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If you don’t have any home security system, you have nothing like that. According to a report by Static Brain in 2018, only 15 % of US homeowners have someS security systems. The home security system aims to protect us with peace of mind while giving notice to the home authorities in the case of emergency break-ins in our homes. If you want to discover the details keep reading this article to learn about the pros and cons of home security systems.

Pros and Cons of Home Security Systems Summary Table

1Gives peace of mind to your family and valuables.Easy to forget for activation of the system.
2It gives you a feeling of protection.The setup for a professionally installed system is challenging to handle.
3You can do remote viewing.In case of emergency, you forget your code; the false alarm will activate.
4It provides you cheap home insurance.DIY home security systems are expensive.
5You don’t have to pay monthly fees.There is no process of backup in these systems.
6There is no involvement of middlemen.There is few limitations in-home security system.
7You don’t have to pay for false alarm penalties.There is no professional assistance if you install the system by yourself.
8You can transfer them quickly according to your need.There is no fail-safe option in-home security system.
9You can easily upgrade your home security system.You might go into depression due to some reason for the installation of the home security system.
10You can quickly inform the police in case of an emergency.You have to sign lengthy contracts in many cases.

What are Home Security Systems?

pros and cons of home security systems

The name tells us a lot about itself, and a home security system provides security to you, your home, and your property. Many security companies deal with home security systems, different types of alarms, and features with a wide range of options.

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Pros and Cons of Home Security Systems

Yes! Your home is not only the place where you raise your child, but it is the right place where you plan to run your business and protect your property and valuables. So, in emergencies, the installation of home security systems becomes necessary, as it protects your property and your business.

Security Systems with Motion Detectors or Motion Sensors

The security systems come with motion sensors or motion detectors in them. The function of the motion detector is to detect for someone not to enter your home. A motion detector has multiple technologies to detect movement in your area.

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Everything has some advantages and disadvantages in its uses, so as the security systems.

Security Systems with Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are a feature of certain security systems; they are capable of detecting smoke, which is often an indication of a fire in your house. In the event of a home emergency, the smoke detector on a business level may send a signal to the fire alarm control panel. 

Home Security Pros

pros and cons of home security systems

Following are the pros of security systems.

Peace of mind in every aspect

The primary thing about a security system is that it deals with is peace of mind. Not only your home gets secured, but much security equipment is helpful for the homeowners to contact 911 in case of emergency. For any person who lives alone, chronically ill or any disabled person, the security system can act as a life-saving tool for an outside world.


Our life is worth everything, but your property does it for you. It is preferable to have security systems that are protected by security equipment rather than worrying about the risks of property crime. Additionally, even once you are away from home, security cameras put in your house can keep it safe.

DIY Home Security Products

You are not need to pay installation costs if you wish to have security gadgets installed in your house. You may enhance the most of your DIY alternatives to preserve your property even if you want to move to another, more visible location. The systems’ quality may also be changed to suit your requirements. Security systems are thus preferable since, according to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Website, a car theft occurs in the United States every 3.9 minutes.

Distance Viewing

Well! Do you want to view your home when you are out of the station? Yes, you can. You can view your home through your phone or laptop by installing home automation systems and monitoring sensors; even most devices can record the happenings, so you can prove the events to share with the authorities. 

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Cheap Home Insurance Deals

You can reduce your home insurance premium by installing a home security system. If there is a high rate of crimes in your area, the cost of your home insurance can even drop to a different extent. Here are the top home insurance companies in the USA.

Disadvantages of Home Security Systems

pros and cons of home security systems

Despite advantages, the home security systems have disadvantages also. Let’s discuss a few of them.

False sense of security

Some burglars still enter your home even if you have home security systems in your home, as all burglars are not afraid of alarms. But some professional burglars know about the detection ways, steal what they want, and leave before the arrival of police.

It would great if you remembered to set the alarm:

Whenever you fall asleep, not locked the house, and put the notice, the home security system will not work best. This means that you should be careful to set the alarm off.

False alarms

When the police come to your house to find criminals and do not find anyone in your home, there is a false alarm. 

Difficult Set-Up

If you want to get a professional way of installingthis can be not easy, depending on your size of the house. You might hire an inexperienced technician for installing apparatus, or there may be a problem with routing of wiring too. One cannot say anything indeed about these problems, but it may happen. For this reason, according to the article from the Network times, 36 million people out of 127.59 households in the United States have home security systems.

Pros and Cons of Wireless Security Systems

Wireless Security Systems

The home security systems are available in the market depending upon your need and budget, but there are two main categories: wired and wireless security systems. In this article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of wireless security systems. 

Pros of Wireless Security System

Easy installation and removal

Installation of a wireless security system does not require cables, drilling holes, and installation fees. You can easily remove these systems and can shift them to any other place. 

Highly modified

There are no wires in this home security system, but you can add equipment and control panels according to your need. The wireless home automation system offers intelligent locks, smart thermostats, and bright lights for its customers.

Added protection

The wireless home security systems provide added protection, as there are no apparent wires in this system. You only have to disable the wireless system with the code or password.

Moreover, wireless security systems come with technically advanced and more modified characteristics than traditional systems.

Remote operations

You can operate the wireless security systems remotely through cellular technology, as you can take control with the laptop or your mobile service from a distance.

Simple to run

As the security system is wireless that has to be run along the walls from outside, you can easily remove the devices without the help of professionals without providing any damage to your homes. The benefit of this security system is that you can drag and install the system to a new place without any damage. 

Cons of Wireless Home Security Systems

Cons of Wireless Home Security Systems

Risk of hacking

Even though this security system has no cables and wires in it, they are not entirely secure.

There is a high risk of hacking in the wireless alarm systems by blocking the signals to stop an alarm from going through.

Size issues of the system

The expensive home security system without wires is not a great option because you cannot monitor them sitting at a distance. As the detectors in the wireless home security system have certain limitations, it is better to choose small-sized equipment and have an open-air range of 500 feet.

Replacement of batteries

Most wireless security systems need batteries for their operation. Without the battery backup option, you should check the device after some time to ensure that it is functioning well or not. If you have to charge the batteries, the system will not run for a long time.  

Signal interference

The wireless security systems cannot detect the interference as a smartphone can do. You cannot judge several things like power supply, thick structured walls, and ant electromagnetic technology.

Pros and Cons of Home Security Systems: FAQs

Is our home security system worth it?

When you want to evaluate the initial investment required to add a security system to your home, the average cost can range from $250 to more than $1,000, depending upon the quality of the design, equipment, and installation you choose.

What are the top five security systems?

The top five security systems are, Simplisafe, 4.1 out of 5, Vivint Smart Home, 4.0 out of 5, and Adobe, 3.9 out of 5.

Do security systems make your home safer?

Home security systems are sometimes a deterrent for criminals and burglars, as they are essentially a placebo for the homeowners. You can feel safer because you have the little sign in your front yard, which they will charge for you, but whether or not you’re safe in this way. 


Your requirement for the home security system depends on the feel of desire for feeling safe and being protected. You may think that having one of them makes you feel safe and protected, and in some cases, you believe that few of home security system is getting out of your budget. Therefore, you should search for the better option according to your need and budget. I hope that information given in this article will be helpful to you. 

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