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The moment you see your dog with toilet paper in his mouth, you should immediately place your hand under his mouth and order him to give it to you. If you notice that the dog wants to look for the toilet paper, tell him to leave it and take a toy and give it instead of the article. Let’s learn how to stop your dog from eating toilet paper.

For canines, toilet paper is a prize that means a great toy.

How to Stop your Dog from Eating Toilet Paper

How to Stop your Dog from Eating Toilet Paper


These animals take all kinds of objects both in the house and on the street with their mouths and sometimes take their poop.

However, its rarest alternative may be the most normal.

There are different reasons dogs eat toilet paper, leading to terrible health consequences and medical fractures. If you want your pear to be happier and live healthier, you should avoid this behavior, and for this, we give you the following suggestions.

Clean your environment

Eliminate your dog’s easy access to toilet paper. Store rolls locked up or place them away from your dog. Keep the bathroom door closed at all times.

Some acquire special dispensers for paper rolls and thus prevent their dog from being curious to grab them because they rotate.

If you are one of those people who unfortunately cannot keep an eye on your dog in the house, place doors to prevent its access to the bathroom, or you can lock it up.

If the dog eats napkins or toilet paper from the garbage, try to keep the garbage cans closed and away.

And if the dog is too clever to find the trash can, keep it behind closed doors.

Provide ample opportunities for mental and physical stimulation.

This can be achieved by increasing your dog’s amount of exercise. Taking him for a walk or taking walks with him will help him enough. Play tug of war with your dog.

Teach dogs basic obedience skills

If you want to stop this behavior, teach him basic commands to obey, such as “let him” and “give him.” This technique is essential for dogs to understand that the accessibility of an object does not make it theirs.

After said training, do reinforcements at home.

When these animals take a toy and are ignored, the toy will have lost its value the next time.

Giving him an optional toy positively redirects his attention and thus his behavior.

Keep your dog exercised.

If the dog has little activity and is bored, it will end that boredom, triggering different reactions.

Good exercise will keep your dog from eating toilet paper and good discipline.

For this reason, it is essential to make him tired and walk him up twice a day so that his mind will be more active but his body tired.

Spend more time with your dog

Your dog will eat rolls of paper; however, you can do better things for him. Take care of it. Toilet paper can ease puppy teething pain.

Perhaps due to specific characteristics of toilet paper, such as its softness, ease of tearing, and bite, its soft texture is very useful for puppies for dental itching.

For this reason, change the toilet paper in the teething stage of your dog for an object that can chew to prevent it from taking it as a bad habit.

Even toys can be frozen to ease the uncomfortable feeling of your pup’s painful bites.

Remember that toilet paper is not processed by your dog’s body naturally. For this reason, you must take care that he does not have the behavior of eating the piece and that foreign objects can block his intestines. This situation will make him go to the veterinarian implying a great economic expense and requesting surgery for his dog.

It can even lead to digestive difficulties for your dog, according to PetMD.

Possible Side Effects

Possible Side Effects

It may happen that when you get home, you find toilet paper scattered everywhere, which will make it difficult to know how much of it your dog has eaten.

Here are some signs to watch out for.

Constipation, weight loss, poor appetite, lethargy, severe tenderness around the stomach area, vomiting, bloating, dehydration, diarrhea, and rapidly deteriorating health

Eating toilet paper is not the only cause of these signs in dogs however each of them indicates an intestinal obstruction, a medical emergency.

You can consult your veterinarian immediately if you have certain doubts.

Bottom line

Eating toilet paper is practically a prevalent behavior in dogs, and they do it because they can.

If you doubt the action of your dog, call your veterinarian. Although eating toilet paper is not always the cause of the symptoms mentioned above, it is prudent to be aware of them.

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