What Are Hydro Jetting | Advantages & Disadvantages?


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Hydro jetting is one of the effective procedures offered by professional unblocking companies. But do you know what hydro jetting is and how it works daily for different use cases? Continue with us to find out more about this system and how it can be a great ally in unclogging sewage.

What is Hydro Jetting?

Straightforwardly, Hydro jetting is a procedure performed with a high-pressure water jet. The system works through a truck with a pressurized water tank, a hose with a steel spout, and an operator. The hose is placed in the clogged pipe to perform unblocking.

Hydro jetting is nothing more than high or ultra-pressure water, and therefore it is a system widely used to remove solid objects. Although it is essential in unblocking pipes, it can also be found in different works and uses.

The procedure is efficient and flexible, guaranteeing to adapt the equipment for all the activities carried out. The Hydro jetting service is essential in several sectors and industries and can even be a fundamental part of homes.

How does Hydro Jetting work?

Have you ever seen or used one of those high-pressure household washers? Have you noticed that it is easier to clean surfaces with the water’s strength in the equipment? In some cases, the pressure is sufficient even to cut objects. By understanding how small jet washers work, it is easy to understand how hydro jetting works.

In the case of Hydro jetting, the pressure can reach much more than in the washers, in an area of 100 to 1,000 kg / cm². With all this strength, the equipment can clean any surface and destroy any obstruction in pipelines.

In other words, Hydro-jetting works with different types of pressure is determined based on the degree of every kind of problem to be solved.

Hydro Jetting for Unblocking

The force of the pressure is capable of destroying practically any type of organic and non-organic obstruction inside a pipe. Using a unique steel toecap that directs the water jet in all directions and forward, removing all dirt from a pipe is possible.

Even severe obstructions can be resolved and quickly. The water pressure, when properly controlled, does not break the pipes and does not cause any damage to the piping. Also, the unblocking performed with Hydro jetting does not use any abrasive product, only water. In other words, it is a completely environmentally friendly solution environment and does not cause any problem for the environment.

Other applications of Hydro jetting

As you may have already noticed, hydro jetting is also an important cleaning tool. The high pressure is ideal for washing complicated cleaning points or in places of high proportion.

An example of everyday life is hydro jetting to clean the facade of buildings, which is not feasible to do with traditional procedures. It can be done in a short time with hydro jetting.

The cleaning of boilers, industrial structures, large machines, etc., is also a major highlight of this type of procedure, making the service so important for different sectors.

Advantages of Hydro Jetting

The most significant benefit of hydro jetting is to perform deep cleanings without damaging the surface.

Some people have no ideas, but using water at a controlled pressure can do a lot of cleaning. When it comes to cleaning or clearing pipes, the method is called hydro jetting, as earlier highlighted, and it and uses only water at high pressure.

The hydro jetting technique is also indicated for difficult unclogging and deep cleaning, which involves removing paints and chemical residues. It is incredibly relevant to the industry, as pipes and hydraulic systems are an essential part of many businesses’ production systems, which cannot stop due to a defect such as clogging. However, homes that are experiencing upheaval can also benefit.

With the hydro jetting technique, it is possible to clean sewage networks, grease traps, wells, boilers, pits, pigeon control, control of other pests, rat removal, pest control, and unblocking of ducts. Also, when submitting a metal or masonry surface to hydro jetting, it is possible to see with your own eyes that all impregnated residues, such as paint, rubber, plastic, and other materials, are being removed while the surface remains intact.

To carry out the practice, it is necessary to use high-pressure pumps, a specific motor, and a tank with a clean water tank installed on a structure that allows locomotion. The equipment can be obtained from specialized companies that perform the task with trained operators and with appropriate personal protective equipment since the powerful jet can cause injuries.

More advantages of hydro jetting include:

Versatility of use

One of the significant advantages of hydro jetting is that it can be used in different pipes with excellent safety and efficiency, such as:

  • septic tanks;
  • sewage networks;
  • fat boxes;
  • public rain galleries;
  • Industrial piping – boiler tubes and refinery furnaces, for example.


Most cleaning firms use a truck coupled to the hydro jetting system. In this way, it is quite possible to collect waste from the pipeline while cleaning and unblocking, making the process much more agile and efficient.

Environmental safety

Hydro jetting is an environmentally friendly system since all the contaminating waste extracted from the pipeline is immediately collected directly to a coupled tanker truck, using a suction process, without contact with the external environment.

In this way, sewage waste removed, for example, from a septic tank or a grease box, is directly deposited in the truck’s tank, avoiding prolonged bad smell during the procedure or the risk of soil contamination.

When cleaning industrial machinery, this functionality also allows the collection of contaminating residues such as greases, oils, corrosion plates, metallic substrates, among others, with total safety for the environment and the people who work on the site.

At the end of this cleaning and unblocking process, these wastes are destined for proper disposal, as defined by the sanitary and environmental legislation.

Different pressure levels

The practice of hydro jetting requires different pressure levels to clean different surfaces. Low-pressure hydro jetting is indicated for cleaning PVC pipes without damaging pipes, unclogging internal and external areas, cleaning floors and tiles, among others. The medium pressure technique is also ten times stronger than ordinary water compressors.

It does not produce sparks.

Cleaning by hydro jetting is a service that offers many benefits to the customer. This work typically does not produce sparks, so it is ideal to be carried out in places or equipment with fire or explosion risk. Meanwhile, tank-less water heaters have roughly 50-60% fewer emissions than standard tank water heaters.

Provides deep cleaning

Some services require a lot of time and effort from your team and disrupt the entire cleaning routine. For this reason, with high-pressure jets, you will notice that these tasks will be much faster, as cleaning with hydro jetting handles very well encrusted dirt and even removes chemical residues and paints. In this way, it also reduces operational costs with the destination of residues generated in the service’s performance, facilitates the operator’s work, and, when compared to abrasive blasting, offers 85% greater purity.

Does not use chemicals

In addition to needing a lot of strength, some soils do not come out without the aid of strong chemicals, the use of which may not be suitable for your facility for safety reasons or even because of the odor. Hydro jetting also avoid this obstacle since it uses only water.

Optimizes water use

Cleaning with hydro jetting is friendly to the environment, both because it does not use chemicals and cleans quickly. So water is used for much less time, and you end up saving this liquid during the process.

Reaches difficult-to-clean locations

The cleaning of difficult to penetrate places with standard tools is another scenario in which hydro jetting stands out. Therefore, cleaning drains, gutters, grease boxes, and plumbing, in general, is much simpler. Because there is no need for any tool to enter these problematic places, only the water jet.

Disadvantages of Hydro Jetting

Despite its numerous advantages, hydro jetting still has some disadvantages. These include:

High cost

A significant disadvantage of hydro jetting is the price, is it is still a little high when obtained from diverse cleaning companies.

Not suitable for older pipes

The pressure produced by hydro jetting can sometimes be too high for weaker and older pipes to handle.

Hydro Jetting: FAQs

Can Hydro-jetting damage pipes?

In the hydro jetting process, no chemical product is added to aid in cleaning or unblocking the pipes. Only the water pressure is enough to push all kinds of dirt found in these pipes. From the sewage sludge to the residues of paints, soluble salts, and other materials used in industrial production. With this, it is possible to preserve and increase the pipes’ useful life, avoiding premature wear with corrosive substances. On the other hand, older pipes may be damaged if not properly handled during the hydro jetting process.

Is Hydro Jetting worth it?

Hydro jetting comes with various benefits, as highlighted above. Thus, opting for this service type is worth it.

Why is Hydro Jetting so expensive?

Hydro Jetting is so expensive because of the cost of moving and operating the water tankers. And other machinery involved in the cleaning process.


In conclusion, hydro jetting is one of the most efficient systems for cleaning and unblocking pipes. Whether for the sanitary or pluvial system of houses, condominiums, hospitals, companies, schools. Even public water, and sewage galleries. It can also be used in the productive sector of industries and factories of various segments.

Suppose power, simplicity, versatility, and optimization are words you want to be associated with your management. In that case, it is worth considering the adoption of cleaning with hydro jetting in your facility’s routine, as highlighted above.

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