How to Turn on Roku TV without Remote | Step by Step Guide


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There are so many electronic devices these days, owing to technological advancements. Every brand has different lines of devices introduced in the market. Roku TV is one of them, making its mark in the competition and leading from the front. Roku TV is one of its kinds as, like other devices, it does come with remote control, but the remote control works only with the wifi.

That means if you lose remote control, it is nearly impossible for you to switch on the TV and enjoy yourself after a hectic day at work. There is still an alternative, but you have to keep your smartphone with you. If you also want to know in detail, keep reading! 

How to Turn on Roku TV without Remote

How to Turn on Roku TV without Remote

Download the Roku App on your smart device

As a first step, download the app on your mobile or laptop, whether a smartphone or a tablet. The app works both for Android as well as Apple devices.

Connect with wifi

Use your wifi connection to get internet access on your device. Remember that you need to connect the Roku device and your smartphone to the same wifi connection; otherwise, it will not work. 

Open the app

Now you will open the Roku app on your device. If it is your first time using their app, you will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions. 

Look for “Devices”

Go to the “Devices” inside the app and look for the Remote-control icon. Finally, you will tap the icon, and here you go! You are all ready to use your smartphone working for you as a remote control for your Roku TV.

So, these are quite simple steps if you have lost the remote control of your Roku device somehow. However, it will help if you were careful regarding the wifi connection; both the devices should remain connected to the same wifi connection; otherwise, the connection will be lost, and the smart device will stop working you as a remote control. 

Another important fact to evoke is that you can only use this technique at your home. Yes, you cannot connect your smart device with Roku TV at a public place like a hotel room. The reason being the same Wifi network is needed for this method to work. Your Roku TV would be connected to your home wifi connection, while your smartphone could not be connected to that, so it will not serve you as a remote control. 

Although there is still an alternative way to connect both devices with the mobile hotspot, the procedure is a bit different. 


So, if you have concerns about the non-availability of the remote control but you still want to enjoy watching your favorite shows on Roku Tv, worry not! All you have to do is follow the procedure explained above, and you will be able to get your smartphone serving you as an alternative remote control for your Roku TV Apps. 

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