Is Toilet Water Safe to Drink | What Happens if you Drink Toilet Water


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Of all the water sources available in your home, toilet water is the least safe to drink. Assuming you have the holding tank covered, even that water is safer than toilet water.

Toilet water must only be taken in the most dire of cases since it may be quite hazardous to your health.

The majority of individuals would never think to put their lips or mouths close to a toilet. Some of these spectators are pet owners who anxiously see their cat or dog sipping toilet water on a regular basis. Others, on the other hand, are meticulous organizers who foresee potential future crises that could result in a scarcity of clean water supplies.

At least kitchen faucets are directly connected to the water supply. It’s safe since it wasn’t in a container on the roof where a dead bird would have been drifting about.

Is all the Bacteria Flushed down the Toilet?

Is Toilet Water Safe to Drink

Additionally, flushing mixes the liquid and does not ensure that waste is removed. The rare float, or waste that isn’t flushed, is something we’ve all experienced, right?

The toilet structure, not the water, is the source of the issue with drinking toilet water. The toilet water is continually being contaminated with human feces. Remaining germs may be present in the standing water in the toilet bowl but after you flush the lavatory after each use. Consuming these bacteria might result in health issues such severe diarrhea, cramping in the gut, and skin problems.

Additionally, even if you routinely clean the toilet, the water is still unsafe to drink. Toxic chemicals are included in many cleaning solutions that are often used to sanitize bathrooms and may be quite damaging to your health.

Imagine yourself in a dire situation when you have to consume toilet water. If this is the case, it is preferable to drink the water from the top of the toilet instead of the bowl since it is uncontaminated by human waste and cleaning agents.

Possible immediate negative effects

• Skin infections;

• Constipation;

• Diarrhea

Possibly harmful long-term consequences

Ingredients to consider:

  • Bacteria
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Metal particles

Healthy alternatives

  • water from the tap
  • distilled water

Are you sure you wouldn’t die if you drank water from the toilet?

Numerous harmful bugs can be there through human excrement, and some of them can be deadly. So, if the water is a little dirty, maybe be harmful only if the consumer doesn’t go to the doctor.

If you add urine to the water, it can taste unpleasant. It may taste harsh and salty, but since you can hardly spread harmful bacteria in this way, nothing should happen.

After all, if it were harmful, we would have a much larger number of dead dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Countries Where Drinking Water from Bathroom Taps Is Safe?

Consuming water directly from the bathroom faucet is hazardous to one’s health. More than 180 countries have declared their tap water dangerous for tourists despite global gains in cleanliness.

Which are some countries where it is Safe to Drink Water from Taps?

The top countries in terms of having the best quality tap water are:

  • Switzerland
  • Norway
  • Luxembourg
  • France.
  • Austria.
  • Italy.
  • The United Kingdom.
  • Sweden.
  • Germany.
  • New Zealand

The tap water in these countries is undoubtedly among the cleanest and safest worlds.

Bottom line

Toilet water is corrosive to the human body, and you should only drink in extreme cases. Body wastes are in the toilet water. You can even flush after each use; residual bacteria can remain in the stagnant water in the bowl. Consuming tap water directly from the toilet is hazardous to your health. In various regions of the world, there are more than 180 countries where drinking tap water is harmful to tourists.

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