How to Run an Air Conditioner at Low Voltage | Step by Step Guide


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Air Conditioners are very sensitive electronic appliances that may suffer damage with any sudden change in voltage. So, maintaining the required voltage is necessary to run an air conditioner smoothly. However, one should also take preventive measures to prevent his or her AC from the effects of low voltage. Sometimes, one may have to run this appliance on a low voltage. To do this effectively, one should have an understanding of the procedure. 

Several additional facts like the minimum voltage on which AC can run, how to handle the low voltage, effects of change in voltage on AC, and many others are good to learn.

Particularly, these are necessary for one who is professional in this field. This precise guide intends to break down some beneficial facts about AC, so let’s go through it. 

How to Run an Air Conditioner at Low Voltage

How to Run an Air Conditioner at Low Voltage

If you want to operate your AC at a voltage lower than the required one, you’ll have to do some management to do this. A good voltage stabilizer will be a good option to operate an air conditioner at a relatively lower voltage. Such a stabilizer will help to step up the low voltage as required. 

Depending upon the power of your AC, such a stabilizer will cost you differently. However, an average stabilizer will also need handsome money to invest. However, once set up, such a system will prevent any damage to the AC resulting from low voltage. 

What Can AC Work On Low Voltage? 

How to Run an Air Conditioner at Low Voltage

An air conditioner with a DC inverter can run even on low voltage without any problem. This is due to the DC converter. This converter converts the low voltage into a direct current. Then it converts the DC again into alternating current (AC).

This converted AC is required to operate the compressor motor that, in turn, generates cooling. Only such ACs can work even on a low voltage. 

What is the Optimal Voltage to Run an AC? 

What is the Optimal Voltage to Run an AC

There are different kinds of AC, but out of all, two kinds are used the most. These are: 

  • A central air conditioner generates enough cooling to cool the whole house. 
  • Window AC generates enough cooling to cool a small portion of the house or only a small room. 

Both these ACs need a different minimum voltage to operate effectively. A central AC can operate at a minimum voltage of 220V, while a window AC can work up to 130V. 


Air conditioners have brought great comfort to our lives. These have increased our productivity by offering maximum comfort even on the hottest day of the summer. However, these are very sensitive electronic appliances that need a stable voltage, any disturbance in the voltage results in the heating of the motors of the AC.

This heating may result in burnt windings of the AC motors. So, one should use a Voltage stabilizer to increase the life of an AC. Without such a preventive measurement, the AC motor may burn, which will cause trouble and financial loss. 

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