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Several of us have a room in our homes that we don’t use, and in that case, we wonder how to turn a room into a walk-in closet?

Having a luxury dressing room was once something we thought was only for celebrities living in Hollywood mansions. However, you don’t have to live in a colossal Calabasas mansion. All it takes to create a friendly, tidy closet is a free bedroom and some imagination.

Editing an added room into a superior clothing accommodation sector can be as easy as adding some capable structural parts and, of course, your fabulous closet. Here, we describe everything you need to get started in the famous living room you’ve only imagined with, up to the present day.

To turn a bedroom into a closet, all you need is a little creativity and the right tools.

Before you begin, you must take a look at us:

How to Turn a Room into a Walk in Closet

List of tips to transform a free room into a dressing room

  • You can carry out the undertaking yourself or hire a company to install a spacious closet in your place.
  • If you are working on your own, it will take about four weeks or more, depending on the type of features you want. However, with the support of a professional, it could be completed in a shorter period.
  • If you are doing it yourself, we suggest you start working when the humidity level is low since, in dry weather, it will be easier to pull or move heavy furniture.
  • Think about the composition of the room.
  • If you plan to transform a spare room into a closet, concentrate on the room’s composition.
  • Although some space can be transformed into a walk-in closet, it will be more favorable to have a square or rectangular room.
  • Before offering the first thing to do, think about where you want to set up a closet. You can think about transforming a guest bedroom into a dressing room.
  • However, the room closest to the bedroom would be an ideal alternative. It will connect two rooms, which will allow you to select your key elements when required. It will also keep you isolated from the rest of the house, giving you some time to evaluate some of your favorite dresses.
  • In the process of turning the bedroom into the closet, you can notice a lot of difference.
How to Turn a Room into a Walk In Closet

Opt for contemporary window treatments

  • Window treatments can carry out or undo the general decoration of your closet, so choose wisely.
  • You can choose a window regime based on the wall’s color if you think it will go with your overall sense of style.
  • Wooden blinds have the potential to be a great addition to your closet, as they will bring some warmth to it. Similarly, Roman shades also have the potential to be a fine selection.
  • You can also consider hanging window blinds if you want to get a more excellent look. There are several tips for acquiring curtains for your living space on the internet, so decrease your style settings and opt for the ones that look best.
how to turn a bedroom into a closet on a budget

Pay attention to cabinet measurements.

  • Although there are no rules for choosing your dressing room volume, the closet’s width is usually 3 to 12 feet. Bear in mind that the depth varies between 5 feet and 17 feet.
  • If your closet’s width and depth are close to the measurement scale level, it will leave you enough room.
  • So, you may think of getting rid of some of the windows to make room for your closet.
diy room to closet

Choose the Right Closet for Your Room

  • There are two types of cabinet systems: wall and floor.
  • Wall-mounted cabinets are either fixed directly to the wall or hang from a rail attached to the wall.
  • Floor-mounted cabinets are also attached to the wall but do not get finished support from the wall. Instead, they mostly depend on the floor.
  • Made of coated wire baskets and sideboards with wooden bins that hang from the top of the wall to the bottom, wall-mounted cabinets are very cost-effective.
  • On the other hand, by encompassing chipboard pictures made of melamine, floor-mounted cabinets are costly.
turning a spare room into a dressing room

Create a space to sit

It is considered that a closet has a practical armchair or chaise lounge since it facilitates you to sit down while you put on your favorite dresses in an isolated area that you consider your own.

The DIY room to closet step is significant.

how much does it cost to turn a bedroom into a closet

Beautify the room with different accessories.

Decorating a dressing room is not a problem. You can quickly bring a very first character into your closet with a dazzling chandelier, which will add to your room’s decor. Or you can look for great vintage items and add a miniature gallery to the wall. This adds a fun touch to the room.

In case you’re a clerk at work, you can also sneak into a small workstation and set up a shelf in the room, applying the excellent shelf interface ideas.

Choose to light for your closet.

  • If you’re wondering, what kind of lighting will fit your closet?
  • You can choose LED lighting strips.
  • LED lights consume less electricity, generate less heat, and do not require ceiling entry.
  • You can purchase a melamine or wire-coated system at a hardware store to provide lighting in your closet. On the other hand, hire an electrician to do the work for you.
  • Select a color for your closet
  • Don’t forget to add exclusive paint cover to your dressing room.
  • The right color is limited to your desires and options, but here’s a little suggestion we want to give you: choose bright white since it will let you see many of your clothes clearly against the wall.
  • Or choose some stunning or bright color to make your closet look fantastic.
  • Select hosting entities
  • It would help if you had something to store your clothes, shoes, and accessories.
  • There are two types of storage entities: the one that should be fixed to the wall or the one that can be placed freely.
  • You can choose by rods, shelves or drawers.
  • The rods have the possibility of containing short, extended, and medium clothes, while the sideboards have the option of storing your sweaters, T-shirts, and underwear safely.
  • The free sideboards also look distinguished and sophisticated, so you can also install them.
  • There are ways to create free sideboards, so apply them to give your closet a character.
  • Shallow drawers are suitable for clothes, shoes, and sweatshirts, while deeper ones are right for smaller items and accessories.
  • On the internet, you can find many more storage ideas for closets.
make a closet out of a small bedroom

These days, valet rods are trendy for ordering closets.

You can also arrange a full-length decorated mirror. It belongs to the superior ideas of dressing rooms for women and will help you prepare in the morning with simplicity.

A mirror will create space in your room, giving others the illusion of a more crucial sector. There are many ways to use a mirror in your room to look spacious, and you can see.

In addition to the clothes and cosmetics you can easily store in your dressing room, many other things need to be stored. A store is the only place where you can put all the things you don’t use. Take a look at the different ways to create a storage room in your home of life.

The bedroom turned into a closet, with an arduous process; however, it is rewarding to see the change.

How to Turn a Room into a Walk in Closet: FAQ

How much does it cost to transform a room into a closet?

An average professionally installed walk-in closet costs between $1,200 and $3,000 or more in materials and installation, but your experience and insights have the potential to assist you in avoiding costly failures in the long run. The total value is genuinely dependent on the size of your closet and the type of system you choose.

Can you transform a regular cabinet into a travel cabinet?

If it can be done, it is a bit difficult, but it is remarkable.

Does a cabinet tour add value?

A closet in the master bedroom can add value to your living space because it means more space for more clothes and better organization. It also has connotations of status for most people: a dressing room feels like a luxury that only a few people can afford.


The most beautiful time to carry out this project in the summer is the busiest time for garment installers, so if you want to reduce the wait, consider carrying out the work in spring or autumn.

Spacious closets need a fantastic amount of material to create, so dry weather is optimal for transporting items in and out of the house. If you opt for painted finishes, they will dry faster in less humid or rainy weather.

You can DIY a spare room into the closet if you do not receive many visitors.

Transforming a room into a walk-in closet can be an extensive task. However, it leaves good rewards, starting with the upgrade it gives to your living space, which tends to be rewarding.

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