How to Setup LG Smart TV to your Home Network | A Full Detail Guide


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Today we see an enormous advancement of technology. You will notice that you can enjoy a marathon of series on Netflix or listen to your favorite music on Spotify if you have an LG Smart TV. Nowadays, most of our TVs are smart. However, many have the question how to setup LG smart TV to your home network? To do so, we show you how to configure the wireless and wired connection options. And even what to do when your TV doesn’t want to connect to the network.

The following steps can help you connect your LG Smart TV to the internet through a wireless or wired network.

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How do I Connect my LG Smart TV to my Router?

Wireless Network

  • At this point, before you start, you will need to make sure that your Wi-Fi router is working.
  • Next, on the LG remote control, you must press the SMART button. Ready this; you will need to scroll to access the Start menu.
  • Select the setup button and then press OK. After that, select where it says the network, and then Network connection Wi-Fi. Initially, your LG Smart TV will try to connect to a wired network. If it does not find one, it will try to turn on Wi-Fi on LG smart TV and connect Wi-Fi to LG smart TV.
  • Select your Wi-Fi network from the available network list. If you don’t see your network in the list, your network probably won’t reach your TV, so try to reduce the space between the router and the TV.
  • Enter your password for your Wi-Fi network and press Connect.
  • Then, it will be easy to surf the internet on the LG Smart TV and check your favourite channels simultaneously.

Wired connection

  • At this point, to connect your Smart TV to your wired network, it is necessary to connect an Ethernet terminal to the LAN port of the LG Smart TV. While the other end to one of the open LAN ports on your Wi-Fi network router.
  • You need to go to the remote control of your Smart TV and press the Smart button. Then scroll to access the Start menu.
  • Select the setup button and then OK.
  • Look for where it says the Network, then Network connection.
  • Select Start connection.
  • Your LG Smart TV will automatically connect to your wired network.

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How to Act if our TV can no longer connect to the Wi-Fi network?

It’s likely that your LG smart TV won’t instantly connect to WiFi. Try one of the following solutions if you can’t get your LG smart TV to connect to the internet or if the connection is becoming unsteady. The wireless router and TV are initially intended to be placed closer to one another. By doing the aforementioned procedures, you may also purchase a Wi-Fi extender for the router and reconnect it;

If many failed Wi-Fi connection attempts are made, the TV and router both provide an Ethernet access point. From the router, an Ethernet cable may be connected directly to the TV. Depending on the TV model, the Ethernet link may be identified as Ethernet/LAN or LAN (Local Area Network).

Choose Wired from the network settings menu on the TV. The Ethernet wire must then be installed. This link is awaiting approval. After confirmation, carry out any further instructions, such as those for software or firmware updates, which often arise.

Ethernet or Wi-Fi connections to the TV are also supported through the PBC and PIN circuits. For information unique to your TV, see the handbook that came with it. Can you rapidly connect an LG TV to Wi-Fi direct?

On your LG smart TV, you should surf the internet and get in touch with your Internet provider. If none of the other options work for you, try this. This is to request assistance manually inputting the router’s IP address and DNS server details.

You must speak with the TV’s customer support team if your ISP was unable to fix the issue.

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Why is LG TV not connecting to Wi-Fi?

Likely, your LG TV is not connecting to Wi-Fi. In this regard, many possible culprits need to be flagged one by one to find the problem. You can fix most Wi-Fi connectivity issues with a simple reboot of the TV or router. 

However, many times this may be due to problems with your Internet provider. Also, very rarely, there may be physical hardware failures somewhere in your home network or TV. If you have connected to a network for the first time, verify that you have the correct network and correctly set the password.

Troubleshooting LG TV not connecting to Wi-Fi

Having clarified the above point, let’s move on to where you look for the solution to the problem. There is a list of possible things to try to find the answer to that.

Change the date and time settings.

This method sounds a bit strange. However, some people on the internet rely on it. So we should not let it go. In this regard, you will need to change the date and time and check that it works. Go to Settings, General, Date, and time, and uncheck Set automatically, then set your local time and date manually.

Change DNS settings 

Many times the problem lies in the DNS assigned to us by our internet provider. So changing them to Google DNS is a good idea.

At this point, you must go to Settings, all settings, Select Network, Connect by Ethernet cables / Wi-Fi connection. Select the item that has the status “Connected to the Internet.” You will see your current DNS server settings, click Edit below, Uncheck the box Set automatically, Select the DNS Server field, Enter “”, Click Save. Done this, verify that your internet is working.

Get a Streaming Stick

This may require you to spend money, but it can certainly solve your problem. Buying a streaming device such as Amazon Fire Stick or Roku, for example, turns out to be much cheaper than trying to purchase replacement parts for your LG TV or a new TV altogether. Streaming sticks are notorious for being much more brilliant than intelligent TVs.

Check your Wi-Fi Network.

Before you start checking on your TV, make sure other devices in your home are generally connecting to the Wi-Fi network. If nothing is clicking, it is unlikely that the problem is with your TV.

Try turning your TV on/off.

Always keep in mind as a first option to reboot your TV. You probably think it’s a silly thing to do, but it often ends the headache.

It’s important to note that modern TVs rarely have a “hard reset” button. This means that you may have to physically unplug the TV from the outlet for a minute or two to reset it properly. This is possibly the simplest and most effective of the methods, so it is worth a try.

Try unplugging your TV.

It is an effective and simple method that has proven to be effective for many.

Next, unplug the TV from the power, allow about a minute to pass, and then plug it back in. This will restart the TV to try to fix the Wi-Fi connection problem.

View Wi-Fi details

Next, it is necessary to check if the Wi-Fi data is correctly set. Make sure your TV is trying to connect to the correct network and that the password is valid.

Restart your router

Try restarting your router. Routers can develop connection problems over time as they are left running for extended periods. Sometimes a simple power cycle can fix things. Verify that other devices in your home are connecting to the Wi-Fi network. If nothing is clicking, it is unlikely that the problem is with your TV.

Check if your TV software is appropriately updated.

Sometimes, there may be some new updates available that may fix your problems. Go to your TV’s Settings and check for available updates.

Check USB sticks

The USB hard disk drive installed in the TV could be the source of the error. Try removing all unnecessary devices from your TV and see if it works better.

Factory Reset

The last thing we think you should try in case all the above methods have failed is to reset your TV to factory settings.

It will bring your TV settings back to when your TV was new out of the box. Go to Start> Settings> General Menu> Reset to Initial Settings.

How to Setup LG Smart TV to your Home Network: FAQs

How do I link my Smart TV to my home network?

• Find the Ethernet port on the TV’s back.

• Join an Ethernet cable to the TV’s port from the wireless router.

• On your TV’s remote, choose Menu, and then choose Network Settings.

• Use the keys on your remote control to enter your Wi-Fi password.

• Check the option that says Allow connectivity to the wired connection.

How do I link my LG TV to the Network via Ethernet?

Connect your TV directly to your Internet router with an Ethernet cable. Your TV should be close to your router. When connecting multiple devices, make sure your connection remains strong by opting for a powerful beam forming router.

How do I set up my LG Smart TV?

Press the Start button on the remote control and select Settings > Option in the TV menu. Scroll down the page and select Initial Setup.


These days it is essential for everyone to be up to date, whether you have an Apple, Samsung, or LG device. Having a smart TV connected adequately to our Wi-Fi can help us a lot in optimizing our home. In addition to that, it can save us headaches.

However, many times this is not as easy as we think. In many cases connecting our Smart TV to our home network can be an extensive task, but in many others, it is enough to know by heart the Wi-Fi Protected Setup.

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