How to Wire Two Ceiling Fans on One Switch

Electric circuits are tricky that only professional electricians can handle as they have the training and expertise. But it does not mean that a layperson cannot do anything on their own, as there are so many tasks that you can try. For example, if you want to wire two ceiling fans in the same circuit, it might sound like an uphill task, but here is a quick and valuable guide for you to try: Let’s learn how to wire two ceiling fans on one switch.

How to Wire Two Ceiling Fans on One Switch

How to Wire Two Ceiling Fans on One Switch

Cut off power supply

First, you have to switch off the main electricity supply to ensure that the current is completely off. You can use the voltage tester to ensure that your fan’s outlet box is completely safe. Check if there are multiple circuits in the outlet box, in which case you will have to switch off the multiple circuit breakers. 

Unmount the ceiling fans

Unmount the ceiling fans, which you have to work with. Then disconnect the circuit wires and keep them separate from each other. You will unscrew the screws on the outer cover of the fans. Once you disconnect the wires, you can easily take out the fan motor from its place. 

Work on the second fan

Now you need to remove the branch circuit wires of the other fan; you will do it screwing the nuts for plastic wires onto their stripped ends. You can also wrap plastic electrical tape as an extra precaution. 

Install the cable

Take a piece of 12/3 sheathed cable and install it between the fan boxes. Be careful here because you have to make sure the cable comes out at least 6 to 8 inches from the front side of the boxes. Now you will remove the outer covering or the sheath of the cable with the help of a cable ripper or even a kitchen knife. Next, cut off the 3 to 4 inches of insulation from each black, red, and white wire. 

Reinstall the fans

Now comes the stage where you will reinstall the ceiling fans. Keep 3 separate splices for red, white, and black wires, and bare the ground wires on the first fan with the respective branch wires in the circuit and the wires from the cable (12/3) you installed earlier. Repeat the same process with the second fan. Be careful here, as you should not leave any bare copper wires showing outside the wire nut. 

Reinstall the fan covers

Before reinstalling the fan covers, push the wires into the fan boxes. You have to be sure that the motors are securely resting in their designated places, and then screw back the covers of the fans. Switch the circuit breakers to their original position to turn on the power supply. 


You may check if the circuit is working properly by switching on the power button. If both the ceiling fans start working, it means you did a great job all by yourself? Stay cool and enjoy the hot summers. 

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