How to Wire a Double Oven | Steps With Recommended Tools


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Many people ask how to wire a double oven. The need to take care of all the chores of personal, professional, and social life leads many people to look for new ways to save their little free time. Thus, the market follows this trend by offering consumers multitasking products, developed to make it easier with its various resources. And in this evolution, home appliances also stand out, ensuring that the double oven has beneficial functions. To some, it may seem like an exaggeration, but will you say that you never thought of having a stove with two ovens to make that dessert while preparing the dinner roast?

Now you must also be thinking: in the cooktop’s age, when everything is being done to suit small and practical kitchens, is there still room for the double oven? The answer goes to preparing meals at your home. In your favor, the double oven can be an ally for those who prepare various recipes daily because of its merits, which elaborate in the latter parts of this post. It’s also best to learn how to wire a double oven.

How to Wire a Double Oven: The Tools Needed

When working on how to wire a double oven, some tools would be required. It includes:


Screwdrivers are indispensable when wiring a double oven. A great product in this regard is the Klein Tools 4-in-1 Electronics Pocket Screwdriver. This screwdriver comes with excellent features such as a pocket clip for easy pocket storage, as well as a versatile tip.

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Circuit Voltage Tester

The Circuit Voltage Tester is essential when wiring a double oven. And a great product worth opting for is the Non-Contact Voltage Tester. This Voltage Tester brand comes with various merits, allowing you to wire your double oven without hassles.

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How to Wire a Double Oven: The Basic Rules

Choosing an excellent dual oven model is not enough. After buying, many questions would arise, such as “how to wire a double oven”?. It can be done quickly, but some basic rules need to be adhered to. This includes:

  • The double oven must be properly grounded for electrical safety.
  • Before connecting the double oven to electricity, it is necessary to study the network’s characteristics. They must comply with the oven’s power supply parameters, which are indicated on the plate located on the rear wall.
  • A separate cable should be laid from the electrical panel to the equipment. Parallel connection of other electrical appliances or socket groups is prohibited.
  • Circuit breakers designed for the double oven’s appropriate load capacity must be used, as this will help secure the connection circuit.
How to Wire a Double Oven

How to Wire a Double Oven: The Steps

Wiring a double oven is quite possible for a person who understands the electrical system. Do consider the following steps on how to do it:

  • First, it is essential to switch off the power supply at the apartment entrance to protect yourself from an accidental electric shock.
  • So, suppose the wire for connecting to the network is not removed from the furnace’s body. In that case, it is necessary to find a terminal block on the backside, take a suitable section of wire and tighten its cores with the corresponding terminals.
  • Mark the double oven’s wiresAs a rule, for double ovens with a capacity of about 3.5 kW, a three-wire copper wire with a cross-section of 2.5 mm 2 is suitable. At high power, it is recommended to use wires with veins with a cross-section of 4 mm 2. To protect yourself and your double oven from the effects of a short circuit, it is best to use an RCD (residual current device) consisting of a transformer and other electrical components.
  • Next, connect the cables’ ends in the same way as the input conductors in the junction box.

It is also best to respect the color codes on the threads:

  • Brown – goes to terminal L.
  • Blue (zero) – goes to terminal N.
  • Green is ingrained, leading to the PE terminal.

Before connecting the wires, make sure that they can withstand intense current loads.

Benefits of Having a Double Oven

The double oven stove has a fundamental advantage: the possibility of cooking more than one dish simultaneously. Although this is already an incredible advantage, there are other benefits to this model. The advantages work mainly for those who frequently cook, for those with a large family or many people living at home, those who always receive visitors, and those who have a hectic routine and seek the convenience of preparing several dishes same time. Here are some of the advantages that you can find upon using a double oven stove:

Flavors don’t mix

Cooking two very different foods in the same space, one after the other can cause flavors to end up passing from one dish to another. It can occur mainly in foods with strong taste, such as fish. The space between the double ovens is quite reasonable, which means that you can open the door of one of them without opening the door of the other. This way, you also do not have to disturb the preparation of one dish to check how another’s progress is going. It is this separate space that prevents the taste or smell of one food from passing to another.

Different oven sizes

In double ovens, it is common to find spaces of different sizes. In general, a smaller oven is placed on top and a larger one on the bottom. You can use the smaller oven to prepare recipes for low dishes, which are thin and don’t swell much, like pasta, meat, and vegetables. For the larger oven, you can harness it to roast large pieces of meat, such as roasted chicken, and prepare larger recipes.

With the large oven, you can further take advantage of the grill function if it exists on your stove model. The grill function allows you to brown your food. On a single oven stove, you can only use the grill function or the oven function. But with double oven stoves, you can use both simultaneously, for example: using the small oven for baking and the large oven below in grill mode.

Heating a plate

One of the most challenging times when cooking several dishes is knowing how to organize when they are all going to be ready, preventing one dish from being ready long before the other and ending up cooling down before you can enjoy your recipe satisfactorily.

Double oven stoves solve this problem by having the heating function: while one dish finishes cooking in an oven, the second oven can keep another recipe warm, just waiting for the right time for the meal.


If your daily life is busy and you need to optimize your time as much as possible, the double oven can be a great ally. To prepare your lunch, dinner, or breakfast, using two different ovens can save a lot of time spent cooking. That’s because you won’t have to wait for a dish to be ready to start the next dish. You can prepare your main course and dessert simultaneously or roast the meat while preparing a good gratin dough to accompany, all independently.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many amps does a double oven require?

A double oven requires 50 amps, alongside its circuit breaker.

Do you need an electrician to install an oven?

Although only qualified electricians can install new circuits for electric ovens, any experienced DIY enthusiast can follow the steps highlighted above to do it.

Are wall ovens plugin or hardwired?

All wall ovens must be hardwired into a suitable junction box. These products should not be operated using plugs and sockets.

Can you use both ovens on a double oven at the same time?

Yes. You can use both ovens on a double oven at the same time because of its advantages earlier highlighted.

How high should a double oven be off the floor?

Generally, a double oven should be installed about 720mm above the ground.


In conclusion, if you like to cook and usually prepare several dishes simultaneously with some frequency either for your family or to receive visitors at home, a double oven will facilitate your work. This works great, especially with the possibility of leaving a plate to heat up later. Promptly while you finish another one.

A double oven also helps you optimize your schedule, giving you more time to perform other tasks. For large families or in homes with many people, having a double oven prevents competition. Also over who will use the oven first, and you won’t have to wait while your colleague or relative finishes a dish to start preparing your food. In all, it is worth having a double oven, as this can be an excellent investment for your home. If it matches your lifestyle and meets your needs, you don’t have to think twice before buying it. Furthermore, for those who desire to learn how to wire a double oven, the steps highlighted above would be indispensable.

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