How to Remove Kwikset Deadbolt | A Complete Guide with Images


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First-time removal of a Kwikset lock may be tricky. In contrast, following instructions will save you time and effort.

A locksmith is not necessary to remove a screw-less Kwikset deadbolt.

It may be upgraded deadbolt door locks for security or aesthetic purposes if you have recently moved into a new home. You can remove Kwikset deadbolts with a few essential tools and effort. Can be rekeyed the existing lock, installed or a new, more suitable wave.

Things You’ll Need

  • An Allen key with a screwdriver
  • Screwdriver with a flat-bladed driver
  • A screwdriver with an average size handle
  • Enclosed in a compact box

How to Remove Kwikset Deadbolt

Step 1

Remove the inside deadbolt cover using a tiny screwdriver with a flat blade. 

How to Remove Kwikset Deadbolt

Using an Allen wrench, remove the pin that keeps the thumb lever in place, after removing the lever and inner cover, mounting screws. 

How to Remove Kwikset Deadbolt

If the body has cleared and the screws are visible, continue to Step 2.

Step 2

Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the inner cover and two mounting screws. 

How to Remove Kwikset Deadbolt

Remove the components by gripping the lock housing from both sides of the door. Place them in a box to keep track of the two deadbolt halves and screws.

Step 3

Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the two screws securing the latch. 

How to Remove Kwikset Deadbolt

It can access these screws from outside the door. Observe them closely while they are in your storage container.

Step 4

The lock can be removed by sliding the latch from the door’s edge.

How to Remove Kwikset Deadbolt

Step 5

Remove the Mounting Screws. Now, the screws that secure the bracket are visible. Using a Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the two screws holding your lockset. 

How to Remove Kwikset Deadbolt

Insert both Phillips screws into the holes.

Step 6

Put back the lockset. The two components of your Kwikset do not include any mounting hardware. 

How to Remove Kwikset Deadbolt

It is possible to remove the lockset by carefully compressing all the pieces. Insert the lockset’s cylinder. Finally, latch it into the container.

Step 7

Remove the Mechanism. Consider peeking out the entrance’s side window. The latch mechanism is attached to the edge with two Phillips screws. 

Most of the time, a mortise and Tenon joint connect the latch plate to flush with the edge of the door.

Proceed to remove the lock using a Phillips screwdriver. After detaching the door’s latch mechanism, could you place it wherever you need it?

Reinstalling Your Kwikset Deadbolt Lockset

To reinstall it, follow the steps but backwards. Reinstalling the lockset inside the door requires several recalls.

Reinstalling Your Kwikset Deadbolt Lockset

The entire mechanism won’t work right if the parts aren’t in the right place. When reinstalling this mechanism, an upward and downward action is required.

Reinstalling Your Kwikset Deadbolt Lockset

You will find an “up” word engraved inside the mechanism of the lock. The mechanism must be adjusted.

Reinstalling Your Kwikset Deadbolt Lockset

If you see a keyhole in the door, install the keyhole side of the deadbolt on the inside of your door.

Reinstalling Your Kwikset Deadbolt Lockset

How to Remove Kwikset Deadbolt Cylinder

Most households employ cylinder lock deadbolts to preserve the home and family’s safety. You open the door by inserting your key into the lock’s cylinder.

It may be necessary to remove the deadbolt cylinder for various reasons. The cylinder door lock could malfunction for multiple reasons, such as a broken lock or a lost key.

Things You Will Need

You will need the following equipment and tools to remove the Kwikset deadbolt cylinder:

Most people have these tools in their toolkits. Alternatively, you can purchase them from Amazon or a nearby hardware store.

  • A screwdriver with a flat blade
  • A gadget for unplugging the outlet
  • The Plug’s Successor


  • To remove a deadbolt from a door, unscrew the two screws on the face of the lock inside.
  • It should hold the cylinder side of the lock with the interior facing you.
  • Remove the side clip from the plug using a flathead screwdriver or a plug removal tool. When the pin moves from side to side, it detaches from the plug.
  • Insert the key into the lock’s cylinder and turn it 14 times in the clockwise direction.
  • Slowly remove the cylinder from the safety using a plug follower attached to the cylinder’s end.
  • Remove the cylinder from the safety with the help of a “plug follower,” a tube with the same diameter as the cylinder.

How to Remove a Broken Key from a Kwikset Deadbolt

Bring along the following:

  • WD-40 may do employed as a penetrating lubricant.
  • A pair of needle-nose pliers 8 inches long is good for working in tight places like a keyhole.
  • Before removing the broken key, apply a penetrating lubricant to the keyhole. If your lock does jam, this will help you unlock it.
  • Verify that the lock does now position vertically. Before can extract it, the key must be appropriately set. If the safety is inaccessible, rotate the cylinder vertically or horizontally.
  • With a flathead screwdriver, you can turn the lock backward to make it easier to take out a broken key.

Approach the broken portion of the key slowly, taking care not to press it further. As you attempt to extract the key from the lock, maintain a tight grip on the key’s tip.

What about without screws? Get these as well

Step 1: Setup your deadbolt lock

Position in a way that you are facing the deadbolt from the inside part of your house

 The only way to open the deadbolt lock is to face it from within your home. Before attempting to unlock it, ensure that the thumb-turner and keyhole are visible. Hold this position until the plate covering the mounting screws has been successfully removed.

Step 2: Remove the thumb-turner latch

Before removing the screw cover plate, must remove the thumb-turn latch. Look for a tiny pinhole on the latch shaft to accomplish this. To release the latch lever, insert and press a paperclip or awl into this hole. Place the device in a secure location after using it.

Step 3: Pry the plate using a flat screwdriver

After removing the latch lever, search the plate’s rim for a small notch. Using a flat screwdriver, pry the base plate open. Visible are the screws you need to secure the component. The base plate may come in handy in the future, so be sure to secure it.

Step 4: Unscrew the retaining screws

With your Philips screwdriver, remove the two exposed mounting screws with care. After removing the screws, properly store them. This time, grasp the lock with both hands from the interior and exterior of the residence and then pull them apart to remove them.

Step 5: Open the door and remove the screws of the latch mechanism

You must leave the door slightly ajar while removing the latch mechanism from the space. It must locate two screws to assemble the locking mechanism. Remove the screws using a Philips screwdriver after finding them.

Kwikset Deadbolt Lockset Maintenance and Problems

The first step in fixing a malfunctioning Kwikset deadbolt lockset is to perform a diagnostic test to establish the source of the issue. Typically, a Kwikset deadbolt has one of the following issues:

Sticky or Hard to Lock Kwikset Deadbolt

Your Kwikset deadbolt lockset may not easily fit into the latch hole in the door frame when you attempt to lock or unlock it. There are some potential outcomes if the bolt and latch hole is misaligned.

With time and use, door hinge screws can become loose, resulting in the hinges falling off the frame. If the door’s hinges open, the latch and deadbolt may become misaligned.

The mounting screws may lose by using the door, allowing an intruder to enter. Ensure the tightening screw and bolts are right before putting a lockset on a door.

This common problem with older homes

As your house ages, doors and windows may get out of proportion. If this is happening to you, consider hiring a specialist to fix the issue in your home.

Verify that the components of the lockset are appropriately aligned and that the mounting screws are secure by applying little silicone lubrication to the interior. Moving all components may alleviate the issue.

Difficult to use Keys

These keys for Kwikset can occasionally be challenging to use. A lock’s cylinder can become clogged with dirt and dust, making it difficult to use a key. Most of the time, one can fix this problem by putting graphite (small quantities) in the keyway to grease the whole lock cylinder.

Never use oil or related in the cylinder. Most fats that come from petroleum attract dust. They become a sticky mass when exposed to dust and grease, worsening the condition.

Maintaining the Look of Your Kwikset Lockset

A Kwikset lockset could be a substantial investment because your Kwikset lockset is one of the first impressions you give your people. So, you should keep it in good operating condition. Keeping your Kwikset in good condition is simple, but you must do it routinely.

It should clean the Kwikset lockset’s external components with warm soapy water. Maintain the lock dry. After wetting the towel with the water solution, wipe around the lockset with it. Immediately remove any remaining moisture with a dry towel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you remove a Kwikset deadbolt door?

Remove the inside lock cover using a little screwdriver with a flat blade. Using a Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the two screws holding the interior cover. It can use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the lock’s two screws. Remove the lock latch by sliding it out of the side edge of the door.

How do you take apart a Kwikset lock?

To remove the Kwikset door knob, open the door so that the front and back of the door are accessible.

Pull the doorknob away from the door while simultaneously detaching both sides of the doorknob from the door. Using a Phillips-head screwdriver, remove the screws securing the latch plate to the door’s edge.

How do you change a Kwikset lock?

To begin, insert the working key and turn it a quarter-turn clockwise to start. Insert and remove the SmartKey learning device. Then you’re good to go! Then, drag the old key, insert the new one, and turn it counterclockwise 12 times.

Bottom line

With a Kwikset Smart key set, it is possible to remove the lock cylinder. When a renter moves out, it is now much easier and less expensive for landlords to change the locks. 

These need similar maintenance to other types of deadbolts. A qualified locksmith should handle problems inside the mechanism, like broken or stuck keys.

A knowledgeable technician can do these repairs faster and more efficiently than most.


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