place of the fridge, you have to pull it out from the original place and place it away from the wall. Unplug the power supply and shut off the water supply from the icemaker are the two main steps you should take to pull it out. Therefore, knowing how to pull out the Samsung refrigerator either to move it or shift it from one place to another for cleaning purposes, this article will guide you better.

How to Pull Out Samsung Refrigerator

How to Pull Out Samsung Refrigerator

Step 1

Take out all the food items from the freezer and the fridge and store them in another appliance. If you don’t have another refrigerator, then the best option is to save them in the cooler to protect them from getting damaged. You can also use the ice packs to keep the food items cool. 

It is important to mention that storing the food in another device depends on pulling out the unit. If your objective is to clean the fridge, the process will need sufficient time. So it is better to store the food in another place.

While if you are pulling the fridge from its original place to shift it from one home to another, it will take an even longer. So use sufficient ice in the cooler to prevent the food from getting damaged. But if you change the place of the refrigerator in the same house, it will not take much time. 

Step 2

Turn off the fridge by switching the temperature controls off. As a next step, unplug the unit from the wall outlet if you have easy access to it. If you do not have access to do it, trip the circuit breaker off. Turn the water supply to the off mode to the fridge’s ice maker. 

Step 3

If the house floor is made of wood or any material that can get damaged easily, cover the surface with the tape paper or cardboard pieces throughout the path where you move the refrigerator. This will prevent the floor surface from getting damaged. 

While, if the floor is made of cement material or any powerful material, you do not have to save it in this way.

In this way, you can move it very easily from the real place and place it where you want. If you find that the fridge is heavy and it is not easy to move it, you can take the help of another person to move it with you. Doing this moving process can cause you any injury or damage to the refrigerator. 


So while pulling out the Samsung refrigerator from its place is not easy; if you do it alone, however, you can get the assistance of any helper. Moreover, unplugging the refrigerator is the initial step to keep you safe and well protected. Moreover, taking safety precautions is also best to keep the fridge from getting damaged whether you are changing its placer for cleaning purposes. 

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