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Knowing how to replace a front door lock with a keyed deadbolt will come in handy in everyday life for almost everyone. It has happened to everyone at least once in their life. Today, more than one person has had such bad luck. That moment when you come home or go out, and the lock on the front door is not working properly. The key does not enter because it does not make the complete turn. After all, the lock cylinder has come off, or simply because the key breaks inside.

Faced with such a situation, you’ve got two options. First, call a locksmith and prepare for the nail that awaits you, especially if it comes urgently. The cost can easily exceed $500. And yes, many will tell you about not charging you VAT and others, but the tremendous bill you will get will leave you shivering for the rest of the month.

For this reason, today, we will show you and teach you the interesting second option: How to replace a front door lock with a keyed deadbolt. This is a surprisingly simple operation in which you only have to undertake one expense, that of the keyed deadbolt, and that can take you just over 5 minutes. 

This also stands as one of those repairs that you do at home and hallucinate when you finish because of the simplicity of the process and the money you have saved. Come along!

Reasons for Changing the Lock

how to replace a front door lock with a keyed deadbolt

When may it be necessary to replace the lock system on the front door? Even if it seems to you that this will not affect you soon, you are grossly mistaken since completely unexpected situations can arise at any time. Let’s consider the most common causes. So, when it may be necessary to replace a front door lock with a keyed deadbolt:

Buying a new door

When buying a new door that comes without a lock, you may be faced with the option of fixing a keyed deadbolt. Although some manufacturers provide comprehensive services, you need to know how to install keyed deadbolt locks correctly if you want to save money.

Loss of keys

This is a fairly common reason. If you have a spare key at home, you can make a duplicate, but there is a risk that someone with not very good intentions will find the original. In addition, there are times when all keys become lost, even spare ones; then there is nothing left but to change the lock.

Replacing a broken mechanism 

Poor quality parts or rough operation can lead to breakage of the cylinder, deformation of the crossbars, etc. It is at least unsafe to use such a lock.

Replacing an unreliable lock 

It is far from always possible to install proper protection on the door the first time. Over 95 percent of home invasions necessitate entry via force, whether the burglar decides to break a window, pick a lock or break down your door. If you were initially mistaken with the choice of the lock, you could correct this. In addition, more advanced models of the keyed deadbolt locks are produced annually.

If your door has been broken into: This is an unpleasant situation, but, unfortunately, not uncommon. In this case, it may also be necessary to replace the door itself.

Transfer of the apartment to the new owners: This is a precautionary measure since you cannot be sure of the conscientiousness of strangers, even if they are the former owners of the home.

If at least one of these reasons concerns you, it’s time to start selecting a new model of the keyed deadbolt. In all, the need to replace the lock may arise in the most unforeseen situations.

How to Replace a Front Door Lock with a Keyed Deadbolt: Removing the Old Lock

The steps involved in replacing a front door lock with a keyed deadbolt would be dependent on the type of lock currently present on the door. This includes:

The Cylinder locks

Often, cylinder locks are installed on front doors. Cylinder locks have a larva that can be easily removed and replaced with a new one. 

  • To remove the cylinder lock from your front door, you need to remove the armor plate from the backside and open the lock with your key.
  • Next, unscrew the strike plate from the end of the door. 
  • Proceed to close the lock and release the crossbars. In the center of the lock, take off the screw, and then by slightly turning the larva, you can pull out the entire cylinder lock.

The lever locks

If you need to change a lever-type lock, it is much more difficult to do this and understand its design. 

  • To carry out the shift, you first need to open the door, remove the locking bolt, and then remove the key from the lock.
  • Next, remove the cover plate on its body and also the armor plate.
  • To make it easier to change the lock, it is better to remove the door handle and the bolt for a while. 
  • After that, unscrew the screws at the end and then pull out the lock itself. It will help if you do this carefully, though.

Retractable bolt locks

There are also retractable bolt locks that make use of additional bolts. These are not only fixed on the sides of the lock but also from the top and bottom. It isn’t easy to replace such a lock.

To begin, you will need to remove the doors from the hinges and disassemble the canvas. The method of changing such locks is very similar to changing the lever locks, but in addition, you still need to pull the upper and lower crossbars using a wrench.

It is very difficult for a beginner to do such work; most likely, it is better to seek help from specially trained people.

Remember to avoid damage to the lock and the door structure itself; you must remove it as carefully as possible.

How to Replace a Front Door Lock with a Keyed Deadbolt: Installing the New Lock

  • To install a keyed deadbolt lock, you need to carry out all actions in reverse order.
  • To begin, do make use of the following steps:
  • Compare the lock plate of the door and door frame with the lock plate of the keyed lock. If they are the same, there is no need to replace them; unless they are damaged or add a new lock plate. 
  • Remove the lock plate from the door frame and door, remove the two screws, separate it from the door, and then remove the lock plate. 
  • The door plate of the door frame is usually larger than the door panel. Replace the door support plate by holding it in place and securing it with the appropriate screws. Repeat for the door. Put the other percussion plates and other locking elements into the plastic bag.
  • Install the keyed deadbolt by fixing it in an inward position. Turn the latch to check the deadbolt and ensure it is working properly in the old holes. 
  • If you find that the bolt is a bit hanging, remove the lock, and then use a chisel to remove some excess wood on the side of the door through which the bolt passes. 
  • Verify that the keyed deadbolt can easily slide into place by inserting the lock into the hole and then rotating the latch several times. 
  • Next, remove the bolts, lubricate the moving parts with metal lubricant, and reinsert them into the holes.
  • Install the front key plate to the front of the door. Because there are two cylinders on the panel to accommodate the screws, the cylinders must be aligned with the screw holes and bolts inside. Sometimes, this requires some adjustments, or it may require two parts to be installed simultaneously. This is quite valid because they fit together like a puzzle. If one or the other is not flushing with the door when you fix the door in place, readjust the door until they match perfectly.
  • Insert the screws through the hole inside the door into the threaded cylinder on the keying panel. Do ituntil you feel the engagement.
  • Tighten the screws firmly with a screwdriver to avoid stripping, but do not over-tighten them. 
  • Test the keyed deadbolt to ensure that it is working properly.

How to Replace a Front Door Lock with a Keyed Deadbolt: FAQs

Can you replace a door handle with a deadbolt?

You can replace a door handle with a deadbolt by making use of the steps highlighted above. On the other hand, antimicrobial product protection can keep your door handle 99.9% cleaner than unprotected surfaces. On the other hand, cost data is usually based on the actual project costs reported by 12,560 HomeAdvisor members.

Can you change a door lock to match a key?

Yes, but for this to work appropriately, the length of all the locking pins must match the depth of all the grooves available in the key.

Are double key deadbolts illegal?

In some regions, double key deadbolts are termed illegal due to fire-code restrictions. With these locks, people can be easily entrapped in a house when there is an emergency.


In conclusion, keyed deadbolts come with great merits today. Experts told us it’s extremely difficult to lock pick the B60N, which, honestly, is not much of a concern anyway. Because a Grade 1 lock like this is secure enough that a determined thief would be more likely to bypass it and find another way into the home.

Furthermore, if you need such locks, the steps highlighted above on how to replace a front door lock with a keyed deadbolt would be indispensable.

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