How to Re Enamel a Bath | A Step By Step Guide With Suggested Tools


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Have you asked yourself how to re enamel a bath? Well, let’s get into business!

Repainting the bathtub on your own may be a little cheaper than hiring experts. However, you must know that you can’t end up with an inferior finish, which may cause you to peel over the days.

A DIY coating is much stronger than regular paint, but it is not as durable as a professionally applied coating. To ensure the finish, do not clean the coated tub with abrasive cleaners. Learn to clean nonslip bathtubs.

Even a minor scratch can spoil the otherwise odd appearance of an enameled metal tub. Luckily, repairing small deficiencies and inferior damages in your bathtub is not complicated since you need some products available in novelty stores for the living place.

If the enameled area of your bathtub is badly damaged or worn over a large extent, the preferable alternative may be to repaint the entire bathtub. Although repainting the tub is significantly cheaper than acquiring a novelty tub, it requires a lengthy elaboration of the area and the use of toxic chemicals. Thus as a specialized skill and experience, it is not a do-it-yourself venture.

Bathtubs and showers are the most affected by bathing activity, and it is impossible to expect them to remain beautiful for a lifetime.

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Remember the bathtub refining.

With a value less than a finished replacement, repainting is still far less expensive than a total replacement value. In most cases, refinishing companies do this work. But an owner can perform a similar job with the support of a refinishing kit. Refinishing kits are inexpensive relative to the value of a company serving the work. The work takes one or two days.

How to Re Enamel a Bath: What will you need?

Equipment tools:

Refinishing kit


  • Sponge
  • Respirator
  • Tack cloth
  • Putty removal tool (optional)
  • Caulking gun (optional)


Finishing kit

  • Coating plus hardener
  • Anti-slip additive


  • Abrasive Cleaner
  • Paper towels
  • Razorblade
  • Plastic Bags
  • Rubber bands
  • Painter’s tape
  • Caulking

How to Re Enamel a Bath: Steps to follow

Step-1: Remove the accessories from the bath or shower

Remove items such as:

Step- 2: Intensive cleaning of the bath area

Clean your bathtub or shower. In contrast to regular cleaning, where it is acceptable to pass a spot or two on the path prominently, this kind of cleaning should be comprehensive. Every square inch of soap scum should be removed because this will weaken your repaint coating. Use abrasive cleaners, followed by a razor blade.

Do not wash the chips down the drain. Using a damp paper towel, slide the chips down the side of the tub and over the interface. It is simple to remove the scraps from the interface and place them in a trash can.

Step- 3: Record and sand the area

With water, scrub the tub area with the etching powder added in the kit to remove the light from the site. An opaque area will help the refinish cover adhere better.

Wash your tub. While the tub is still wet, subtly sand the tub area. The purpose is not to remove the previous coatings but to further reduce the light. The subtle scratches on the sandpaper provide an excellent base for the layer.

Step- 4: Clean the dry tub with an antistatic cloth

Rewash the tub. Make sure the taps are turned off.

Cover the tub. Then, shower faucets with plastic bags and secure them with rubber bands. From this point on, the water should not touch the area.

Allow the area to dry completely. To speed up drying, shake a heat gun over the place. Even if the area may appear dry, continue to wash it with napkins. In the end, clean delicately with an antistatic cloth.

Bathtub enamel repair is usually a bit expensive.

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Step- 5: Cover or replace the putty

At this time, when the tub and surrounding surfaces are dry, place low tack masking tape over the putty and other characters that are not going to be repaired.

If the sealant is in a deplorable state, to begin with, repainting is an excellent occasion to remove the adhesive and replace it when repainting is complete.

Unless the sealant is in perfect condition, you may want to consider a replacement. With the right utilities, putty removal is a straightforward undertaking that generates superior overall results.

Bath refining is one of the things that brings the most style to the bathroom.

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Step- 6: Use the primer and coating with the roller

Put on latex gloves and a respirator.

Apply the primer. In contrast to popular white paint primers, the primer’s satisfaction in the kit will possibly be acetone or some other petroleum-based surface processing satisfaction. Apply this primer as suggested and let it dry.

Restoration coatings are stirred. A separate coating and hardener bottle might be included in the package. The hardener will have to be used immediately in the coating vessel. You will then need to shake it. After shaking, cover the container and set it aside to allow the mixture’s bubbles to escape.

In the paint tray, pour portion of the coating mixture. Get the roller wet with the coating. To balance out the mixture towards the roller, numerous times pass it past the flat radical of the tray.

Roll the tub’s sides. Roll diagonally to make the coating go more slowly. Change to horizontal movements as soon as you get to the corners. To flatten drips and roller crests, alternate widely on all sides among vertical and horizontal sweeps.

Give the rear walls and cover more consideration than the front cover. Since you must bend over the front interface to access the other sides of the bath, conceal it at the end.

Finish by extending the liner over the bath or shower tray’s floor.

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Bathtub refining is something maybe what we are looking for most.

bath enamel paint

Step- 7: Use the liner with the sponge brush

Switch to the sponge brush to use a cover on the tub’s edge and even the tape. Subtly scrub the sponge brush into the tray liner or paint container. Pass the sponge brush parallel to the adhesive tape.

After the first cover, instantly start the second roller cover over the entire tub. Use the roller first, followed by the sponge brush.

Learn cleaning Brushed Nickel

With all this process, the bath was resurfacing.

Keeps the fan running for a finished day. Carefully remove the tape by pulling it at a 90-degree angle. Wait two finished days before using the bath or shower.

Bathtub peeling is essential to get the job done right.

How to Re Enamel a Bath: FAQ

How much does it take to re-glaze a bathtub?

The value also varies, but most owners seem to spend about $550 for the service. In most cases, refinishing companies do this work. But an owner can perform a similar job with the support of a refinishing kit. Refinishing kits are inexpensive relative to the value of one company serving the work. The work takes one or two days.

How do I fix the enamel on a bathtub?

If the rust marks your bathtub in the area that has not penetrated the enamel or damaged the metal underneath, satisfaction can be as easy as using a cleaning agent to remove the rust stains. Try an oxalic acid cleaning agent. This should fix several rust issues.

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More stubborn rusted surfaces may need to be treated with diluted ammonia (2 scoops in 4 cups of water) or a commercial rust removal product. Bleach can make the problem worse, so never use it to remove rust from the tub.

You can also evaluate a baking soda coating to remove light scratches. Polish with a damp sponge for about three minutes and rinse. You can try a few times if you want. Use a fine-pored pumice stone, and soak it in water. Start the stone over the scratch for about 30 seconds. Then, press down gently on the stone. Wipe away dust and excess liquid to see results.

If the scratches are somewhat more in-depth, the lower scratches and scrapes in the vat’s enamel area can be seen with a touch-up varnish. The touch-up kits with enamels are to match the color of your bathtub area.

When you use a touch-up glaze, remember to clean the area near the rayon intensively with soap and water. When the area is dry, apply this enamel with a fine brush. Once the enamel is applied, let it dry for 24 hours; repeat the application as often as it is essential to complete the rayon. When the enamel is dry, use the kit’s fine sandpaper to subtly sand the area, and then finish the repair by polishing it with a cloth slowly.

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How long does it take to re-glaze a bathroom?

The anti-aging will usually take between 5 and 7 hours. If the bath were re-glazed before, it would take about 7 hours.


Perhaps the highlight of upgrading a tub is that the tub stays in place. With the restructuring of a home, when one thing changes, something adjacent is affected.

It’s the domino effect, so it makes sense to assume that if you can hold the tub in place to give it a new finish, you won’t experience this chaotic effect of tile edge, floor, cement board, plumbing fixtures, and probably even more. The tile is in a deplorable state and requires repair.

The bath enamel paint can be useful to renovate your bathroom.

When you have a bathtub refinished by experts or return to reline the bathtub yourself, all the work is done on-site. Surrounding materials such as tiles, flooring, and all other items are masked and left in place.

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