How to Setup Smart Plug with Google Home | Full Setup Process


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Over time, smart technologies worldwide have evolved. The emergence of smart home products has improved the quality of life. In general terms, you can say that they have amazingly simplified our activities. Everything has its touch of smart technology. For example, in education, technology has revolutionized the ways of learning. Education is no longer limited to a face-to-face nature. Today we can better adapt to study from home in the face of unexpected events such as the covid-19 pandemic. Students’ attention spans are longer, and their analytical and critical capacity is greater. The use of applications such as WhatsApp or zoom has given a very important turn. In this guide, I will tell you how to setup plug with Google home.

In this sense, cell phones are a valuable tool in the work and personal environment. There are different uses of technology in the home that allow activities to be carried out more quickly and easily—for example, turning on a lamp using a voice command. On the other hand, time is better utilized because we have to do a work project if we have to do a work project. But at the same time, we need to do laundry and communicate with a sick family member every few hours. Technology helps us to do everything in less time and in a comfortable way.

They are even turning up the volume on a loudspeaker or switching on a light bulb first thing in the morning. We solve this situation by preparing the clothes in the washing machine with detergent and turn it on. Then we place the cell phone near the work area. We sit in the peace of the home to start working on the computer with the project.

How to Setup the Smart Plug with Google Home

  • Check the brands compatible with Google home and Google assistant.
  • Check the instructions to add a Wi-Fi plug.
  • You must have the app downloaded.
  • Click on the “Add” button.
  • Now click on “configure the device.”
  • Select the manufacturer.
  • Verify that the plug is turned on.
  • Locate the plug on your smartphone via Google home.
  • Add the plug to a previously created home area.
  • Assign a name to the socket. This way, the voice control will be more effective or than the app.
  • You are done. Once the plug is connected to Google home, you will access the functions offered by the manufacturer.
  • All the configuration of the functions will be done very simply, from turning on smart lights with your voice to turning off an electric oven.

But what happens when you remove a device from your home?

The first thing that will happen is that you will disconnect all devices. Therefore also the linking of your Google account will be terminated. Besides, you will delete all data associated with the device for example, the video history. Perhaps other basic data will be retained associated with the home.

To disconnect devices from the Google Home app, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Google home application.
  • Tap the device, and then settings, remove or unlink the device, unlink or remove.

If you want to control lights with Google Home, do the following:

  • Add the bulb as another device through the Google Home app.
  • Link the account to the compatible application to the bulb. You are done.
  • Remember that to manage the Google settings and you must do it from the Google home application.

Programming the Heating System

To perform the system programming, you must use smart thermostats. Their functions are identical to those of the traditional thermostat with two varieties. They possess the required software to “learn” the daily routines. They are automatically programmed in such a way that gas and electricity consumptions are optimal.

  • Connecting the TV to Google Home
  • From the Google home application, click on “add.”
  • Then go to set up the device and select “new devices.”
  • Select the home. There the app will start its search for devices. When you find Chrome cast, and you’re done.

Times have changed

While researching the internet what is required, we can write down what we have in mind. This way, we will hear the sounds of the washing machine when it finishes its task, and the cell phone will ring when receiving messages or calls. This is just a foretaste of the countless advantages that technologies give us daily in our lives.

If we analyze the benefits of smart technology, we will find smart plugs.

Anyone who has the use of these plugs available will enjoy several benefits. One of them is the control of electricity output. If we want to turn off the lights in the garden without going to the common switch, we can do it with the voice command. Or turn on the radio while doing another activity. In other words, these plugs have the function of programming our electrical appliances to turn on or off.

There are different types of smart plugs on the market. Some of these come with remote control. This makes them easier to use and more convenient for the user. Another feature is a mini display. In it, we can see the electrical consumption of each appliance.

However, we will not enjoy this application if we do not have the knowledge to configure it. For these reasons, we will tell you how to configure the smart plug with Google Home in this article. Enjoy all the features of this application.

Smart Plug Services

  • Improve the quality of life.
  • Allows you to make controls the operation of connected appliances.
  • Properly use smart home devices and their energy.
  • Consume electricity more efficiently.
  • It gives real-time access for taking information for household appliances.
  • Some have USB ports and remote control.
  • Have automation of the socket, which will allow the program of the socket with its commands.
  • May control the electrical appliances. This gives us more comfort.
  • Prolongs the life of the appliances.
How to Setup Smart Plug with Google Home

Smart Plugs

They are those that give access to control the appliance that we connect to them. This appliance can be a heater, a coffee maker, a router, among others. When we need them, we can turn them off even if we are away from home.

How Smart Plugs Work

  • First, the plug is connected to smart switch electricity. Then using the Wi-Fi, we connect the plug to our smart device.
  • You can turn the equipment connected to the smart plug on or off with Google assistant.
  • For example, the programming happens that you will turn on the TV or the oven according to our taste.
  • If we want the radio to turn on as soon as we get home from work, we program it.
  • Even those who are careful to recharge their cell phones can program the charge.
  • If we are away from home and remember to leave any household device on, we no longer have a problem.
  • We take control of the smart plug and solve it. It doesn’t matter that we are not near the plug. With the control, you can change functions. This prevents more and more household accidents every day.
  • There are various smart plugs among which we can mention: Smart plug Alexa, smart plug for Google Home, and Google home smart plug.

How to Setup Smart Plug with Google Home: FAQs

How do I connect my smart plug to Google home?

Check the brands compatible with Google home, Google assistant, and the instructions to add a Wi-Fi plug. Click on add and then click on configure the device. With the plug on, select the manufacturer and locate the plug on your smartphone via Google home. Add the plug to a previously created area of the home. Assign a name to the plug.

What does Smart Plug work with Google Home?

The mini Smart Plug works with TECKIN Wi-Fi smart plug: Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Echo. No Hub Needed, Timer Function, with Control Apps in Any area. Smart plug is compatible with Siri, Alexa, and Google outlets.

How do I set up smart plugs on Google Home Mini?

By opening Google home on your mobile or tablet then click add, select home, and then set up the device. Two devices will appear there. Select the first one and then your address. You can also create one. Click on “Next” and select the desired configuration. It can be the coffee maker, camera, light bulb, among others. Connect the device, making sure it is close, and click on “Next.” There follow the steps until the configuration is complete.

Bottom Line

As you can see to configure smart plugs using Google home is very simple. Now proceed to configure it yourself. Remember that you can manage more than fifty thousand smart home devices with the Google home screen or speaker. The most common are sockets, lights, electrical appliances, remote controls, thermostats, among others. The important thing is that you must start with the device’s configuration in the Google Home app.

And that the requirements are to have a Google account, a home Wi-Fi network. Any of these mobile devices: android phone 6.0 or higher version. A Tablet android is operating android 6.0 or higher versions and phones or pads with OS 12.0 or higher versions.

Well, now begins the adventure of enjoying the benefits offered by smart technology. You can add all electrical appliances from the application, and you will control their operation even when you are away from home. We would start by connecting the coffee maker and programming it to turn it on as soon as I get up and turn off outdoor light bulbs. Good luck and go ahead with smart setup technology.

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