How to Wire a Power Point | Follow These Easy 5 Steps To Do It


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Maybe at home, you need more power outlets, and you’re wondering how to wire a power point.

Nowadays, providing an electrical outlet or even some complementary plugs can be a subjectively simple task. Most homeowners with an individual who thinks of himself as a handyman in the home might consider doing it themselves.

A recurring drawback in most homes is that we do not have enough electrical outlets to manage all our appliances, particularly the living room with all the technology near the TV.

In addition to the fact that wiring an outlet looks unsightly, overloading power cards are among the frequent causes of recurring breaker pull and can also cause a fire


Some gadgets that consume a lot of energy simultaneously cause the circuit breaker to trip.

Although using a double plug adapter or a nutrition board is not bad, the drawback is given when people connect the outlet with a unified electric USB port in this way chain nutrition boards.

In addition to the tangle of outlet wiring that looks messy, this is a spectacularly risky thing to do and is a house fire waiting to happen.

Get rid of those ugly and dangerous extension cords. You can add a unique, lightweight outlet without breaking a wall, even if you already have an outlet on the opposite side of the wall. No extra holes. No messy patching and repainting. The procedure outlined here may allow you to center your TV against a wall in the family room that does not have an outlet. This can be done easily if there is already an outlet on the opposite side of that same wall.

As with other places, you may take some easy measures like disconnecting appliances while not in use and utilizing a limited number of gadgets at once on a single circuit.

However, getting professional electrician to install a new outlet for you would provide you the most immediate gratification in this regard. The task of adding more outlets is fast and easy.

It is thought to be important to underline that hiring a professional may be preferable since doing the task yourself is unlawful and dangerous. When doing any construction wiring, certification and insurance are two extremely important factors to take into account.

How to Wire a Power Point: Tools You Need

For the performance of this activity. It is very simple. It’s not many utilities; what we will need is:

4 in 1 Screwdriver

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Plasterboard Saw

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  • ► Ergonomic Handle - Anti-Slip Super Grip handle resists slipping, adding comfort. The proper size design fit most hand size and help lessen fatigue when cutting, allows for superior cutting angle.

Needlepoint Tweezers

Voltage Tester

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Wire Stripper/Cutter

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On the other hand, the necessary materials are

Electric cable

Receptacle (output)

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  • Shutter mechanism inside the receptacle blocks access to the contacts unless a two-prong plug is inserted, helping ensure hairpins, keys, etc., will be locked out
  • TR symbol on residential receptacles assures they meet the 2008 NEC requirement
  • Ultrasonic heavy-duty construction offers long, trouble-free service life

Restructuring box

Cable Connectors

A source of energy

The technique only works if you can use an electrical outlet as a power source in front of, or in front of, the place where you want your new wall outlet.

Safely Concern Must be considered

Before doing this, it is ideal for turning off the circuit power at the primary electrical panel by turning off the circuit breaker or removing the fuse.

Before touching any bare wire or terminal on a switch or outlet, you should use a voltage tester on all wires to make sure the power is off. In the situation where you have obsolete fabric-insulated wiring, call an electrician to recommend safe connections. With wiring from an outlet like this, there are usually no ground wire outlets, and it isn’t easy to distinguish the live wire from the neutral wire because both are coated with black insulation.

How to Wire a Power Point

Step-1: Turn off the power supply

First of all, it is best to turn off the power on the primary panel. Processed this, find the right circuit breaker, and turn it off.

When you need the outlet to use as a power source and turn it off, use an electronic beam locator to detect both sides’ beams.

You can locate your novelty outlet anywhere in between these two poles.

Unscrew the outlet and use a voltage tester to check that the power is off.

With one wire touching a ground wire (bare copper), touch the other wire first with the neutral pads (silver colored), then with the hot pads (gold colored).

If the light comes on with any of the contacts, the circuit is still active.

Hold the new electrical box against the wall where you want it to go and trace around it with a pencil.

Cut the hole with a drywall saw.

Professional tip: be sure to buy a “remodeling” box that will fit the drywall, not one that has to be mounted on a stud.

Now, with a screwdriver, unscrew the outlet on the opposite side of the wall socket of your box and drill one of the blind holes in the back of the box.

How to Wire a Power Point

Step-2: Insert the new wire into the wall

Pass a piece of new wire through one of the knockout holes in the back of the existing box (punch the hole with a screwdriver).

Run enough wire to reach the new box plus one foot added.

Use 14-gauge wire for a 15-amp circuit.

power point wiring colours

Step-3: Rewire the existing outlet

Connect the cables of the new cable to the cables that are already there.

Strip precisely 10 inches of the plastic sheath from the new cable to show the black, white, and copper wires.

Pass the new, coated wire at least two inches up into the box, and bend the remaining wires to help hold the wire in place.

Strip 5/8″ of insulation from the ends and attach the new wire wires to the existing bundles: white to white, black to black, ground to ground.

Use new, properly sized wire connectors for all four wires for the outlet in each pack.

how to install an extra power point

Step-4: Fishing the cable to the new location

Mark the opening of the novel box and cut it with a plasterboard saw.

Find the new cable with a hook made of a wire hanger.

Pass the wire through the cut in the wall opening.

Then, strip about nine inches of the cable’s root coating. Insert the wire so that the sheath extends precisely one inch into the box and mount the box on the wall.

how to piggyback a powerpoint

Step-5: Wire the innovative power outlet

Mount the novelty box in the opening.

Attach the new wires to the novel socket:

  • White wire (neutral) to a silver-colored terminal screw
  • Black wire (live) to a gold-colored terminal screw
  • Bare wire to the green ground screw

Make sure the wire sheath remains secured inside the box.

In the end, call the electrical inspector to check your work.

How to Wire a Power Point: Frequently Asked Questions

How do you replace an outlet?

Replacing an electrical outlet is a really simple thing you can do. Just follow the steps listed above, and everything will be fine.

How do you set up a double Power point?

The double switch has two controls in the same mechanism: It disconnects the light in the house’s electrical panel. Insert two gray or brown wires of stage return from the mechanism box to the register box.

Splice the wires you are inserting into a radical of the guide and enter this until you reach the place where you want to connect each wire.

How do you connect an existing electrical cable?

To connect an existing wire with a connector:

  • Cut the wire where it needs to be spliced.
  • Strip the two ends, this way as the radical of the new cable you want to add.
  • Put a wire nut of the appropriate size on all three wires.
  • Rotate the wire nut into place and make sure the wires do not fall out.

How do I install an outlet?

The steps to arrange a power outlet in the correct way will be observed in the previous article. It is essential that for this installation, you contact an expert technician in the sector. Although it is a simple development, it tends to be something complex and special.

How much do electricians charge for each PowerPoint?

Electricians charge about $80/hour for outlet installation services. If the work is more complex than recurring, the value can go up to an average of $88/hr. However, if you don’t need enough work, the fee can drop to precisely $65/hour.

Last Words

Although we can list the above rules, the professionals should take care of this for you. This tends to be a very agile job and then not so expensive; when executed correctly, using the correct utilities will ensure that you and your family are safe and that all relevant laws have been complied with. This has the greatest benefit of ensuring that your insurance company does not manage to use your care staff to excuse not making payments because some cable guys somewhere did not meet the standard.

It is of utmost importance to have an electrical socket wiring diagram. This will allow you or the electrician to save time when mounting the outlets. Hope you have learned how to wire a power point.

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