How to Remove the Plastic Film from Indoors | An Expert Guide


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The interior of your house looks good only if everything complements each other for example, windows, furniture, flooring, etc. Well! For window treatments, it is a fact that window tints serve several purposes and look elegant on building windows too. When it becomes overly scratched or old, it can stress the eye and no longer serve its purpose. Therefore, home and building owners should know how to remove the plastic film from indoors using effective methods. The owners of commercial buildings use plastic films for their structural windows for several reasons. Over time, it loses its value when wear and tear elements take a ring on window tint. At this time, it has to be removed or replaced. 

How to Remove the Plastic Film from Indoors

Reasons for tint removal


There are several reasons for which you have to remove the plastic films from indoors.

  • Bubbling looks horrible on the frames of windows and cannot be fixed easily.
  • But the majority of people try to fix it by peeling tint where bubbles exist; they finish the process by dealing with the mess created in the removing task of tint glue and tint portions.


  • When the sheet of your window turns purplish and changes its colour, it must be replaced for must.
  • At this level, the film loses the ability to block ultraviolet rays and should be removed.


  • When the film becomes old, it will lose its colour, thus removing the final solution for this issue.
  • This process involves removing tint when it is in a new position, and you need to change the appearance of your building windows.
  • If you use the adhesive for tint or film removal, it can create a mess because it is strong enough to deal with it.
  • The home building owners can cut their costs for removing the film from the windows by applying effective methods.
  • For this, they have to spare enough time, patience, and practical tools and materials.
  • Fortunately, the tools you need for this task may find them in your kits and garage as well, and this will require a single day.
  • The majority of methods to remove films from indoors involves scraping, peeling, and heating procedures, which will be discussed in detail for your info.

Removal of plastic film from indoors

There are several methods for removing the plastic protective film from indoors. So keep on reading the procedures.

Using hairdryer

Hairdryers are the best tools for removing old window tint from the windows of your homes. The heat formed makes the process easy to peel off the paint. Searching for the proper temperature to work with is necessary, as too much heat will go through, and breaking the windows will create a mess that would be difficult to clean. We can also use the wood pellet stove to heat it to 100 %. 

Materials you need
  • Adhesive remover.
  • Steel wool pads.
  • Razor blades.
  • Cotton cloth.
  • Paper towels.
  • Window cleaner.
  • Use the blow dryer to heat the window’s outer side; it should give a distance of 4-6 inches from the glass.
  • If you use the dryer from the inner side, it may cause the tint to merge with the window frame.
  • It would help if you started peeling off tint from the widow edge when the window gets warm.
  • Alternatively, peeling and heating make sure the adhesive settlement ensures that removing tint will be an easy task.
  • With a razor’s help, peel off small pieces of tint left on the glass; a dryer on the patches will make the job easy.
  • Application of adhesive remover on the glass must be set on it for 10 minutes before cleaning up.
  • Now ends up the cleaning process by scrubbing the window. Clean and wipe the residue by using a paper towel for glass shining.

Adhesive remover

The method will be a good start for the home building owners who don’t know how to remove window tint film. The adhesive will melt, and the tint will peel off by steaming the window for a few minutes. Any steamer you use will distribute heat more efficiently and thus ignore the risk of burning the paint.

Things you need:

  • Steamer.
  • Adhesive remover.
  • Cotton cloth.
  • Water.
  • Pour the water into the steamer, and give it time to boil to make steam.
  • It would be best if you heated the window, preferably from the corners, by attaching the steam appliance closer to the window.
  • Keep on heating the window until the tint will become loose so that it can be peeled off with the fingernail easily.
  • Now peel off the window film, and make sure that the tinting film does not leave any tint patches.
  • Use the adhesive cleaner and paper towel for cleaning the window for removal of any residue.
  • The window tint glue plays a vital role in the window tint removal process, as it acts like an automotive window tint and has come a long way since its inception.
  • The adhesive is essential for helping the tint retain its performance over many years.
  • Harmful adhesives will cause the tint to bubble and peel it away.

Use the Solar peel method.

Removing the old tints by using chemicals during the summer seasons comes in handy. It leaves your window sparkling clean, and definitely, you will not need any window tint remover spray for cleaning windows.

You should be careful while dealing with ammonia solution as it forms harmful fumes, so you should wear the mask for must.

Materials you need:

  • Black trash bags.
  • Soapy water.
  • Spray bottle.
  • Razor knife.
  • Fine steel wool.
  • Paper towel.
  • Cotton cloth.
  • Prepare a mixture of soap water by mixing warm water and pour it into a spray bottle.
  • Cover both sides of building windows with the cuttings of black trash bags.
  • On the outer side of the window, spray the soapy mixture, and cover it with a piece of black trash bags.
  • Now spray the generous amount of ammonia solution on the window’s inner side when the plastic bag is in the proper place.
  • Make sure that there is enough ventilation area to ignore the effects of ammonia fumes.
  • You should cover all the furniture placed in the room, and you should better cover it with cotton cloths to prevent damage.
  • You should place the setup in the sun for an hour or so.
  • The black plastic bag will catch the heat and help lose the adhesive that holds the window tint film.
  • After this, remove the trash bags.
  • Now pry up the corners of the tint by using a razor knife and peel it off carefully.
  • Use the fine steel wool and ammonia to clean the adhesive on the window. 
  • Wipe the residue using paper towels.
  • You can also remove 3m window film by filling a spray bottle with warm water and a mixture of any liquid soap like the liquid dishwasher or any hand wash. Spray the 3 m window film with the soapy water until it becomes saturated. Now place the drop sheet or any garbage bag over the film and soapy water.

Procedure to remove stained glass window film

  • Lift the corners of the film with the razor blade if necessary.
  • Repeat the peeling process as much of the film as possible.
  • Once you have removed what amount you can pull, use the scraper to carefully peel the film’s remaining pieces.
  • Now spray the lingering areas with the glass cleaner.

How to Remove the Plastic Film from Indoors: FAQs 

How do you remove the plastic film from the glass?

Scratch the film on the glass’s edges and enough pressure to break the plastic, but do not dig and scratch the glass. Peel off the film with a scraper to lose the bond and extra adhesive with the cotton ball soaked in the acetone. 

How do you remove a stubborn window film?

By heating the obstinate window film with a hairdryer or heat gun, you may remove it with ease. Now, using a straight-edge razor or your fingernail, remove the film off the corner. Heat the film by using the hairdryer to peel it away from the glass. The removed film will leave behind adhesive remnants in its wake.

How do you remove plastic from window frames?

You can remove plastic from the window frame by using a hot gun or blow dryer to heat the film to make it soft. You should take care of the excessive heating of the film or structure. Now carefully lift the edges of the film and then peel it off. When the film has been removed, the residue of film adhesive may remain on the window’s frame.


To end the article, remove the plastic film from indoors. I would recommend removing window tint film from a window may prove to be a tricky task for any building owner, as most people like to hire professional tint removers. But you can do the job very quickly by using hair dryers, ammonia steamer, and soapy water, which helps to remove window film very efficiently and effectively.

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