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Sometimes, you may need to remove your air conditioner to get some issue fixed or shift it to other places. While doing this task, one should take great care as low AC gas can lead to different issues. The gas in the air conditioners works as a refrigerant that circulates through the coils or ducts. Some coils are inside while others are outdoor, both featuring gas. If there is no leakage, this gas may last for years. Let’s learn how to remove an air conditioner without losing gas.

However, some leakage must lead to a low gas level. While taking your AC off, you should take great care of its gas. This precise guide will help you do such a task effectively. 

How to Remove an Air Conditioner without Losing Gas

How to Remove an Air Conditioner without Losing Gas

Though it’s hard to remove the air conditioner without loss of gas, here is a method that will help remove a split AC safely. This can help save the AC refrigerant or gas. 

  • Take a refrigerant reclaim or recovery unit. This is specially designed to secure the AC refrigerant. 
  • Take out all the gas in the cylinder of the reclaim unit. 
  • This will save the gas that you can use again. 
  • After you’re sure that all the coils or ducts are empty and all the gas is safely transferred to the reclaim cylinder, take it off. 
  • Now, you can proceed with removing your air conditioner fearlessly. 
  • After reassembling your AC to a new place, you can refill the gas with the help of the same unit. 

What Shows the Low AC Gas Level? 

How to Remove an Air Conditioner without Losing Gas

Air conditioner refrigerant gas plays a vital role in its effective functioning. Maintaining the level of this refrigerant is necessary. However, some reasons may cause the low level of this refrigerant, like when you remove the AC without removing the gas before.

Some symptoms instantly tell you that your AC is running short of refrigerant gas; here are some. 

  • Though some other reasons may be because of the low coolant g, the low gas level is one of the same reasons. 
  • If your AC features low gas, the evaporator coils, and discharge pipe will start getting an ice layer. 
  • Your AC will consume less current due to poor functioning in case of low refrigerant. 
  • Any hissing or bubbling sound in your AC shows the gas leakage. Check it out and try to get it fixed. 
  • You’ll fail to attain the desired low-temperature level in the case of low refrigerant gas. 
  • When your AC fails to cool the room up to the desired level, it will have to work for more hours. This wholly results in high electricity bills. 


Taking the air conditioner off may be necessary in some cases, like shifting, replacing, or repairing. However, this action may damage the ducts or coils containing the refrigerant coils or gas. This damage will result in gas leakage that will cause different issues, as mentioned above.

However, you can remove your split AC without losing the gas through the procedure mentioned above. Also, you can go for guessing your AC’s refrigerant level symbols mentioned above. 

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