How to Remove Kwikset Door Handle | 5 Simple Steps to Follow


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Installing Kwikset door levers is a simple way to spruce up an often-overlooked area! As doorknob replacements, Kwikset levers are easy to install and aesthetically pleasing. The Black & Decker Group is the owner of the door hardware manufacturer Kwikset. Kwikset Laurel door knobs are readily available at hardware stores and come in various designs. However, let’s see how we can remove the Kwikset door handle.

Things You’ll Need

  • Flathead screwdriver

How to Remove Kwikset Door Handle

Step 1

Take out the screw’s adjustability of the outer ring. Determine the location of the lip or depression on the perimeter of the outer ring. Insert a flat-head screwdriver between the front door panel and the door lip to gently pry the outer ring. 

How to Remove Kwikset Door Handle

You can use a screwdriver or maybe an Allen tool.

Locate and depress the arrow-shaped tab on the right side of the outer circle using the screwdriver’s head.

Step 2

Turn the knobs on both sides of the door in the same direction simultaneously. Uncouple the levers. 

How to Remove Kwikset Door Handle

Spin the screws

With a screwdriver, remove the exterior door handle and set it aside.

Step 3

Inside, remove the knob mechanism and two screws. Turn each screw counterclockwise five or six times. When reinstalling the knob, you should leave the screws in place; doing so will make the process easier. 

How to Remove Kwikset Door Handle

Take off the handle

Turn the mounting plate clockwise until the screw heads fit through the slots’ more significant portion. It is time to remove both the mounting plate and the inner handle.

Take off the handle

Use a screwdriver to do this.

Step 4

Unscrew the door’s latch from its side. Insert a screwdriver with a flat head between the metal edge of the latch plate and the door’s recessed groove. 

Use a screwdriver to do this.

Unscrew, and that’s it!

Remove the latch by carefully prying out the edge of the latch plate.

Other Methods to Remove the Kwikset Door Handle

Pulling a Handle with Exposed Screws

Check the interior of the door for any visible screws. One to three exposed mounting screws must be visible on the keyless side of the door. Look for screws on the handle’s cover plate. If there are no visible screws on the cover plate, examine the neck of the knob or lever.

Verify that the device’s mounting screws are not corroded. Remove any exposed screws securing your handle using a Phillips or flat-head screwdriver by using a screwdriver with the correct type of head, and rotate the screws counterclockwise.

Keep the screws in a secure location if you lose them when reinstalling the door mechanism.

To remove the latch handles, pull them out of the assembly. Once the mounting screws have been removed, the knobs and levers of the latch mechanism should be easy to remove. After removing the handles from the mechanism by pulling each one in the opposite direction, place them on a flat surface.

Before installing a new handle, you should remove the latch mechanism.

Locate the screws holding the latch plate on the door’s side. Remove the screws, and then pry the plate loose with a screwdriver with a flat head. Now that the plate has been removed, you can pull through the latch mechanism on the door’s side.

The latch is the bolt inserted into the strike plate of the door frame to secure the door’s closure.

Before installing a new mechanism, you should measure the door’s existing holes. Bring the measurements of your door to the hardware store and purchase a new set of hinges that are a precise fit.

How to Remove a Handle Lever Door without Using Screws?

To remove this one, you must first locate the screws that secure it. If the screw heads are not visible, it could be difficult to install them. Nonetheless, we are here to assist you in locating the proper door handle.

It makes no difference if your door handle is modern or antique. We will demonstrate how to eliminate both of them. Adhere to the instructions and ensure that you have everything needed.

What will you need to do this?

  • You will need a screwdriver to do this. Removing a door handle with no visible screws is possible. A thin object that fits into the lever’s slot is necessary to depress that release button.
  • In case your lever is contemporary, you will need a screwdriver. Ensure the screwdriver’s head is the correct size for the set screws before using it.
  • Keep some Smith screwdrivers on hand if you’re uncertain about the appropriate size.
  • The hole in the lever’s body must be sufficiently small to accommodate it. Straighten it out by hand or with pliers.
  • In place of this (a paperclip), the idea is to change a thin wire (a metal one). However, the pinhole must be small enough to accommodate it.
  • You can use an Allen tool with a hexagonal socket to remove the lever’s fasteners. 1/16″ is one of the most common Allen wrench sizes.

Step 1: Removing the trim is the first thing to do.

To remove the trim from the lever, ensure there are no slots to remove that trim, press the release button and insert a screwdriver into the opening (a flat-head one).

After that, remove the trim. You must do this to see the lever’s internal mechanism, which you can repair.

Step 2: Cut the wire and remove the lever

Typically, metal wires are used to secure the old levers’ bases. Once the inner workings have been exposed, search for the connecting wire.

Use a screwdriver to cut it. And you will release the lever. Pull the lever’s components away from the door to remove them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Remove Modern Model of Door Handles?

Step 1: Remove the lever to see the handle’s screws.

Locate the lever’s circular plate, which is surrounded by a circle. This dish is typically known as a rose. A cover plate conceals the screws while enhancing the aesthetics of the door handle from strange people. To remove the rose, use your hands to twist it and take it off.

Step 2: Unscrew the sets

After removing the rose, remove the set ones from the lever body. Take out the screws using your screwdriver. In a matter of seconds, you can release both the lever and the lock.

Maintain your screws in their designated location for future reference.

Step 3: Take off the lever

By examining the lever’s body, the pinhole can be located. After locating the hole, you should straighten a piece of paperclip that will fit into it.

After inserting the paperclip with the appropriate force, press the internal release button.

Using a wrench (Allen), remove any fasteners holding the lever’s base. Pulling out the lever is all that you need to accomplish the task.

How to Remove a Kwikset Door Handle without Screws?

The release button works to remove the Kwikset handle without using screws. You must expose that using a flat-head screwdriver and light pressure. You can now move it to the location indicated by the arrow.

How can I give the lever’s door handle maintenance?

You must clean the door lever using soap. Also, you can use water and a cloth. In addition to cleaning it, you should lubricate it twice per year. You can lubricate the internal mechanisms of this device by spraying it with oil.

Bottom line

You can do this without screws. So, removing a door handle is a straightforward process. Thanks to this guide we brought you, it is possible to replace your old door handle. Get your new one by yourself!


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