How to Update Amazon Prime on my Smart TV | Step by Step Guide


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If you are also a fan of Amazon and its various features, you must also like its Prime services. However, like any other app, Amazon Prime also needs to be updated from time and gain. For all those crowded people out there who are not trying to enjoy their favorite shows on Amazon Prime just because they don’t know how to update the app on their smart TV sets, this is the best guide.

The steps are very easy and simple, and you will be enjoying the best and the latest movies in no time. So, let us start explaining each step so that you may update the Amazon app on your smart TV:

How to Update Amazon Prime on my Smart TV

How to Update Amazon Prime on my Smart TV

Wi-Fi Connection

First of all, you should have a stable Wi-Fi connection to start with. Make sure that your smartphone is connected to the Wi-Fi network. Next, keep a check on the available storage on your smart TV device. 

Mobile Device

Also, you should have your smart device, whether it is an android smartphone or an iPhone, within your reach.

Smart TV

Now you will switch on your TV set. Browse all the available apps; you will find “Settings.” This is the place where you may control all your apps and the general settings of your smart TV. So, click on Settings.

Settings Options

As you go through the settings, you will see many options. Since this is the control panel of your smartphone, there will be different categories of settings you may see. You will look for the “Update” option and click on it.

Wi-Fi Settings

Next, find the Wi-Fi Settings and explore the category. The Wi-Fi Settings also have other options, but you have to select the one that could lead you to update your Amazon app.

Network Settings

As you go through the options, you will find “Network Settings.” You will click on the Network settings.

Download and Install

In the network settings category, all those apps on your smart TV which are not up to date will appear. For example, if Amazon Prime is not updated, you can easily find it there. All you have to do is to opt for On-Demand Download and Install.


The updating may take a few minutes. So, you have to be patient. Once the apprise is complete, a message will act on the screen, and there you go! Now you can easily watch your favorite TV programs, shows, and movies on your smart TV as your Amazon app is updated. 


So, these are simple steps you have to follow if you want to keep watching the TV shows on Amazon Prime without any gap. It is a blessing to have some time out of your busy schedule, especially a hectic day at work for yourself. Pick and choose the trending shows on Amazon Prime and enjoy your leisure with friends and family. Have fun and keep watching!

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