How to Reduce Electricity Consumption of Air Conditioners | 4 Ways by Expert


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Along with bringing comfort to our lives in summer, air conditioners also add to the electricity bills. Though different brands have assembled such ACs that works at low amperes, still your outlet may be consuming much electricity. Various reasons may lead it to consume more electricity than its average consumption. Let’s learn how to reduce electricity consumption of air conditioners.

Uncleaned filters, dirty coils, or poor fixing of your summer partner will add a lot to your monthly bills. To avoid making your electricity bills skyrocket, you should notice some aspects that may be a cause. 

Here are some tips that will help reduce your AC’s electricity consumption. Let’s go through them to save amperes. 

How to Reduce Electricity Consumption of Air Conditioners

How to Reduce Electricity Consumption of Air Conditioners

Minor mistakes while installing or caring for AC will result in high bills at the end of the month. Here are some tips for maintaining your AC’s health to control power consumption. 

Proper Installation

If you fail to install your air conditioner properly, it will not cool your place well. The AC will have to work more to make the room’s environment pleasant when this happens. As a result, it will consume more electricity. If you take the service of an expert technician for installation, you can prevent this issue. 

Avoid Sunlight Exposure

When the window of your room is pointing towards sunlight, it will cause a high temperature in your room. When the temperature is elevated, the AC will have to work more to push the heat outside the room. The more your gadget will work the more electricity it will use. So, cover the windows and other spots that are towards sunlight. This will help reduce the electricity usage of your AC. 

Choose Right BTU

The British Thermal Unit (BTU) is an AC power to remove heat from a particular area. When you choose an outlet with the wrong BTU, you will have to struggle more to cool your room. This will result in high amperage usage. So, choosing the right BTU for you is another way to save your current. Here is how to find the BTU that you’ll need to cool your room. 

BTU = Width of room (ft.) × Length (ft.)/25

Seal the Room

Your AC works to remove the heat from the room to cool it. It does this task effectively when the room is closed properly. When your room’s door or window is open while the AC is running, it will lose cooling. It is another reason for high amperes. To cut short this amount, make sure that your room is closed appropriately. 

  • Dirty air filters
  • Dirty blower fans
  • The gap between the window frame and AC ( in case of window AC )
  • Delay in tuning


Air Conditioners are made to bring comfort in hot summers. Sometimes, this comfort proves very expensive due to high electricity bills. Normally, AC uses low amperes. However, any breakdown or mistake may result in high amperage usage. This will cause high bills of electricity. But you can prevent this issue by following the tips mentioned above. When you notice such an issue in your summer friend, proceed for its proper remedy. This will help you cut the power consumption short. 

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