How to Remove Kitchen Cabinets without Damage | An Expert Guide


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The kitchen is one of the most useful and important spaces in a home. However, the choice of cabinets for this room, so fundamental, is not always an easy task. It is necessary to think about aspects, such as the practicality of everyday life and the best use of space. That’s where the steps on how to remove kitchen cabinets without damage also come in. Here, you also need to think of the smallest details to meet your needs with style and exclusivity. Although the kitchen cabinets’ investment may be slightly higher, make sure that the cost-benefit is very rewarding, as they are worth every penny. To help you, in this post, we will show you the advantages of choosing the kitchen cabinetry and what to take into account when working on how to remove kitchen cabinets without damage. Keep reading and rock your kitchen decor!

Kitchen Cabinets Advantages

You will feel better.

This is obvious, but it is worth repeating. Yes, an organized and clean environment makes you feel better, and the kitchen is no different. 

Physically too!

The benefits of an organized kitchen through the help of cabinets are not just mental. Physical health also depends a lot on the cleanliness and organization of the room. After all, it is the place where meals are prepared and, often, divided. So it is important to be careful to keep everything very clean.

Not only that, a home environment that is not organized and clean often brings other problems, especially for people who are victims of allergies or rhinitis attacks, for example. If you let the dust take over, you can be sure that sneezing will soon appear too.

You will save time

With everything, such as the cabinets, well organized, you don’t waste time looking for items that add up when you need them. In the kitchen, it gets even better. The planned kitchen cabinet is also designed to suit, for example, your way of cooking, with personalized spaces that leave the utensils and ingredients you use most at your fingertips.

A good system is to use diverse cabinets to separate items from your kitchen. Choose the way that works best for you: it can be by functionality, colour, or size. Find what helps you the most daily and leave everything tidy!

And money!

Yes, oddly enough, keeping the kitchen tidy through organized cabinets will make you spend less. Because?

With the kitchen cabinets well organized, lazy cooking has no excuse to show up when you get home! You don’t see a pile of obstacles (and dirty dishes) when you think about making dinner. The desire to order something or go out to eat, for sure, will decrease, and that is certainly savings.

By keeping everything in place, you also have a better view of what you actually have in your kitchen. In other words, it reduces waste and manages to make trips to the market more effectively without buying unnecessary items. 

Space optimization

As the name implies, the furniture is planned according to your kitchen measurements and designed to take advantage of every millimeter of it. The fitting of the appliances is perfect since everything is measured. Some aspects, such as practicality in use, maintenance, and cleaning, are also considered.


In addition to the space-aligned measures, this type of cabinet allows other types of customization, such as colors, material combinations, and each module’s layout. It also adapts to the trends you want to follow.

You will have more fun

Having more desire to cook at home is economically advantageous, but it is also great for your creativity! When everything is in place through the cabinets’ help, you will surely be inspired to try that pie recipe that your child has always wanted to try, or even to invite friends and family to a special dinner. 

Take advantage of the organized space to have fun in the kitchen, test different recipes, and even teach children how to cook. Is there anything better than that?

How to Remove Kitchen Cabinets without Damage: The Tools Needed

If you desire to remove kitchen cabinets and countertops without damage, some tools would be needed. This includes:

  • Pry bar
  • Putty knife
  • Gloves
  • Utility knife
  • Safety goggles
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Crowbar

How to Remove Kitchen Cabinets without Damage: The Steps

Knowing the benefits of keeping your kitchen organized through the kitchen cabinet, it’s also best to know that dismantling and reassembling this furniture is an important step in your organization. Due to haste, poor organization, or inexperience, it would be a shame to say goodbye to a kitchen cabinet you care about because a piece is missing or made a mistake during the disassembly. Below are some tips on removing kitchen cabinets without damage or losing some of their elements to avoid this.

Don’t waste time unnecessarily

If you desire to move to a new home, there is no need to dismantle kitchen cabinets that could easily be transported by the movers or by yourself. You will only have to dismantle kitchen cabinets that are too heavy or too bulky and which cannot pass through the doors of your current home or your new home. Likewise, anything that cannot pass through the windows, the elevator, or the stairwell must be dismantled beforehand. Be careful, however, when disassembling your kitchen cabinets. It requires know-how, patience, and a little organization.

How to Remove Kitchen Cabinets without Damage

An unstoppable method 

You are not a DIY expert, yet you have to take your kitchen cabinets apart, and you don’t know where to start? Don’t panic; the following steps will guarantee you easy disassembly and reassembly for an efficient move:

Step 1:

Empty the contents of the kitchen cabinets to be dismantled.

How to Remove Kitchen Cabinets without Damage

Step 2:

Protect yourself using gloves and goggles.

Step 3:

With a pencil or on a sticker, indicate each element’s location by a number or a note.

how to remove cabinets from floor

Step 4:

Remove the cabinet doors with the help of the screwdriver. 

how to remove kitchen cabinets without removing countertop
Step 5:

Remove the base cabinet from the wall. 80% of cabinets are screwed through their back to wood studs behind drywall walls. ( Now that is about how 80% of cabinets are installed. (

how to remove kitchen cabinets without removing countertop

Step 6:

Put the kitchen cabinets on the ground.

how to remove kitchen cabinets from ceiling

Step 7:

Remove the boards, once on the ground only because the boards guarantee the maintenance of the kitchen cabinets. Removed too early, the cabinet would become unstable and risk being damaged or even breaking.

Step 8:

Disassemble the cabinet using the pry bar. Depending on the furniture structure, it will be preferable to start by removing the top or, on the contrary, the bottom.

how to remove kitchen cabinets that are glued

Step 9:

Sketch the kitchen cabinet and the stages of its disassembly to facilitate the reassembly afterwards.

Step 10:

Remove the screws and collect them in a box indicating where they come from. During reassembly, you will save time with this step.

Step 11

If you desire to remove your kitchen cabinet without damage and want to preserve the moulding, use a putty knife and a pry bar. Locate a nail and slide the putty knife between the cabinet and the trim close to the nail.

Step 12

Slightly pull out, then insert the pry bar on the putty knife and continue to pull the trim till the cabinet becomes loose.

Reassembling the kitchen cabinets 

Step 1:

Take the necessary items that will have been numbered or annotated beforehand to identify each location (doors, plants, screws, etc.).

Step 2:

Use the sketch of the kitchen cabinet you made during disassembly to find out how to position the pieces.

Step 3:

Reposition the planks, straighten the cabinet, and replace the doors in this order.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you Remove Upper Kitchen Cabinets without Damage

To remove upper cabinets without damage, do make use of the following steps: 

  • Protect yourself using gloves and goggles.
  • Get a helper or support system so that the cabinet doesn’t drop onto the counter below as you remove it.
  • Use a hammer to apply pressure on the pry bar or crowbar between cabinet and wall.
  • Next, pry the cabinet from the wall until the whole unit is loose enough to be removed.

Is it hard to remove kitchen cabinets?

By making use of the steps highlighted above, removing kitchen cabinets isn’t a hard process.

Can you remove kitchen cabinets without removing countertop?

Yes. If the initial installation permits, you can remove the kitchen cabinets without removing the countertop.


In conclusion, the kitchen is an important room in the house and one of the most complexes to decorate. It is not an easy task to buy furniture for your decor. In large part, the reason for this has to do with the huge amount of kitchen cabinet options on the market today. Some will be on the floor, and others will be suspended. They can be multipurpose and will define the local layout. Also, they will support and protect household appliances.

Kitchen cabinets produced in different styles, colors, and finishes are found in stores. Do you desire your kitchen to be more beautiful and practical? Do you want all corners of the room to be well organized – mainly to keep everything you need among utensils and groceries? And you want the ensemble to reflect what you like and the style you have chosen for your home?

You can bet on the kitchen cabinets too. And for more tranquility, removing and reassembling kitchen cabinets without damage requires time and physical effort through the steps highlighted above. On the other hand, if you do not feel the strength or the patience to carry out each of these steps, perhaps it would be more judicious to entrust these missions to professionals trained in this field.

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