How to Unlock Master Lock | Ways to Open Combination Locks

Numerous variations exist on the theme of master locks. A knob protrudes from the center of the lock’s dial, making its rotation effortless. Each digit on a dial has a sliver. On the dial are a few numbers, with the fifth number represented by a numeral. Let’s learn how to unlock master lock.

Typically, the time indicator is located at the very top of a dial. The indicator has a shaped figure as a small triangle that points to the dial. This indicator must point to the line that contains the combination number when you enter a combination.

The shackle is attached to the top of the keyhole in this section of the lock. To unlock it, you must enter the correct combination. The shackle can be slipped through items to secure them with a lock.

How to Unlock Master Lock

Method 1: Opening a Master Lock

Typical Master Lock combination locks have a three-digit code. Stop at each number in the correct order to unlock the lock. Consider February 25, 2015. If you match any of these numbers, the combination ends.

  • To unlock a Master Lock combination lock, carry out the following steps:
  • Turn the rotary switch dial at least three times to the right.
How to Unlock Master Lock

Remember to turn it to the right.

Start by stopping at the combination’s first number. Following the preceding example, you would reach number 30 before stopping.

How to Unlock Master Lock

You should spin your master lock until

To reach the second number in the combination, turn the dial to the left, past the first number, in this case, 2, to reach the second number. After completing a complete rotation, you would reach 25.

Turn the dial once more and stop when it gets the final number. The combination described above would result in a stop at 15.

Remember to return to the zero position.

Remember to return to the zero position.

To unlock the lock, separate the shackle from the lock body. Once unlocked, the shackle rotates, allowing for easy attachment to another object.

To relock the shackle, simply push it back into the lock. Turn the dial several times more. Reduce the lock’s height to ensure security.

Remember to try all combinations possible

Remember to try all combinations possible

Step 1

Hold the lock so that the shackle faces upward.

Step 2

Turning the dial three times to the right yields the initial code number. Verify that the number corresponds with the notch on the top of the lock.

When you get the combination, you will hear a clicking sound

When you get the combination, you will hear a clicking sound

Step 3

Turn the dial to the left past the first number of the code to the second number.

Step 4

Turn the dial to the left and enter the first code number to reach the second code number.

Step 5

Attaching the shackle to the door handle will unlock it.

Method 2: When You Know Your Master Lock’s Serial Number

Master Lock provides a “Lost Combination Form” for those who have lost their combination.

Obtain the services of a public notary to authenticate your form. Notaries public are typically located in banks. You must complete the application in the presence of a notary public. Verify that you have the required identification to establish your identity. Make a financial contribution to the notary. Master Lock will not reimburse the expenses.

You can get the serial number of your lock by photographing it. Make sure the photocopy demonstrates that your lock is free to use. Then, enter the serial number in the space provided by the image of the lock.

Master Lock Warehouse will accept your notarized and photocopied form at 1600 W. La Quinta Rd. Suite/WHSE #1, Nogales, Arizona 85621.


Not every Master Lock combination lock is compatible with this procedure, especially if the lock lacks a serial number. Sometimes, the lock may not turn after you raise the shackle. Some Master Locks, specifically those with serial numbers beginning with 800, have reportedly altered their combination algorithm.

If you wish to pick someone else’s lock, you must first obtain their permission.

Things You’ll Need

  • Master Lock form for “lost combination.”
  • Official notary public stamp.
  • To copy the serial number.
  • A camera.
  • A stamp and a letter.
  • Combination lock by Master Lock.
  • A piece of paper and a pencil for noting numerical information.

Break the padlock with bolt cutters

Due to the small shackle diameter, this is a quick method for opening a standard master lock.

Choose a pair of bolt cutters that meets your requirements.

Scarce are bolt cutters that you cannot combine with a key to break a master lock. To unlock the door, you will need bolt cutters that are at least 22 or 24 inches long. You can open large shackle diameters using more extended bolt cutters.

Step two involves securing the lock with pliers or a vise.

This step is entirely up to the reader’s discretion. However, it will significantly assist you in limiting the lock’s movement. The only requirement is to insert the cutters into the shackle with the two blades facing each other.

The cutters must be subjected to a third force.

Due to the V-shaped configuration of the cutters, the handles must be clamped together to form a straight line. Because it is only a theory, you can stop it by applying sufficient force until the shackle breaks.

Open the lock with a grinding tool.

It does not matter what you use to grind metal; anything will suffice, for instance, a grinder or any other manual sharpening device. This method will help you remove the pins from the lock.

  • First, ensure the correct orientation of the lock.
  • This site will have the shackles removed. Check to see if the keyhole is functional. Any key that appears to have serrations will have many rough areas.
  • Examine the shackle’s exit point for debris and smoothness in Step 2.
  • Because the pins are located on that side, they will fall out from that side upon grinding.
  • Remove the key from the lock and proceed to the next step.

Consequently, no password can now compromise your lock’s security. The only requirement is to locate a flat object that fits the keyhole. To remove the shackle, simply twist your wrist in the opposite direction.

Open the lock with a padlock shim.

This method allows you to remove a master lock without damaging the padlock. I’ve heard a lot about this method’s usefulness. Consider giving it a shot; many others have had tremendous success with it.

Assemble the necessary equipment.

You only need a can, scissors, markers, and rulers to start the process. Most of it is small and can be found in your vehicle or outside the warehouse, creating the impression that there is a great deal.

Prepare the padlock shim for use.

Before beginning, the can must be washed, and the top and bottom must be removed. At this point, cut an aluminum sheet from the can by cutting a straight line from the bottom to the top. You can now flatten the aluminum plate using pliers.

By rotating the aluminum piece vertically and then cutting it in half a second time, the piece can be divided twice. After that, cut a piece of aluminum into 4 to 5-centimeter squares. Be cautious when cutting them into squares using a ruler.

Finally, divide a square aluminum plate into two parts using a pen. Create an M shape on one side, but round the corners like the key of a lock. A symmetrical key shape can be created by grasping the lower portion of the letter M.

Divide the sheet of aluminum in half.

Fold it in half, stopping at the dividing line marked on the side without the letter M.

Fold the letter M’s two sides and tuck the excess under. Adjust the folded section to reach the end of the piece’s marked line. Using pliers, attach the folded sections to the board.

Insert the padlock shim into the shackle hole.

Insert the pin into the center of the folded aluminum and bend it gently until it fits snugly into the shackle hole.

As you insert the shim into the shackle hole, apply light pressure to it. If the shape of the shim is altered, the operating principle will be altered. This is the side the shackle will be removed from.

As you move from one end to the other, try moving the shim in a circular motion. Do not be alarmed if nothing is visible. This is occurring because it is searching for the interior latch. Shift in and out until you hear a click, indicating that the master padlock has been opened without a key.

Since some locks require two shims on either side of the shackle hole to open, we request that you cut the material into squares rather than a single piece.

Bottom line

Have you lost your passphrase? The lock’s serial number is required to retrieve it. If you change your combination from the original, you will be unable to recover it. Bring the lock to a Master Lock retailer or distributor. You can contact Master Lock for the combination of your Master Lock.

You may also use the Lost Combination Form, have it notarized, and send it to Master Lock via postal mail. Your package will be delivered within four to six weeks following the purchase.


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