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Among the activities that we often carry out at home is doing laundry. To wash, it turns out that we do not always have detergent. It has also happened that our skin is sensitive to laundry detergents. So to solve the problem, we must know natural ways to wash clothes without detergent.

Since ancient times people have washed their clothes, and detergent has not always been available for it, which means that home methods have always been used to do this task.

On the other hand, washing in a natural way helps our health and conserves the environment which makes washing an activity where we can harm or help the health of people and the planet. We will describe in this review different ways to wash clothes naturally.

How to Wash Clothes without Detergent

How to Wash Clothes without Detergent

Acquire clothes made from natural fibres, for example, linen, wool, organic cotton, leather, and hemp.

  • Select a washing machine with maximum energy efficiency A +++. They use less energy (approximately 25%) and 33% less water.
  • Accumulate the items of clothing to complete a load. It is not necessary to wash clothes after each use, no. They will be washed immediately if they have any stains. In those cases, they will.
  • Hang and dry. In this way, the useful life of the clothes will be extended.
  • Dry heavy items and towels in separate loads.
  • Wash clothes cold, in this way you will save energy.
  • Use natural and ecological detergents. In this way, you will take care of your clothes and the environment. Detergents, in general, have chemical products. When washing clothes, residues of these components remain that both the skin and the lungs can absorb. For example, on the skin, it can wreak havoc like contact dermatitis. This condition will make you buy special creams or lotions to treat the skin and affect your health.

Chemical components can be very harmful as some are carcinogens. Now, there are different aspects related to the natural way of washing clothes without detergent. These aspects are as follows:

Natural Ways to Wash Clothes without Detergent

Natural Ways to Wash Clothes without Detergent

There are different ways to wash clothes naturally and without detergent. Among those ways, you can use Borax or baking soda. In a normal load of clothes, you can apply a cup of one of these components.

The clothes are very clean with their cleaning structure plus the agitation of a washing machine and water.

Use Soap by Re-using a Detergent Bottle

Take an empty recycled detergent bottle and fill it with laundry detergent and warm water. Then shake it long enough to loosen the soap residue inside.

Then put the foam in the washing machine and add half a cup of baking soda. Run the washing machine, and you’re done. When you take out your clothes, you will notice the cleaning power of baking soda. Your clothes will be extremely clean.

Use baking soda

Baking soda is excellent for whitening clothes. It is sufficient to add half a cup of soda and detergent to the clothes, and in addition to bleaching them; it will refresh and soften them.

If the clothing has stains, you can mix baking soda with water and combat it before washing the garment. The correct way to do this is directly on the stained area.

Yes, as you can see, baking soda works as an ideal bleach. Some people soak their clothes for up to a day with the baking soda applied to the affected area.

When it comes to full loads, bicarbonate is combined in the load.

Lighten linen using Puracy laundry products naturally.

  • Puracy is excellent at removing stains, thanks to its four enzymes. It eliminates odors naturally and has been rated the best baby detergent.
  • It is a detergent that is used safely on delicate and dark garments. Its cleaning action is very efficient.
  • It does not have solid chemicals. It also does not contain phosphate, sulfates, fragrances, gluten, chlorine, colorants, and petrochemicals.
  • Whitening white clothes with Puracy: Although they have resistant materials, they are washed out by bleach and strong detergents.
  • To avoid this, you can use a milder but just as effective detergent. Therefore it is recommended to use Puracy, which contains minerals and plant enzymes. Privacy can be combined with a natural laundry method.

Puracy Natural Stain Remover is sprayed onto the affected area of ​​clothing, and then a soft clothing brush is used to scrub that area.

Then do not wash for 15 minutes, but if the stains are very stubborn, you can soak them in the detergent for a few days. Privacy Stain Remover is very effective, but the longer it is allowed to act, the better.

In the wash, use the hot water and use the additional rinse.

Hand-washing Clothes with Shampoo or Body Wash

  • Hand washes clothes with shampoo or body wash.
  • To wash clothes by hand, use a mild shampoo. An example is baby shampoo.
  • Never choose a shampoo that dyes your hair. A teaspoon should be used in a water-filled bathroom sink.
  • If it is a larger sink, you will have to use more quantity.
  • Then, the clothes are gently washed by hand until all the dirt is removed. The secret of hand washing is to rinse the clothes several times with cold water until the detergent is completely removed.

To whiten or remove stains, you can use white vinegar, lemon, or lemon, combining it with water, and proceed to wash and rinse.

Hydrogen peroxide with baking soda to remove well stains

  • Grab a large mug and combine dish soap with hydrogen peroxide. Then the mixture should be applied on top of the yellow stain.
  • Add baking soda powder to the stained area.
  • Wait an hour and use a soft scrub brush with the baking soda. Rinse.
  • Finally, it should be washed in the washing machine with cold water for a cycle. Dry as usual.

Dishwashing soap effectively removes stains, and baking soda will challenge your laundry cleaning, purification, and care.

Washing Clothes with Laundry Detergent Alternatives

Among the washing alternatives for clothes we have:

  • Mild shampoo, traditionally when we have detergents, we use shampoo. Only the shampoo should be as neutral or mild as possible.
  • Use a special soap bar for stains, and this is for the case you have to wash or stain. There are always special formulas for stains, although with Borax, you can complement the wash and remove stains.
  • Use liquid body soap. There is also liquid soap for washing hands. This is another alternative that has been put into practice obtaining the same effectiveness in washing.
  • Liquid soap for dishes. Dishwashing soap is undoubtedly one of the best options for its high cleaning power.

Washing Clothes without Detergent for Sensitive Skin

  • Doing laundry for sensitive skin includes doing the laundry without detergent.
  • An ideal way to wash clothes for sensitive skin is to prepare a homemade detergent. It is also a safe way for washing machines.
  • To prepare it, use the following recipe: 3 cups of Borax, 3 cups of soda, 1 bar of unscented Castile soap, a grater, a large bowl, and a container with a lid.
  • Take the grater and grate the castile soap bar without fragrance. Add Borax and washing soda.
  • Then cover the container and stir to combine these ingredients.
  • Add 1/3 cup of household detergent to load and wash on normal cycle.
  • Finally, rinse the clothes and take them out in the sun to dry.

It is very easy to prepare homemade detergent. There are many ways, and this is just one of them.

4 Simple Ways to Wash Clothes Without Detergent

Here are four ways to wash clothes without detergent:

  • Make use of the empty bottle or box.
  • Use baking soda or Borax to wash.
  • Use an oxygen-based bleach.
  • Produce a homemade detergent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use to wash my clothes instead of laundry detergent?

Use a cup of Borax or baking soda for a regular load if you have no detergent at all. Thanks to the cleaning agent’s action, water, and washer agitation, the garment will be cleaner than you expect.

Can you run a washer without detergent?

If you don’t have any detergent, try one cup of Borax or baking soda per regular load. Because of the action of the cleaning chemicals, water, and agitation from the washer, the clothing will be cleaner than you anticipate.

How can I wash my clothes naturally?

You can try these solutions:

  • Borax.
  • White Vinegar.
  • Baking Soda.
  • Cornstarch.
  • Lemon Juice.
  • Washing Soda.

Can you wash clothes with water only?

Using water alone will not produce the same results. You don’t need any detergents to clean your clothes. However, you will require some to remove dirt or oils.

Can you substitute laundry detergent for dish soap?

If soap runs out and dishwashing is necessary, laundry detergent can be a temporary substitute.

How do you make homemade laundry detergent?

To make the laundry detergent, combine two parts borax, two parts washing soda, and 1 part soap flakes in a jar with a tight-fitting cover.

What can I use if I don’t have detergent?

Yes, we can clean clothing without detergent, but we can’t get rid of the stench. However, you may try cleaning your clothing by washing them in hot water and then putting them in the sun to eliminate the odour.

Will vinegar alone clean clothes?

You may use distilled white vinegar or apple cider vinegar to wash your clothing. Vinegar has several uses, both as a food and as a cleaning agent. When you wash your clothes with vinegar, they will be odourless – and no, they will not smell like vinegar.

Can you wash the clothes only with soda?

Having a pH of 11, caustic soda is very alkaline. Because of its distinct chemical makeup, it is highly efficient in degreasing and thorough cleaning clothing.

Does vinegar cancel out laundry detergent?

A half-cup of distilled white vinegar added to the last rinse cycle can eliminate soap and detergent residue that causes washable black clothing to seem dull.

Can you wash clothes with soap and water?

You could think you’re washing your clothing by squirting a few pumps of hand soap into them and running them underwater, but you might just be wasting that soap. Laundry detergents contain ingredients that are vastly different from those found in hand soap. All of them will discolour your clothing rather than clean them!

Can we wash clothes without water?

Compared to the regular bed bath with water and soap, washing without water has numerous advantages. The detrimental impacts on skin integrity and hygiene have a direct relationship with these items.

Is dishwashing with baking soda and vinegar possible?

Although vinegar and baking soda are safe to use in both normal and high-efficiency washing machines, they are far less effective than high-performance laundry detergents at providing a superior, odourless clean.

Can you put vinegar in with laundry detergent?

You may use vinegar and laundry detergent in the same load, but not both at the same time.

Does vinegar damage washing machines?

You can use vinegar occasionally as a fabric softener or to remove stains and smells from laundry. However, like with dishwashers, it can cause damage to the rubber seals and hoses in some washing machines, resulting in leaks. Furthermore, front-loading washers are particularly vulnerable to vinegar-related damage.

What can I use if I run out of laundry detergent?

In the absence of laundry detergents, you can hand washing bar soap, liquid hand soap, body wash, and dish soap.

What does baking soda do for laundry?

Baking soda helps to maintain the pH level in the washer’s rinse water from becoming excessively acidic or alkaline.

Can I use shampoo as laundry detergent?

When you run out of detergent, you can use a little bit of shampoo, like dish soap, on colourful garments. Use a mild formula and exercise utmost caution.

Bottom Line

In short, to wash, we must be clear that you can use commercial detergents or homemade detergents. If you use a commercial detergent, we risk affecting us if you have sensitive skin. There are even chemical components that are very strong for clothing and tend to wear them out prematurely.

On the other hand, if we use ecological or homemade detergents, we will obtain the same cleanliness of the clothes, but we will take care of our health and the planet.

Remember that since ancient times people used home methods to wash clothes without detergent.

So a good way to wash is by taking up those methods and making our laundry detergents. We can even expand these techniques and make specific preparations for each activity, such as washing the bathroom and the slab, washing the car, and washing the floor, among others.

Don’t think twice and learn a natural way to wash clothes without detergent according to the fabric you have to wash.

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