How to Wire a Double Oven | Steps With Recommended Tools


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Installing a double oven can add extra cooking capacity to your kitchen and increase versatility in meal preparation. However, wiring a double oven might be challenging for many homeowners since it requires technical knowledge and skill. In this Home Affluence blog post, you will learn how to wire a double oven and correctly:

  • Shut Off Power to the Home Circuit Breaker
  • Unbox the New Double Oven
  • Install the Oven in the Cabinet
  • Connect the Power Cord
  • Connect the Ground Wire
  • Connect the Neutral Wire
  • Connect the Hot Wires
  • Test the Circuit
  • Turn on the Power and Test the Oven 

We will provide detailed guidance on the necessary tools and materials and the steps involved. 

You will discover the differences between single-phase and three-phase power systems and how to choose the appropriate circuit breaker size. 

We will also explore the various types of wiring configurations and demonstrate how to connect them correctly. 

Additionally, we will highlight key safety precautions, such as turning off the main power supply and using insulated tools. 

Following our step-by-step guide, you can confidently install your double oven without posing a risk to your safety or property. 

Our expertise and experience in electrical wiring will provide you with a comprehensive and straightforward installation process. 

You’ll be able to utilize your double oven in no time.

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How To Wire A Double Oven

Wiring a double oven is an important task that ensures your appliance’s safe operation and optimal function. Before you begin, gather all the necessary tools and materials, including a wire stripper, wire nuts, a screwdriver, and a voltage tester. 

It is important to ensure that the wiring in your kitchen is suitable for a double oven and that the electrical supply is sufficient to power both the oven and any other appliances that share the same circuit. 

Always follow manufacturer instructions and local electrical codes when wiring any appliance, including a double oven. 

By following these guidelines and taking the necessary safety precautions, you can ensure a successful installation and enjoy the benefits of a fully functioning double oven.

1. Shut Off Power to the Home Circuit Breaker

1. Shut Off Power to the Home Circuit Breaker

Wiring a double oven is not easy and should only be attempted by individuals with sufficient technical knowledge and experience. 

Before starting the installation process, it is important to ensure that the power to the home circuit breaker is completely shut off. 

Failure to do so can result in electrical shock, serious injury, or even death. 

Therefore, it is recommended to use a non-contact voltage tester to ensure there is no power flowing through the wiring. 

It may seem like a small step, but it is crucial to the installation’s success and everyone involved’s safety. 

Once you have confirmed that the power to the home circuit breaker is shut off, you can confidently proceed with the installation process, knowing that every precaution has been taken to ensure your safety.

2. Unbox the New Double Oven 

2. Unbox the New Double Oven 

If you’ve recently purchased a new double oven, it’s time to familiarize yourself with wiring it. 

Of course, working with electrical components can be dangerous, so it’s essential to follow safety guidelines carefully. 

Before beginning the process, ensure that all electricity to the oven is shut off. 

One of the first steps is to unbox the oven and remove all packaging material. You can inspect the wiring connections once you have a clear view of the oven. 

It’s important to carefully review the manufacturer’s instructions for wiring the oven. 

Wiring diagrams will include, in many cases, which must be followed accurately to prevent electrical shocks or damage. 

Contact a licensed electrician if the process needs to be simplified or requires additional assistance. 

With proper guidance and safety procedures followed, wiring a double oven does the real task.

3. Install the Oven in the cabinet 

3. Install the Oven in the cabinet 

If you want to upgrade your kitchen with a new double oven, it’s important to know how to install it properly. 

One method involves installing the oven into a cabinet, which is ideal for those who want a clean, integrated look. 

To begin, you’ll need to make sure the cabinet is the right size and positioned in the right place in the kitchen. 

When installing the oven in the cabinet, it’s important to carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use the appropriate tools, such as a level and screwdriver. Proper wiring is also critical for the safe and effective operation of the double oven. 

4. Connect the Power Cord 

Before we begin wiring a double oven, gathering all the necessary materials and tools is important. 

It includes a power cord, wire stripper, pliers, screwdriver, wire connectors, and electrical tape. 

Once all required items are available, the first step is to connect the power cord to the double oven. 

Start by placing the double oven in the desired location and locating the power cord provided with the oven. Carefully strip the wires at the end of the power cord and connect them to the corresponding wires on the double oven. 

Use wire connectors to securely attach the wires and wrap the connections with electrical tape for added protection. It is important to ensure the connection is tight and secure to avoid electrical hazards. Once you connect the power cord properly, the double oven is ready to wire and install.

5. Connect the Ground Wire 

5. Connect the Ground Wire 

One essential step when installing a double oven is to connect the ground wire. This wire protects you from electrical shock and is typically green or bare in color. Before beginning the wiring process:

  1. Ensure that the power is turned off at the circuit breaker.
  2. Locate the ground wire on your double oven and identify the corresponding wire in your electrical box.
  3. Connect the two using a wire cap or electrical tape, ensuring the connection is secure. Once the ground wire is ready, you can wire the rest of your double oven according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  4. Always prioritize safety when dealing with electrical wiring, and consult a licensed professional if unsure about any process step.

6. Connect the Neutral Wire 

6. Connect the Neutral Wire 

How to wire a double oven? The process may seem complicated initially, but it can be straightforward with proper guidance. 

One critical step in the installation process is connecting the neutral wire. 

The neutral wire is a crucial component of the circuit, as it serves as the return path for the electricity flowing through the hot wire. 

Here are the steps to follow when connecting the neutral wire to a double oven:

  1. Always ensure that the power is turned off before beginning the installation process.
  2. Locate the white wire in the oven junction box and connect it to the neutral wire from the power supply using a wire connector.
  3. Connect the neutral wire’s other end to the electrical panel’s terminal.

It’s essential to ensure all the connections are secure and the wires are properly insulated to avoid electrical hazards. 

With these steps, connecting the neutral wire should be a stress-free process.

7. Connect the Hot Wires 

7. Connect the Hot Wires 

Connecting the hot wires is a crucial step when wiring a double oven:

  1. Ensure the power has been turned off at the breaker box before beginning the process.
  2. Once the power is off, locate the hot wires, which should be two black wires.
  3. Check their labels to ensure they are rated at 110-120 volts. The wires should be inserted into the junction box, but be careful not to strip them too much, which can lead to an exposed wire.

Once the wires are in place, it’s time to connect them to the oven’s electrical box. 

Connect each black wire to the terminal in the box using a wire nut and tighten it until it stays steady. 

Following the manufacturer’s wiring diagram is important to ensure the connections are made correctly when wiring a double oven. 

Double-check all connections before turning the power back on and testing the oven.

8. Test the Circuit 

8. Test the Circuit 

Wiring a double oven can be daunting, especially if you’re not an experienced electrician. 

However, you can wire a double oven within a few hours by familiarizing yourself with the necessary steps and safety precautions. After properly connecting the wires to the terminal block in the back of the oven, it’s time to test the circuit. 

Turn on the circuit breaker and use a voltage tester to ensure power in the upper and lower oven. 

If the voltage is correct, you can test the oven’s electrical components, including the heating elements, thermostat, and control panel. 

It’s important to take necessary safety precautions before testing the circuit to avoid electrical shocks or other hazardous situations. 

Following the proper procedures ensures that your double oven is wired correctly and functions properly.

9. Turn on the Power and Test the Oven

9. Turn on Power and Test the Oven

When installing a double oven, correctly wiring is crucial to ensure safety and proper functionality. 

Once you’ve wired the oven, the next step is to turn on the power and test if it’s working correctly. Before doing so:

  1. Ensure that all wires are properly connected and secured.
  2. Ensure that the cable connecting the oven is the correct size and can handle the electrical load required by the oven.
  3. Once everything is in order, turn on the power and open the oven doors.
  4. Select a lower level of temperature and switch it on.
  5. Observe if the heating elements in both ovens light up and if the temperature begins to rise. If everything works, your double oven is correctly wired and ready.

My Opinion

Wiring a double oven can seem daunting, but it can be a comfortable DIY project with proper preparation and caution. 

Following the steps outlined in this guide, you can efficiently and safely install your double oven and cook in no time. 

Before proceeding, switch off the power source and secure appropriate protective gear.

Lastly, always read the manufacturer’s instructions before attempting any installation work.

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