Samsung TV Vertical Line Fix | Remove Colored Vertical Lines Of Screen


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Currently, having Samsung TVs in our home allows quality entertainment; in audio and video. It is highly demanded; for its performance and reasonable price. With a wide variety, from LCD to Smart TV 8k, models available to the consumer, which meet the requirements? However, they present random failures that complicate their use, placing the user in an undesirable position. Thus, we must seek a solution to these common drawbacks. We will present detailed information; for the arrangement of samsung TV vertical line fix issue. To provide solutions in the moments; that you get to have this problem.

Basic and Relevant Information

samsung TV vertical line fix

In theory, a TV has a useful life between 60,000 and 100,000 hours of use; among all the plasmas, they are the ones that have a long useful life. Therefore, they should withstand continuous use more than LCDs or LEDs.

They present different faults; among the common ones, we find horizontal and vertical lines on the screen. Failed port drivers in the panel usually cause them.

These belong to the panel; to replace them requires trained personnel. Next, the user can check the small flat wires that connect from the board to the controller on the TV panel. Signals generated by broken wires or faulty hardware junctions create impurities in displaying the image content on the screen.

Samsung TV Vertical Line fix: Procedure

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If you are experiencing problems with vertical and horizontal lines on your Samsung TV screen, you should try the following steps:

  • With lines present on the screen, you must select the bright button on the remote control.
  • Followed by pressing setup and then support. Then an option will appear that you must choose “Image Test.”
  • Several images will appear from the menu, and you must select the one that matches the image you are looking for with the suitable pixels.

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This method applies to Smart TVs to check issues about the image, colored lines, and screen drivers. Next; we will name you different actions you can perform:

  • You should check; screen color resolution displays settings. Placing default settings can help.
  • Update; video card drivers and graphics drivers, Samsung support, offers replacement of these drivers.
  • Bring the driver to a previous version, where it has worked properly.
  • Use the Samsung TV utility, called screen quality troubleshooter.
  • Enter the BIOS and check if the lines appear.
  • From startup, perform a clean system boot.
  • To reset the TV, disconnect it from the power sources; press the power button on the panel for 20 seconds. Then plug the TV set into the socket and press the button once.

Samsung TV Screen Problems

Samsung TV Screen Problems

Samsung manufacturers; are a brand with different models of televisions, which have invaded the world’s homes, from the Samsung LCD TV, through the Led Samsung, to the Smart TV.

We have had one at home, which has accompanied our entertainment and enjoyment.

Based on background, there are certain common drawbacks that we will break down below:

Samsung TV Vertical Lines and Ghosting

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Common problems caused by hardware or software failures. Using the self-diagnostics; presented by the interface, you will test the t-con board and other components. Also, check if any drivers are corrupted and need updating, repairs made by consumers. The Smart TV to present; in Samsung led lines on screen usually are solved by updating the software.

Samsung TV vertical black lines on the screen

Indicative of software or hardware failure: The worst diagnosis; is burnt led lines inside, repair that has to be done by qualified Samsung personnel. It provides the following options; it should be used to factory reset the TV.

Faint vertical lines on Samsung TV

In LCD televisions, led by Samsung, the delay in the ignition usually causes this failure. Verify that the current supplied by your outlet; is the one required by your TV, which would affect the LED or LCD panel.

Black screen on Samsung TV

Encountering this problem is frustrating. Listening to the audio and feeling the channels change without visualizing anything.

The first thing to do; verifies the video, decoder, or DVD cable connections, make sure that no cable is loose or wrongly connected; in the corresponding input. It is inconvenient; with the firmware update, look for your laptop and try to update it.

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Another option; is to check the configuration in shutdown mode or on a sleep timer. You solve it by turning the TV off and on, you can set it to the factory and try it, and the black screen should clear up.

Lastly; you have a hardware failure, some component of the device is failing, and we recommend assistance from qualified Samsung personnel. This especially if you have Samsung led lines on the screen.

What causes the horizontal lines on the TV screen? Faults cause these in the transmission that the front panel receives. It can be caused by the wrong connection of the flat cables, making the bridge or failures in the t-con board.

Samsung TV lines on-screen horizontal are associated hardware; you should consult with qualified Samsung personnel.

Note: these problems are not only of the Samsung manufacturer. For example, the LG TV vertical lines on screen or green lines require qualified personnel. But, on the other hand, Samsung has tools for the user; can make a diagnosis and solve problems.

Samsung TV Vertical Line Fix: FAQs

Can vertical lines on LED TV be fixed?

A flat cable that is not correctly connected to the T-Con board can be the source of damage to a vertical line on an LED or LCD TV; you can confirm this by tapping on the back of the lower TV.

How much does it cost to fix vertical lines on TV?

The cost of repairing vertical lines on a screen ranges from $150 to $400. This is generally caused by a problem with your TV’s control board or motherboard. It is either damaged or has to be replaced.

Why is there a line on my Samsung TV?

Vertical lines might indicate a processing or connectivity issue. Poor connections between the processing board and the panel are usually to blame. Remove the back of the set and then remove and re-insert the flat ribbon cables connected to the panel if you’re certain.

What causes horizontal lines on the TV screen?

A line or lines on the screen can be caused by various factors—a line of pixels that aren’t alive. The TV’s controller is broken, the gadget that is connected to the television. A horizontal line (s) generally indicates a “poor panel” that cannot be repaired inexpensively. The majority of these sets employ “bonded tab” cables, which are flat wires that are “heat bonded” to the panel’s sides and bottom.

Can you get rid of lines on the TV screen?

  • Turn on and off the television.
  • Make sure the video cables are in good working order.
  • Alternate between sources.
  • Reset your television to factory defaults.

Can you fix a TV with lines?

If your flat-screen TV has vertical lines, half of the screen has darkened, the screen is cracked, or the screen is shattered, it may be repaired, but it may cost more than you spent for the entire TV. You can attempt replacing the Screen, LCD, Plasma, or LED component if your screen is damaged or broken.

Why does my Samsung TV have lines on the screen?

Vertical lines might indicate a processing or connectivity issue. Poor connections between the processing board and the panel are usually to blame. Remove the back of the set and then remove and re-insert the flat ribbon wires that connect to the panel if you’re certain.

Can I fix my Samsung TV screen?

You can get your TV fixed by a local Samsung Repair facility if it is larger than 32 inches. Before getting it serviced, there are a few things you should take care of. Find a Repair Center near you and schedule an appointment if you haven’t already.

Final Words

We have all the relevant information to the arrangement of vertical lines of Samsung TV, visualizing the necessary methods and options, with the different terms and actions to solve inconveniences in Samsung TV. Regardless of the model you own, you have tools to attack or perform a proper diagnosis.

Recommendations; use all the options presented by the manufacturer Samsung. It has outstanding online support, which can guide you in performing diagnostics.

In addition to this, it has branches with qualified personnel in every corner of the world. Using them is the option to follow when not solving your samsung TV vertical line fix. Take the time to perform some online research and troubleshooting before you invest any money. 

Various issues can cause a nonresponsive TV or a messed-up picture, most of which do not need a physical repair. A little investigation can tell you if you have a hardware problem if you should fix or replace it.

Some of the newer features may even be avoided. Smart TVs convey personal information to manufacturers and third parties, and some have even been discovered listening in on conversations. Privacy-conscious viewers may want to access smart features through an associated device such as a Roku or Fire Stick, which is also less expensive and easy to upgrade or replace.

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